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A sad loss for Tunstall as the UK's oldest Victorian pool, Tunstall Pool is shut by Stoke-on-Trent City Council

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It's a sad day for Tunstall tomorrow as the 31st of March sees Stoke on Trent City Council put an to over 126 years of history.

Tunstall Pool, which started out as a bath house for local workers who didn't have the luxury of a bath or even cast iron tub at home, for many of the workers who worked in incredibly dirty environments such as the local mines or steel works.

During the late 1800's rich and powerful masonic benefactors breathed new life into Tunstall building facilities that would benefit all. The middle of Tunstall saw many grand openings as the money from industry brought a wealth of improvements.

But over the past 50 years the decline of the potteries and steel works have seen the money and the influence slowly trickle out of Tunstall leaving us in our current circumstances.

It's another major feature that the town has lost, and could be the start of the end of the town as the reasons to come into Tunstall disappear.

But, there is a tiny glimmer of hope for the pool, one that I and many others are holding onto that the Tunstall Community Pool Trust can bring the pool back from the brink and start a new golden era for the building and it's much valued resources.

On the eve of the closing of Tunstall Pool, I would like for you all to leave your tributes to the pool, and to wish the Tunstall Community Pool Trust your messages of support.

Tunstall Pool closes 31st March 2011 - Tunstall Pool re-opens ??????

A show of unity as the people of Tunstall Pool

Aqua fit

Victorian Terracotta Grade II listed Building



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boo and hiss to the city

boo and hiss to the city council for closing a wonderful community pool.

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A sad sad time as the cover

A sad sad time as the cover comes down over the pool.

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If you are interested in

If you are interested in being kept informed about the closure of the pool please leave your details here.

Thank you.

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school swimmers - drove past

school swimmers - drove past the pool at 10.30ish this morning and saw a proctors bus outside with a group of school kids coming for their last lesson and then to watch your clip of the cover coming over, where did the school kids hide as you can't hear one of them. Hope they had a good last lesson and lets hope that we are able to get the school kids back at the pool.

marks's picture

I wonder where the school

I wonder where the school kids will go to now for their swimming lessons?

OT: Should it be the responsibility of schools to teach kids to swim?
Why swimming, and not how to fly a kite?

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Kids who did go to Tunstall

Kids who did go to Tunstall will be going to Holden Lane or Dimensions. Imagine a class of 30 kids in Dimensions little side pool?

If schools didn't then some of the kids in our area wouldn't be able to afford the cost of lessons.
Should swimming be a class issue?

Why not flying a kite? Because it's not always windy?

marks's picture

Not sure how you made the

Not sure how you made the link to it being a 'class issue' there WM.
Good point about the wind though. I hadn't thought that through Wink

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22 mins 15 secs in onwards. Interview with BBC Radio Stoke

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I like it how the guy in the

I like it how the guy in the studio calls you Father John Stellahala at the end!
Good interview. Interesting bit on the interview just after when the presenter surprises us all saying that they will build a new pool at a special school.
Well if they don't have the money for the up keep, surely they don't have the money for a new build.

Rach's picture

Great interview Father

Great interview Father Stellahala (I like that - it may become your new name).

Listening to the Shelton pool interview she didn't mention the conversations between Tunstall team that have taken place.

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Fun Swim Just to say thanks

Fun Swim

Just to say thanks for those staff from Tunstall pool that put this evenings "fun swim" on, it was well attended during the 2 hours that we were there, people from babies in swimming nappies to adults who can't grow up - grandparents with their grandchildren - all having fun!

Well done to the staff and instructors who were all participating in the "dunking" sessions by the kids whether this was in their uniforms or swimming attire - they all seemed to be enjoying it.

It was also noted by one member of the team that even ex members that had learnt to swim there were coming in to pass on cards to the teams.

Also the Sentinel were present tonight as people were coming in for comment and Radio Stoke were again there and there will be a further piece on the breakfast show tomorrow morning. (Will have to work out how to put the interviews on here tomorrow.)

The pool will be sorely missed and lets hope as Father John mentions in his radio broadcast today that it is only a short term closure and it will soon be reopened.

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Please take the time to read

Please take the time to read this article By Janet Henson and Clare White in regards to the WEA Aqua Fit Swimmers

ParkHouse's picture

Great article - if everyone

Great article - if everyone works together we can hopefully make Tunstall Community Pool a great success.

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Hey, have you seen what's

Hey, have you seen what's featured in the Independant today in an article called worse off wednesday?

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"Tunstall Pool ...100,000

"Tunstall Pool ...100,000 regular swimmers." Surprise

All households will be down a fair whack each year from now on in order to cut gov debt, brought on by bailing out some banks. I reckon -£3k/ year for my household.
Annoyingly, even when UK finances improve, we still get to pay the extra tax.

Lets hope the banks city traders enjoyed spending their bonueses!

Equally annoyingly, the price of fuel continues to sneak up every week.

Web Monkey's picture

Cameron was saying the other

Cameron was saying the other month that the Bank's have suffered enough and it's time to get on with it.
A week later Stoke City Council finalised their budget.
Dave Cameron wants to get up here in the real world and then tell us to stop moaning about bankers bonuses.

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