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Where in Tunstall 60 - A. Tunstall coat of Arms in Tunstall Library Prize Blood and Bone China tickets

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Welcome to our very special 60th Where in Tunstall. To celebrate this land mark, MyTunstall in conjunction with, Stoke Your Fires and Blood and Bone China director and producer Chris Stone are giving away a pair of tickets to the world premier of Blood and Bone China on Wednesday 2nd March 2011 at 7:00pm (doors open at 6:30pm)

Blood and Bone China is set in Victorian England, Stoke on Trent and tells the story of a young vet who investigates the disappearance of his brother. As Newlyn Howell investigates further he falls into a dark and dangerous adventure.

The tickets must go, and the prize must be won. So answer me as usual by signing into the site (non members - you have to register first to post your answer into the comments box)

I'll be switching the comments on at 8:30 tonight (17th Feb 2011), so if you know it, be on the site.

Please visit Stoke your Fires for more information about the main event and check out details of activities in the school half term and various other exhibitions during the stoke your fires season starting tomorrow 18th Feb until the 4th March.

Please Note New Users - please try and sign up before 8:30 so I can approve your accounts, as any comments you make (when switched on) won't go on the site until your account is approved, and I only check new users every couple of hours.


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Web Monkey's picture

Game on, please tell me where

Game on, please tell me where this photo was taken.
First one to answer wins, competition open to all in the potteries.

nickatelle's picture

Hi matt just one question. Is

Hi matt just one question. Is it in Tunstall?

Web Monkey's picture

Oh yes.

Oh yes.

Queensland's picture

I think no 60 is the Tunstall

I think no 60 is the Tunstall coat of arms in a stained glass window in Jubilee Buildings

Web Monkey's picture

Brilliant, we have a

Brilliant, we have a winner.
Yes Don your correct nice one. I'll drop your tickets around this weekend, can you PM me your address.

Actually you should enjoy Blood and Bone China as you've probably written and photographed a lot of the locations Wink

The stained glass window is in fact the Tunstall coat of arms, which came as a really surprise to me seeing them in colour as I'd only ever seen the black and white in Tunstall Park.

The window is located by a wonderful Victoria stair case in Tunstall Library/Jubilee building.

Thanks for playing and enjoy the premier.

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