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Blue Planet - a business or a blot on the landscape?

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Regarding big business can anyone tell me what is happening with the Blue Planet Chatterley Valley? Has there been any interest in this building from any major company or is this just going to be a blot on the landscape, perhaps the land should have been put to better use in the form of a housing estate offering affordable housing. When this project was completed I read the wider Chatterley Valley development totals 70 hectares of land that will be transformed over the next decade, creating around 4,000 jobs. It is a joint venture between Advantage West Midlands and the North Staffordshire Regeneration Zone, Newcastle Borough Council, Stoke-on-Trent City Council and Staffordshire County Council. How many new jobs has it actually created and are they still on target to reach the 4,000 jobs as stated. This building looks very impressive and its green credential may be the best but to be left for 3 years standing empty is a crying shame.



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Wasn't the original plan that

Wasn't the original plan that it was going to bring high value office jobs to the area?

On this basis I did not complain when there was an application years ago for planning approval.
To me it looks like yet another blot on the landscape, a warehouse with a few offices attached.

Chatterley Whitfield Enterprise Centre is another example of money wasted. Quite how the council thought it would attract businesses into the area, on top of an old mine in the middle of nowhere.

Come to think of it, that was probably how the link road was justified.

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I really like the blue/green

I really like the blue/green Planet. As warehouses go, it's lovely and impressive that it is self-sufficient. I love the views around it and think it stands out beautifully.

Having said that, I agree it's a complete waste to just leave it standing empty.

It's time the funders of the development told its owners that they need to rewrite the business plan and get it used. It could be a gigantic go-karting centre or some other tourist attraction or it could be used by any large corporate or even government as a highly accessible HQ or a data centre.

I've asked through a couple of routes about using the building for a meeting or party and the only response I ever got was that it was booked for viewings by potential tenants. The local community should have the chance to use the space or at least come up with ideas for its use.

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