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If you want to put yourself forward as a councillor for this year's local elections, time is quickly running out.

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Apply to become local councillor

Application deadline
All applications have to be in by 4 April 2011
Be a councillor

If you’re interested in putting yourself forward, consider whether a local political party best represents your views and speak to them about how to stand.
Councils will also provide advice on standing as a candidate for local councillor.
Further details and contacts can be found by following the ‘be a councillor’ link below.
Councils each have different dates from which you can apply to be a councillor, but all applications must be received by 4 April 2011.
Manjula Sood, a councillor in Leicester, said: "Being a councillor is so rewarding. It allows one to make a real difference to the lives of others. It helps one to champion injustice and eradicate inefficiencies. Councillors are involved in all aspects of public service as well as community issues."
Fiona Thompson, a councillor from Welwyn Hatfield, said: "I always thought becoming a councillor was the sort of thing other people did. But the work is extremely rewarding and I really feel I'm making a difference in the community. I would encourage anyone in my position who cares about where they live to stand to be a councillor as it is vital to keep our communities alive."
People from all backgrounds are encouraged to stand as candidates.
At the moment only around 30 per cent of councillors are women, while just 3.4 per cent are from ethnic minority backgrounds.



marks's picture

Come on Web Monkey, get your

Come on Web Monkey, get your application in. I'd vote for you !! Wink

Web Monkey's picture

Ha ha. I'm sure my boss would

Ha ha. I'm sure my boss would be please to hear you say that. There are better and more able people than me to stand for councilor

Anyone who does want to stand can I recommend you start looking at these questions, because the areas of Tunstall, Chell, Sandyford and Goldenhill, Burslem will be looking for your answers, and you'd better be up to the job.

paula's picture

come on people!! whoever you

come on people!!

whoever you are, you cant be any worse than the ones were stuck with at the moment!

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