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Crime Statistics per area / road

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I stumbled across this link in the Sun of all places, and it does make interesting reading, of our and surrounding areas....

Stoke on Trent ST6 5XL,UK Crime Types


Following on from the success of the earlier CrimeMapper site which we developed for all 43 English and Welsh police forces in October 2009, the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) asked us to take it further, a lot further.

On 1st February the new street level crime mapping and local policing website, covering England and Wales, was launched by Nick Herbert, Minister of State for Policing and Criminal Justice.

Soon after the 2010 election the Prime Minister, David Cameron, committed the government to providing very detailed crime information to the public. After initial planning and design the development work began in October 2010 and a concentrated effort from us, the Home Office, NPIA and all 43 forces met the target to deliver this system at the end of January 2011. On time and on budget.

The site provides the most detailed crime information on this scale anywhere in the world. We not only designed, built and manage the site we also arranged the hosting using a mix of servers, with the public website using scaleable cloud hosting.

The site offers a wide range of detailed local policing and crime information. Wherever you live in England and Wales you can now find out who your officers are, how to contact them, when and where you can meet them and much more. Crimes and Anti Social Behaviour can be viewed to points on streets showing approximate locations (precise locations were not used to protect privacy). Forces will keep this information as up to date as possible, providing an invaluable central hub for everyone.

Paul Sculthorpe, our Online Account Director, was tired but exhilarated at the launch “It was a great project to work on involving a complicated mix of politics, privacy, security, usability, design, technical skills – a major project management challenge and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed it. We’re pleased with the end result and hope it will prove to be a useful resource for many people and help the police and all of us to reduce crime and the fear of crime. We’re now looking forward to feedback and continuing developing online policing in future”

Data from the site is also available for use by other developers as part of the government’s transparency initiative, we fully support this and are looking forward to seeing how others use the wealth of data now available to them.



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Cheers Gordy, when the rest

Cheers Gordy, when the rest of the nation finishes looking I'll take a look. The server is well and truly hammered this morning.

Like you say it should be a really useful tool. Especially as a lot of the crimes in the area aren't ever fed through to the Neighbourhood Watch, we can use this as a way determining what we should be focusing on.

Nice one


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Still not managed to log onto

Still not managed to log onto the crime maps. If I was the police, I'd stick a bit of adsense on there and earn some pennies.

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Seems to be a number of

Seems to be a number of instances of violent crime in the Bankeyfields estate - anyone know what this refers to?

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