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Stoke on Trent City Council council budget meeting live on the web from 2:30pm Thursday 24th Feb 2011 (REPLAY ONLINE)

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Tomorrow sees a full debate in Stoke on Trent City Council's chamber broadcast live over the web.

In this meeting I am hoping that Tunstall's trio of 3 councilors will stand up for the people where it counts - in the chamber and put forward a case each why Tunstall Baths should not be closed, and why the council should be supportive of us setting up a trust for the pool.

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24th Feb 2011 Council Chamber report Pack

Reading Material

Budget Development 2011/12 – 2012/13 Final Proposals 2 February 2011 - must read page 12

Sports & Leisure Asset Rationalisation - Tunstall Pool closure: £82,000


1. Apologies for absence
2. To welcome visitors (if any)
3. To receive official announcements (if any)
4. To transact business of a non-contentious and/or urgent
nature specially brought forward by the Lord Mayor or
5. Declarations of Interest
Members to give notice of any personal or prejudicial interest and the nature of that interest relating to any item on the agenda in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct.
6. Budget and Council Tax Setting 2011/12 (PAGES 1 - 102)
7. To consider the following Notice of Motion, moved by Councillor Clarke and seconded by Councillor Bowers ‘The City Council notes that the current scheme for Councillor allowances includes an automatic increase from the annual meeting in May 2011. In view of the current financial climate and the severe budget constraints being faced, this City Council supports the need for Elected Members to show restraint and set an example as leading members of our local communities by freezing the automatic increase in Councillors allowances for one



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Cllr and Lord Mayor is now

Cllr and Lord Mayor is now starting the meeting

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Pervez talking about last

Pervez talking about last minute PETTY attempts to close.
Claims he is open and transparent.

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If open and transparent, why

If open and transparent, why have they only today announced the funding for schools swimming program

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i have never heard such

i have never heard such bunkum in my life!!

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Stoke on Trent 8th Worst hit

Stoke on Trent 8th Worst hit unitary council in the country. Government talked about everyone sharing fairness

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Says that only if Tunstall

Says that only if Tunstall pool can offer a viable, stresses viable business case, will they work with us to save Tunstall Pool.
(Sadly I can't hear the web cast that much as some idiot in the street is playing music mega loud)

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working hard to seek

working hard to seek alternatives my arse?

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Cllr Roy Naylor #StokeBudget

Cllr Roy Naylor
#StokeBudget Tunstall Pool dialogue on this is not closed.

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Mike Barnes talking about eh

Mike Barnes talking about eh equalities act 15:09

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Mick Salih - asking why no

Mick Salih - asking why no one from the city council officers have asked why for over a year they've done nothing.
There isn't the enthusiastic to carry on with the cuts. Says people will be pushed aside, and the talks with shelton and tunstall pool won't happen.

If you're old or young or disabled in this city you won't be getting your equalities..... cut off but still talks

Loud cheers from the gallery

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Cllr Ryan on camera, no

Cllr Ryan on camera, no speech yet

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Paul Hackney Head of Legal

Paul Hackney Head of Legal about the equalities.

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Heathside house - SOTCC

Heathside house - SOTCC satisfied with it's statutory duties

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Hiss boo - Brian Ward -

Hiss boo - Brian Ward - consultation has been extensive and wide. Extensive, then why have other options not been looked at with Tunstall Pool. Simple measures that would have saved and made monies. That is extensive.
A gentlemen I told with a great deal of private sector swimming pool raised a large number of savings that could have been made that would have improved profitability.

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Cllr Batkin says the repair

Cllr Batkin says the repair bill for Shelton Pool are wholly over stated by £300k, which is similar findings that is being found with Tunstall Pool 15:33

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David Sutton talking about

David Sutton talking about Tunstall and shelton pools, speaks up for heathside homes.
Talks about shutting bus service to packmoor, no way for old or disabled can get into Tunstall.

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Peter Kent Baguley -

Peter Kent Baguley - criticizes the lord mayor for him telling the Cllrs off for speaking out.
The Budget chunks are only looked at by 11 members (for different chunks)
Speaks about divide and rule, says that they shouldn't be reprimanded for debating the budget.

I like PKB, he speaks a good speech. Thanks cabinet for blinding us with stats. He'd like to say something good about the budget. Criticizes the cabinet for their lack of vision. The people of the city need more vision. Stoke are being sold short. Talks about making us all suffer for the malpractices of international financiers.

It isn't fair, or necessary for our cabinet to give at the last minute for key services to be saved at the last minute?

Cut off, I wish to hear more

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Adrian Knapper - the reality

Adrian Knapper - the reality is... it won't effect him as he lives in Cheshire/Nantwhich.
He talks about a amendment to save a service rather than chuck the budget out - Tunstall Councillors
He talks about an amendment to say, save the bus services. WHERE ARE OUR COUNCILLORS???!

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Cllr Barbara Beeston, talks

Cllr Barbara Beeston, talks about shelton pool.
Again where are our Councillors standing to ask as Knapper suggests an amendment as Tunstall pool is looking viable.

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The connection went down, did

The connection went down, did I miss our Councillors defending the setting up of a trust?

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Cllr Conway - Cabinet, you've

Cllr Conway - Cabinet, you've wasted your time boys. It's the same thing discussed over and over, but you say you've spent so much time.

Why did you put these things on a previous set of cuts, and then vote against them, what have you done to change our minds.

Shelton Baths & Tunstall Baths, back to the Dimensions issue. It's in the councils contract to maintain these public buildings. (Civic office floor 1)

Talks about Heathside, has most of the concerns about the two homes. Talks about people with dementia and what will happen to the people who will get shifted on.

Talks about the bitterness of these talks and people won't forget.

Still waiting for our Councillors!

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Cllr Bag Ali talks about

Cllr Bag Ali talks about scrutiny and overview but why haven't they come up with, after Joan Walley offers the solution on a plate, why hasn't this been considered.

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Cllr Ellie Walker - petitions

Cllr Ellie Walker - petitions from Tunstall Pool, in 2008 there was a free swimming initiative, where were our officers to get money then in 2008 to fix the pool.

Talks about Muslim same sex swim with female life guard.

Talks about vunerable and disabled and young by taking their services await.

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I've txtd Megan asking her to

I've txtd Megan asking her to press her light to speaking for an amendment and talk about the pool, trust

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Removing people from the

Removing people from the public Gallery due to chanting, Mike Rawlins suggest it's members of the Socialist Party, 10 minute break

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Jolly Tolley is back in the

Jolly Tolley is back in the seat

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Can you take over for a bit

Can you take over for a bit

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Jean Bowers tabling a new

Jean Bowers tabling a new motion about the running of Tunstall and Shelton pool.
Stokies are fighters, with backbone, and they'll go on.
People from the community with proposals for saving one or the other pools.

Will Tunstall pool make facilities for shelton pool. There are more people coming forward to take on tunstall pool to press on to bring some facilities.

Jean Bowers thank you. You do what Tunstall Councillors do not.

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Cllr Lyth has seconded Jean

Cllr Lyth has seconded Jean Bowers motion. Thank you Cllr Lyth
Cllr Pervez - agrees on the motion


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Cllr Salih, well well well

Cllr Salih, well well well said. Cllr Lyth should have come up with this before. Pervez said a few minutes earlier that they were looking at this option? Pervez why has Hazel not emailed us back once. Not once.

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LOL Hazel Lyth looks indepth

LOL Hazel Lyth looks indepth for solutions. Dimensions parking and swimmers? Pull the other one.
Why hasn't Hazel Lyth spoken to Joan Walley.

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Cllr Zulfiqar Ali moved by

Cllr Zulfiqar Ali moved by the petitions of Tunstall and Shelton Pools.
Can't sit and do nothing.
Is he talking about selling off shelton pool and move the monies to Tunstall pool

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Khan speaks for us. Supports

Khan speaks for us.
Supports the wrapping of Tunstall/Shelton pool. Says he is happy to support this is a solid business plan is in place.
Thanks you, some faith restored

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New motion. Live from the

New motion. Live from the chamber

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Have our other two stuck up

Have our other two stuck up for us? Couldnt catch the second half.

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Cllr Ryan was due to speak

Cllr Ryan was due to speak just as the lady shouted out.

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Cllr Davies to say give us

Cllr Davies to say give us more time

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Dave Sutton asking for more

Dave Sutton asking for more time. Nice one Dave Wink

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The trust does need more time

The trust does need more time for the plan to be put in place.

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PKB says there is a lack of

PKB says there is a lack of confidence in SOT CC.
Talks about a man of the cloth, who says all he receives is Lies Lies Lies from officers.

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Round up of twitter so

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Cllr Garner is talking about

Cllr Garner is talking about the cabinet thinking further ahead, why do this year on year.

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I've been away for a bit,

I've been away for a bit, what's happened.
All in favour of the budget press yes. All push no not in favour?

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40 yes, 13 no

40 yes, 13 no

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Have a read of Pits N Pots in

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How councillors voted last

How councillors voted last thursday

These were how the votes were cast in last Thursday Budget vote:

  • Mel Baddeley British National Party
  • Steve Batkin British National Party 
  • John Burgess British National Party
  • Mike Coleman British National Party
  • Dave Marfleet British National Party
  • Mike Barnes Community Voice
  • Pauline Joynson Community Voice
  • Peter Kent-Baguley Community Voice
  • Mick Salih Community Voice
  • Ellie Walker Community Voice
  • Dave Conway City Independent
  • Alan Rigby Non-aligned (Christian Independent)
  • Dave Sutton Liberal Democrat

The following Councillors could not be at the meeting to vote or had to leave before the vote:

  • Jean Edwards no vote
  • Sarah Hill no vote
  • Roy Naylor no vote
  • Gavin Webb no vote
  • Barbara Beeston no vote
  • Randy Conteh no vote
  • Rita Dale no vote

The rest including our Tunstall councillors voted in favour of the budget, closing both Heathside and Tunstall Pool

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Did you expect anything

Did you expect anything different? this vote for our local lot was never about doing the right thing but about being told what to do. There is one surprise name on the list, and that's the libdem chap and the one city independent.
two people with a conscious. what would surprise me even more than this though if the 3 tunstall elected members were to come on here and post there reasons for voting for this. it was obvious which way the vote was going to go, they could have at least there up and coming elections chances a try. I would not be voting there way again, in my eyes they have become unelectable and self serving

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To be fair to our local

To be fair to our local councillors and others I imagine that they probably voted for the budget as they were told to by Cllr Tolley. He said on Thursday that if the budget wasn't passed then the Government would come in and have to sort things out.

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