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Councillor Leaflets: Martin Garner

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Election leaflet from Martin Garner.



Craig Pond's picture

Is this not the most

Is this not the most shockingly untruthful leaflet you have ever seen?!

Not only do Labour try to blame 13 years of their criminally bad maladministration on the coalition that hasn't had a year in power yet, but they follow it up with this.

"Only Labour has the ideas and the values to ensure that our city is protected, and the most vulnerable do not suffer."

Why cut library services for the blind if they do not want the most vulnerable to suffer?

Why close Shelton pool if they do not want the most vulnerable to suffer?

Why reduce the budget for teaching deaf children by over 30%, if they do not want the most vulnerable to suffer?

Read the rest of the utter rubbish in this leaflet, then put it in the recycling bin where it deserves to go, it's too shiny to use as loo paper.

Web Monkey's picture

Craig, where is your leaflet?

Craig, where is your leaflet? Is it the national one handed to me at firestation, or do you have one coming? If its being printed could you attach a pdf version to your website, for all to apraise, and let us know?
Also I see the lies about me still exist on your site.

Craig Pond's picture

Matt, leaflets at the

leaflets at the printers, should have it by Wednesday. Not planning to post out just yet so won't be sending you pdf copy just yet.

What lies are those, that I had to chase you for days to answer my e-mails because you hadn't posted my comments and refused to even talk to me?

Perhaps it was written because I was left high and dry, and with no-one having the decency to contact me, I just presumed you had joined Labour. Smile

Web Monkey's picture

Hiya Craig, blimmin heck, you

Hiya Craig, blimmin heck, you are all cutting it fine. Saying that 4000 odd leaflets is a big ask. Just out of interest, how much does that cost?

I had emailed you the previous week over and over telling you to calm it, show decorum, act like you will be representing 4000 if you win the vote, each and every email was ignored. Don't complain about not getting attention, if you can't show this site and the users the respect they deserve. Afterall these are people that you want to represent. I was trying to give you some helpful advice. have a read of the T&C's all you need to know is in there

Reading the claptrap about me on your site was a bit of a shocker. Just because someone doesn't agree with your political views doesn't make them a commie, or having a hidden agenda to be out to get you.

One of the reasons I'd stopped accepting your comments and was you didn't stick to the sites rules after frequent requests to stop attacking the other candidates, sadly you didn't want to do this.

Also, I've not been able to get back to you as promptly as you like because I've been busy at work getting ready for a holiday, helping out at the saint georges parade, and actually being on holiday, being a dad. I've got enough naughty little boys in my life thank you very much.

Respect goes both ways, only I've gone out of my way to help all of the candidates, even the paper one.

Conspiracy theories are fine, but there isn't one happening here, you've been just breaking the sites niceties. Don't like it? There are other sites to get your message across such as Pits n Pots and The Sentinel. It's so very simple. No need to write lies about me. That's what I object to.

I find it difficult to see how you'd now work with the likes of RA's such as Bankeyfields RA, SAGE RA, Tunstall North RA. We are bound to have fallings out, ask Megan. It's how you then deal with those highs and lows that interests me.

Would you want to work the RA's like Bankeyfields?

Craig Pond's picture

Matt, 5000 leaflets

5000 leaflets cost £98.92, it's a full colour, double sided A5 on 150 gram paper, and it carries a simple message to the front, bullet points to the back.

You keep accusing me of lying, but everything I've said is true.

Talk About Local was a government set up, fronted by William Perrin from the Labour governments Cabinet Office, and funded through a series of quangos.

Pits'n'pots in particular has strong ties to William Perrin and this CommonPurpose set up, seeing as how the owner is employed by William Perrin!

The point of this Labour borne fiasco was to create a network of local websites and radio stations that would push Labour propaganda come election time. The entire thing is funded by public money put through quangos filled with Labour stooges, it is not the job of government to set up broadcasting networks of this nature, particularly when it's public money being used, and in particular when Labour lackeys are used to create it!

The treatment I had from you I've had from those at spits'n'spots, exactly the same, and you only contacted me after I published that blog. As for your reasons for not contacting me, rubbish!
Everybody else managed to get their comments published, including yourself, you even added an extra bit in one of your posts in support of the droolings of Joy Garner!

Open and honest debate is an absolute must if democracy is going to win the day, so excuses of not wanting the site to turn political are very naive considering the nature of politics, so you should let it run its course, or cut it off completely now.

I will have no problems working with the residents associations, you saw the meeting, these people are not afraid to speak their minds, a necessity if the problems of the community are to be tackled and solved.

Web Monkey's picture

Lol. How absurd. Bankeyfields

Lol. How absurd. Bankeyfields was running along time before talk about local, pits n pots and even the word hyperlocal was coined.

Checking your facts is always a sign of a good councillor.

As to tal's remit, do you just make it up as you go along. The idea is to help none web people to set up community websites.

If you find your self getting banned from them its not because of any love for labour, its because people can't be doing with you and your postings.

Your only vexed with tal as they kicked you out of a meet up, the test stemmed from there.

I'm not repeating myself over and over, you aren't a child.

As for my secret tryst with joy garner... I asked for a leaflet to put on the site.

And if I was labour (which I'm not, sorry Martin, don't know anything about you and I have to agree with craig on the leaflet), what's it your business.

I seriously think this is a two horse race for Dave and Megan.

Craig Pond's picture

This is simple to prove.

This is simple to prove.

Look up William Perrin on the web, you'll know him, he's the spitting image of Harry Hill.

Look up Talk About Local, see who runs it and where it's funded from.

Why have you not been truthful about the fact you only contacted me after I posted that blog?

Why did you amend your post to agree with Joy Garner?

I have not accused you of a tryst with Joy Garner, or with being a member of the Labour party, but your bias has been showing ever since Walley stuck his bloody oar in, and your attitude showed a marked change of direction.

If you genuinely believe that those two so called councillors are S&G's best chance at a successful future, thank God you only get one vote!

Sutton is cheating every last one of the people that voted for him in Northwood and Birches Head, something he will doubtless do to you if you decide to vote him out in four years time, and Megan Ryan has gained nothing for S&G, but she has overseen the loss of services and amenities that you could ill afford to lose!

You call it any way you like, but don't write me off.

Jon Morgan's picture

Stark raving bonkers. looks

Stark raving bonkers. looks like harry hill? what what what! monkey, dont respond to him now.
In fact I'm getting a bit sick of the candidate for the monster raving loony party. i think you are doing this site harm byletting him reply now. i dont come on for this kind of thing

Richard's picture

At the moment I do not know

At the moment I do not know who to vote for.

All the polititians need to tell us why we should vote for them. They should NOT mention why we should not vote for the other people.....

Why do we never seem to get a simple election in this part of the City. We seem to be the forgotten town, I am not surprised if this is the best we have...

This site works really well for what it was designed for and Web Monkey has tried his best to accommodate the election. However, it would seem that some do not believe that he allows them enough freedom of speech. Perhaps we should spend the next four years looking intothe past all the people who want to be elected and not turn up for the election....

I am definately not a labour voter as anyone who knows me would tell you. However, if the City Council turns out to be labour led again surely we need someone who will work with the major party and not against it, we need a candidate who will actually get things done for the people of this part of the City and not someone who simply wants to argue about how the system works.....

Enough said, I will get off my soap box and shut up now.....

Craig Pond's picture

Richard, the

the system needs to be changed, it doesn't work, selecting someone that will kiss up to a socialist regime that is corrupt to the core is not going to get you anything but more corruption.

As I see it, the only way is to fight to change the system, if we can succeed in achieving this, then the chances for getting this city back on to the right path are realistic.

Web Monkey's picture

Craig the NHS is government

Craig the NHS is government funded, look where the money comes from.
The fact of the matter is Talk About Local came about because the technology became available to allow community sites like this, and the people that had already been doing it where on hand to help.

If you want to see an example of a site started with the help of TAL, check out and try telling Mark he's a labour mouth piece. TAL is nothing to do with propoganda and everything to do with communities.

Basically Craig, you don't know the first thing about TAL or about communities websites like this one, so it was set up in the time of labour, it's helped set many people to use the wordpress software to start their community sites. BUT EACH ONE IS DIFFERENT AND EACH ONE IS RAN AND OWNED BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE EACH WITH THEIR OWN LOCAL AGENDA OR ISSUES.

There has been no leaning from anyone. I knew what you were like from your years of comments on Pits N Pots, the sniping you've done on here, you're trying to bully me via your website and with your posts on SAGE RA site, plus all of your past comments on PNP.

You've been given an opportunity to put your case forward via the Q/A like everyone else.

I'll say it one more time, show some decorum, you are meant to be showing the electorate that you will be able to work with them, and with others, and also be able to get things done within the council systems. Do that and remove the lies you've wrote about me on your site and you can still comment until election day, otherwise, I'll impose the ban that Sharky imposed a couple of years ago on your user account after the next comment.

We've got more important issues right now around here without repeating over and over the same message.

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