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Craig Pond - Goldenhill & Sandyford (Bankeyfileds/Tunstall North) Candidate - Questions/Answers from the MyTunstall Community

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    1. What are the biggest problems facing this area?

The biggest problems facing the area are a continued lack of decent jobs, the complete lack of a centrally funded youth policy, and the giving away of properties to gypsies and anti-social scum.

    2-What issues would you tackle first?

The council are lying, there is no need for the cuts that they have made, so getting the swimming pool back up and running, getting the youth policy organised, and look at the problem of Bankeyfields residents not being able to get off their own estate. Of course, anything of particular interest or need of the residents.

    3-Without very much budget how will you implement your ideas?

As of a few weeks ago, the city council had just under £42 million in the DMO accounts, and Ian Norris highlighted another £35 million, £1 million of which has been added to the general reserve! Why that hasn’t been used to fix Tunstall and Shelton swimming pool I just don’t know.

    4-How would you generate income for the local area?

To attract in the jobs for our people, the city council must lead by example, and we must start by showing imagination and innovation. I would want to see all council vehicles run on recycled veggie oil, because that would cut a huge chunk off the councils current diesel bill, £1.1 million per year! There should be a bio-mass plant in the north of the city so that the city’s compostable waste doesn’t have to be shipped to another county for processing at ridiculously high charges. There are a host of money saving ideas that would give us funds to invest in the local economy, things that would have a knock effect in the jobs market for instance.

    5-What are your thoughts on Anti Social Behaviour?

Zero tolerance! Come down hard on offenders for small breaches and they rarely graduate to larger crimes, but if they sit back and let them get away with, they will simply do it all the more! There should be regular evictions of those disrupting our communities, and I would dearly love to see the city council refuse to re-house these people! The private landlords need to tied down to a strict lettings policy as well. Local lettings policy!!


6 - Will you be working full time or part time as a ward councillor? (this is an update as this question was proposed after the questions went out)

I would be a full time councillor. 

 Questions by Jon Morgan, Bankeyfields.



  1.   Who should be running of the council the Council Officers or the Councilors?
    This is one of the things that really makes me mad! The councillors are elected by the people to run the city, the council officers are there for guidance, advice, and to implement the policies agreed on by the councillors, but it seems as if even this simplistic model is too complicated for the usual suspects. This has to change, the right to delegated decisions needs to be removed from the council officers, they are clearly neither competent or trustworthy enough to hold this power.

    2) How do you envisage keeping local facilities such as Tunstall Pool Open?

This is without doubt, the direct responsibility of the city council! Pervez has selected the services for closure purely as a political statement, a way of blaming the coalition government for Labours abject failures. I am in no doubt that the funds are there to fix the pool and re-open it. There is always the option of a community group running the pool, once the city council have repaired it- and they have to, they accepted the money for its upkeep as part of the council tax.

    3) How would you deal with Anti-Social Behaviour?

    I’ve answered this above Jon.

    4) How are the council / you going to get Business to move to the area?

There are loads of different things that could be done to attract in new businesses. Lower car park charges, reduce business rates, stop turning every vacant shop into a bloody takeaway, improve the image of the city by withdrawing the licences to sell alcohol form every shop in the city, ask big business what it’s looking for when it comes to premises, education, workforce. The city council has to lead by example, and I’ve highlighted a couple of ideas on just this subject above.

    5) How will you get money spent in our area in preference to other areas?

Good question this. The best way to secure funding for this area is to look at the spending already done, and see where it went. Goldenhill, Sandyford, have both been neglected when it comes to getting a share of the money to improve, the north of the city has become the poor relation. If they won’t see sense, I’ll pester them until they give it to me just to be rid of me!

Questions by Richard Hawthorn, Bankeyfields.


    1) Will you fight the officers of the council and return the power back to its rightful place (in the hands of the councillor)?

I already am Richard. The officers hate me because they know I don’t give in. This is imperative, there can be no reversal of fortune without taking back power from the officers.

    2) Will you take steps to have the 106 money (with accrued interest) returned to its rightful owners. The area that it was designated for?

The money attached to an S106 agreement is legally binded to that agreement. The city council have no right to take that money and spend it anywhere else. I would fight for the replacement of that money- and any lost interest- by the city council, or look into taking legal action against them if they refused.

 3) Who will be your priority your party, your voters, or the council?

The voters. Everything I do will be judged on what is best for the people I represent.

 4) Will you serve the voters irrespective of political beliefs?

Yes, that’s the job Richard. Once the election is over, it’s all about getting as much done in the ward, and the city, that we can possibly manage. 

Questions by Terry Cope, Tunstall, Greenfields.


  1. What past experience do you have that makes you think you are prepared for the responsibly of being a Councillor?

I’ve spent 5 years now fairly deeply involved in local politics. I was Branch Secretary and Chair of the policy group with the BNP, helped found the Potteries Community Federation- PCF- you, Sam Tunstall, and myself collected financial data from the city council and instigated an investigation by the fraud squad. I run two political blogs- PCF and England First Party Stoke-on-Trent, and have been studying Stoke-on-Trent city council for some time now.

  1. What are your major strengths?

I’m intelligent, hard working, not afraid to speak my mind, and I don’t lie.

  1. What are your major weaknesses?

I’ve got no patience, I’m not afraid to speak my mind, I don’t lie, and I use a walking stick or crutches to get about, so it takes me forever to get anywhere!

  1. What is more important, to fix a street light or to install a park bench, and why?

At this point in time, and given the state of the city, fixing the streetlight, because our streets have been turned into dangerous and unpleasant places. Shining a light on them tends to keep the scum away.

       5) What experience do you have in securing funding?

When Chell Heath was split into quarters, I was Chair of the residents association in one of those quarters, we applied and gained funding from numerous places. I’ve worked on funding applications before, and have done a wide variety of fundraising. It isn’t a difficult concept.

                       6) What are your thoughts on keeping a weekly/bi weekly blog on MyTunstall  if elected of

    1. work you are carrying out?
    2. ongoing ward budget?
    3. key local news?

One of the most neglected parts of being a councillor has to be making yourself available to the people that you represent. Having a blog to which the electors could come and see what’s happening, leave comments, or get in touch would be a must.

                    7) What green initiatives do you think can benefit all in the ward?

Foods getting more and more expensive, and the north of the city has a lot of arable land not in use, so I would increase allotment spaces, encourage schools to teach kids how to grow fruit and vegetables, encourage public sector to buy produce as locally as possible. Get rid of that eyesore gypsy camp and plant out that field with school projects, use infra red lamp posts, grey water collection systems, off mains sewage to produce methane, There are a lot of ideas out there that range from small and inexpensive, to £millions, so it would be a case of seeing what funding was available at the time.

                          8) Which members of the community are your priority?

The decent, law abiding ones. 

Questions by Matt Burke, Bankeyfields


  1. What power have you got ?

If I was elected? I would have the power to represent the people of Goldenhill and Sandyford in the council chamber.

  1. Where did it come from ?

Any power I had as an elected representative would come from the people who elected me.

       3) In whose interest do you use it ?

In the interests of the people whom I would be representing.

    4)To whom are you accountable ?

I would be accountable to the people of Goldenhill and Sandyford.

  1. How do we get rid of you ?

In the unlikely event that things got that bad, I’d be happy to stand down if that was what the majority wanted.

Questions by Mick Williams, The Internet


    1. How will you communicate what you plan to do / have done with us?

A weekly surgery, a blog, making sure that the constituents can contact me by phone, e-mail, text.

    1. How will you engage the electorate?

As above. It’s simply making myself available, and I would have no problem with that.

    1. Where do you see the line being drawn between the community solving their problems and the local government doing it?

Another really good question. Ask 10 people this same question, you’ll get 10 different answers, so my answers come with the ability to change. To my mind, that line has to be drawn according to the qualities and qualifications that the members of the community have. Dependent on which services/amenities the community would want to run, would be entirely dependent on the right skills being present, so communities could run local transport, sporting facilities, swimming pools, community centres. I’d really like to see community/resident associations have an imput on housing allocations within their areas.

    1. What are your views on a Big Society?

This is like the parsons egg Mick, good in parts. The Localism Bill for instance, has fantastic potential to change local politics for the better, for good! I’m sure you understand the concept of citizen initiated referenda, as is toted within the Localism Bill, but its downfall is that it doesn’t go far enough. Any subject or service can be brought to referendum status by a citizen, but the outcome is not legally binding, it only has to be taken into account by the council. I would like to see that made legally binding once a certain percentage of the population was in agreement. That would really be a change worth having!

This is a massive topic of discussion, and I could really do with brushing up on the different parts of it, so I’ll try and answer any of your questions at the hustings.

 Questions by Lawrence, Bankeyfields.


  1. 1) In your view, what are the major challenges facing this ward and what do you think a councillor's role is to address them?

Unemployment, allocations, anti-social behaviour, apathy. These are the main areas that are holding back the area from becoming what it could be.

The councillors role is to alleviate these problems as much as they can be alleviated, with the aim of seeing them gone completely, this is why I don’t understand the dreadfully poor performance of our councillors across the city. A councillor has to wear two hats, one as ward councillor, and one as city councillor. If we build a factory in the north, that will have positive knock on effects in the rest of the city, so why do the councillors continue to gather in cliques and protect their own areas, rather than to pool together and push for improvements that affect the entire city?

  1.                2) General question that would probe local knowledge and their interpretation of what they can do/achieve

My local knowledge is sporadic, history was never my best subject. My interpretation on what can be achieved is very positive, and even more so if we can get the councillors to push in the same direction occasionally, but the most effective way of changing things for the better is to get the electorate to vote those changes in. Voting in the same old faces, voting in independents that are not independent at all, just old Labour cast offs that can’t get the party’s backing, or a handful of councillors cum candidates that have tried just about every party going.

I have strong opinions, and God gave me a big gob that I am not afraid to use, allied to an unending stubborn streak, this can make me very effective in a fight, and make no mistakes, the thieves and incompetents that riddle the Civic Centre and the upper echelons of the city council, will not give in without a fight.

Questions by Clare White, Burslem.


  1. 1) What are your connections to this ward, why have you chosen to represent this ward?

I’ve attended several meetings in this ward Clare, and the one thing that really impressed me was the willingness of so many to get off their backsides and attend. I consider this vital if you want to see the area regenerated. A councillor can only achieve so much, but with the backing and support of the community, miracles are possible.

Question by Ian Norris, Tunstall.


    1) Can you explain -in detail- your strategy to bring big business into the area, particularly in sectors such as finance which is a well paid sector and is entirely under represented in Stoke on Trent? (Remember the business rates on office premises is much lower here than in other areas.)

Ian, we have to compete with so many other areas, so we have to be imaginative and innovative .Stoke-on-Trent has unequalled access to the railway, airport, and arterial road systems, which is a good start, but the city council have no idea! We should be showing big business that we have the physical and mental capabilities to make this city a fantastic home for them! I’ve already talked about running the council fleet vehicles on veggie oil and having our own bio-mass plant, but one of the most neglected areas is recycling. This city could not only save a fortune, but make one as well, if it was prepared to confront the challenges! If the council vehicles ran on vegetable oil, they could be run at a minimal cost, which means they could be used all the more. If instead of packing paper and sending it away, why not recycle it ourselves? With a captive audience of outlets  that include schools, the NHS, Staffs Police, the City Council, the recycling and provision of paper would not only create a huge income for the city, but would also create jobs for the city too!

And innovative, creative ideas will produce interest amongst the big employers in the country. You add to these ideas low business rates, deals on business premises, lowered council tax in exchange for jobs and the companies you want to attract will come! You will need to make sure that Labours malignant influence is kept out of the decision making process though.

As to your ideas on attracting financial industries to the Potteries, one idea might be to spilt the six towns up into different areas of employment. You could have the administrative section in Stoke, the financial district in another area, Hanley is retail, though you could have a market town, and so on and so forth.

  1.     2) If you do manage to attract businesses into the area, what will you do to ensure that a high proportion of managerial and supervisory jobs go to local people rather than allowing companies to import their top paid employees from outside the area? (As is the case now)

Ian. In exchange for the jobs being sourced locally, we make the kind of reductions already mentioned, we sweeten the pot so they come here and select their employees from the people of Stoke. I was on Facebook this morning complaining that my daughter couldn’t find work, despite having 17 GCSE’s, a handful of which were A’s! She has A’s in maths, chemistry, business studies, Microsoft computing, but she can’t get work, it’s bloody ridiculous!

The workforce is here, so is the intelligence, what we’re lacking is any kind  of imagination and drive from a city council that is supposed to represent us, but in reality is only there to serve itself.

  1. What will you do to bring local salary levels up to the National average, or at least the average in the West Midlands?

The only way to bring salary levels up is to attract in the big companies, and to make sure that salaries are attached to the job, and not the person selected to do the job! We can do deals with companies to make sure that decent levels of salary are paid, even if that means cutting business rates, because what we lose in business rates, we make up for in reduced benefits and  improved income tax receipts.

Questions by Andy, Bankeyfields


EFPStoke Blog



Jon Morgan's picture

I have a complaint WM why

I have a complaint WM why haven't you asked the candidates their weekly working hours?

Jon Morgan's picture

1. What are the biggest

1. What are the biggest problems facing this area?

The biggest problems facing the area are a continued lack of decent jobs, the complete lack of a centrally funded youth policy, and the giving away of properties to gypsies and anti-social scum.

I thought settled gypsies made up a part of goldnhill, I assume that pond is not wanting them to vote for him.

Craig Pond's picture

Settled gypsies? That will be

Settled gypsies?

That will be that coward that flirted his girlfriend off the quadbike and left her to die in the road?

Or perhaps it has something to do with a lorry being driven into a house?

Or the ridiculous amount of time the police have to spend at Lime Houses?

Or how about the weekly dose of violence and anti-social behaviour?

I'm 47 now, and in all that time I've never once heard anyone say, "oh good, here come the gypsies.",
but I've lost count of the number of times I've heard them say, "oh Christ, here come the gypsies."

The reputation gypsies have is entirely of their own making, if they don't like being disliked by most of the community, they should bloody well change their behaviour!

timdiggles's picture

I think you need to look at

I think you need to look at some facts Mr Pond and not go shouting rubbish before you know them.
You appear to be a devisive and totally unsuitable candidate to be a councillor. Remember you should represent all the people who live in a ward whether or not you like their lifestyle, race and so forth.
I'm afraid that with your quite ludicrous opinion of your self worth and lack of knowledge of the democratic system, you would quite rightly be sidelined by the other political parties and the paid officials, which would do no good for a ward which needs considerable improvement.

Dungwit's picture

And what facts exactly do you

And what facts exactly do you mean Tim? The disproportionate time police spend dealing with the Gypsy community perhaps? Check your own facts sunshine, I know you're desparate to up the racist card but really, you should consider what is true and what isn't when making your comments. Incidentally, taking your argument that you should represent all the people who live in the ward wether or not one likes their lifestyle to its ultimate conclusion would mean that councillors would be representing people who don't pay their council tax, fiddle the benefits system, cause havoc on the surrounding areas, thieve from their neighbours, leave huge amounts of litter about, etc etc. Oh, that would be ...............

popeye's picture

With sweeping generalisations

With sweeping generalisations like that i am sure you will make a valuable councillor

What a great way to alienate voters you must be so proud...


marks's picture

That aside, the guy is being

That aside, the guy is being up front about his views, which the voters (including you guys) may consider, one way or the other.

Jon Morgan's picture

that aside, aside from what?

that aside, aside from what? so if a person with gypsy heritage is having problem with kier and went to counciller pond he would be in his right to tell them to get stuffed? marks have you read what he put on the other sites, its just bile. hes anngry and bitter

popeye's picture

R u for real Marks what aside

R u for real Marks what aside that he is lying.................

He has his facts wrong and blurts his views out on an open forum when he is trying to get votes, how can we vote for him if he can not get his facts correct about what he has posted on here?????

I am all for freedom of speech etc etc but this is codswallop.....

Grow some and tell him he is wrong.


marks's picture

Absoultely. So you're saying

Absoultely. So you're saying this put's him in a poor light, then that will be reflected in folks voting.

Craig Pond's picture

Look, if you people are happy

Look, if you people are happy to have the council fill your community with gypsies, then fine, but don't get trying to tell me that they are a misunderstood, good at heart lot, really. You find one or two like that, but the majority aren't, and they will cause your community problems.

Some of you sound like Labour zealots, you jump to the defence of the 'ethnic minorities', and if it isn't them, then the council are giving away houses to drug dealers, sex offenders, and God knows what else. Why don't you grow a pair and tell the truth for a change, that ignoring our sons and daughters in favour of outsiders with a preponderence for criminality is not now, nor will it ever be, good enough.

There are no lies in what I said earlier, gypsies have a rotten reputation that is solely their fault, if they want the attitude of the community to change, they should change their behaviour. If they don't give a monkeys about the community, why should the community give a monkeys about them?

Jon Morgan's picture

right first we have

right first we have independents, then non-aligned, and now we have labour zealots. i wish someone could tell me which one is which. i always thought they were all teh same IN IT FOR THEMSELF. why does me questioning you about singling out gypos suddenly make me labour. i'm just a voter, like many others who isnt in it for the powr but just wants a decent hardworking person to support them NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE.

popeye's picture

Is the guy who left his

Is the guy who left his girlfreind for dead a gypsy? No he is not... he is of white ethnicity and has lived in a house all his natural just like you i guess, so you are a gypsy as well by your own deductions.....
i do not like the person who did this and i have known his family for many years,
I hate even more his actions and how the police did not in my opinion fully throw the book at him, but thats my opinion.

Did i say gypsies are salt of the earth no i did not, and i also did not want your rhetoric spouted at me.

If its Labour , Conservative Liberal, Black White Gypsy chineese whatever, i dont care as long as it follows the law of the land, i am sure Peter sutcliffe is white, and many more murderes rapists etc etc,

your argument should be with your own self loathing of failure and under acheivemnt.


marks's picture

Craig I think the human

Craig I think the human rights act answers most of your questions.

As the UK is an extremely wealthy country with very high standards of living (compared to most other countries) it has a duty to maintain a certain standard of human rights.

Be that helping Africa, protecting the folks in Libya, giving asylum seekers the right to safe housing, or providing a basic standard of living for folks with no jobs...

Irrespective of which political party is in Government or in local authority, they cannot infringe upon human rights act, as it is British law. Stoke council aren't above the law. They have a duty to provide all the things you complain about by law.

popeye's picture

Mark i did not mean to offend

Mark i did not mean to offend you if i did please accept my apolgies,


Jon Morgan's picture

Mark same here, i mistook

Mark same here, i mistook your meaning before, no hard feelings?

Web Monkey's picture

Craig, how will you as a

Craig, how will you as a possible councillor if elected be able to help to reduce the speeding along Reginald Mitchell Way. For years Bankeyfields have tried to get traffic calming measures and to be fair the council did redo the roundabout (not a entirely successful project as people predicated). The Bankeyfields roundabout especially is a bad spot for accidents for nutters crossing at speed and also for people trying to leave the estate.

Craig Pond's picture

Here's the difference Jon, I

Here's the difference Jon, I tell the truth, if you don't like that, vote for one of the third rate candidates you'll find yourself left with.

Vote for Dave Sutton, him and his party cheated Eve Maley out of her rightful position as councillor in Northwood and Birches Head, or how about a second term of Megan Ryan? During her last term, you lost your golf course, your swimming pool, your S106 money, Bankeyfields residents still have to play whacky races to get off and on to their estate, and the allocation of houses to undesirables seems to be running at its usual sprint.

Maybe you could go all out for a third rate service and vote for Joy Garners husband! He represnts Labour, the party completely responsible for ripping this city apart, who in 60+ years of control have only managed to oversee the collapse and destruction of what used to be a viable and successful industrial city.

You need to take a cold, hard look at what your community needs, because I'm pretty sure that most would agree with me on some of the inhabitants. You will never have a safe and successful community whilst you refuse to see the problems that are holding you back, and safe and secure must be the target for most people. Violence and intimidation reduce drastically the quality of life enjoyed by the citizens of your community, so change the behaviour of those responsible for such behaviour, or kick them out.

In my questions, I was asked by Matt Burke which members of the community were my priority, and I answered the decent, law abiding ones. Whoever or whatever falls into that category will have my full support, whether gypsy, indigenous, or bloody eskimo.

David Sutton's picture

Craig, I spent 4 times down


I spent 4 times down in the Royal Courts of Justice in London over 21 months, at no time was it ever reported or insinuated that I robbed Mrs.Maley of being a councillor. there was 2 extra counts in London which nothing changed in the counts I still won and the Judge in the old Magistrates Court in the Victoria Hall in Hanley gave me the ruling in favour of me being elected still winning by the ONE vote.

It is now past history, now things have moved on and I have served and worked hard for 3 years as a councillor in Northwood and Birches Head and I have seved Tunstall well for 4 years in the past 2003 to 2007.

When you see my leaflet in the comming weeks read it and weep and see what I have been doing in Goldenhill and Sandyford.

Its a pity you can not get your facts right you racists never do, but carry on with your racist overtones people will see through you for the bigot that you are.

David Sutton

Craig Pond's picture

We not only had the court

We not only had the court case watched by someone with legal experience, we also spoke to an eye witness that saw the count, and the increasingly intimidating screeching from Jean Bowers, your leader, as she demanded one count after another.

Finally, after FOUR recounts, two extra ballot papers are found, giving you the win by one vote!
When Eve Maley asked for a re-count, Paul Hackney turned her down flat, funny that, as it was Hackney that discovered these two previously missed ballot papers!

That might be your idea of democracy, but it isn't mine!

Something else that was revealed at the court case in Hanley, was the fact that Hackney had allowed the ballot boxes to be opened in the middle of the night when they were supposed to be in safe storage. With no independent witnesses present, they not only mixed the postal ballot papers in with the polling booth ballot papers- a Labour introduced law so that their gerrymandering of the postal votes couldn't be found out- but also started to count some of the votes as well!

This is what I mean by voting in the same old faces, if you vote them in, you get the same old dirty tactics.

Tony Walley's picture

Someone with legal

Someone with legal experience? What like a solicitor? Or more likely you mean someone who has watched an episode of 'crown court' on tell? Dave responded to this outrageous slur in an audio on the pitsnpots website.

Craig is disingenuous to say the least. All the time I have known of him, he and his ilk (racists) use the internet to spread lies, hate and intolerance.

He made his feelings on the travellers known in an article he did whilst still in the BNP. That too is on the pnp site.

You disagree with him you get a whole lot of abuse and insults.

He never been able to back a single one of his claims up. But if he can persuade a few along the way, well thats job done.

He is trying all his underhand tactics with you guys. His campaign will be fought on lies and false claims.

Goldenhill & Sandyford deserve much better than this man. You have a great community, don't ruin it by electing this extreme, divisive and intolerant individual.

He will not improve your area, he will wreck it.

Above is in a personal capacity.

Tony Walley

Web Monkey's picture

Craig, please resubmit your

Craig, please resubmit your reply, there is no way I can reprint that on a family site.

Craig Pond's picture

You make it sound like I've

You make it sound like I've written a satanic bible Matt, you don't think you've overreacted with that somewhat hysterical claim above?

If I am not mistaken you are complaining about one word, in which case change it to bottom hole, even S&G's puritans can't take offence at that.

Craig Pond's picture

If you are going to cast

If you are going to cast aspersions, let's see your proof!

You say I am racist for having a go at the gypsies, since when were the gypsies a separate race?!

Look at the damage done by these people to this community. Have you asked the community how they feel about this? You yourself told me you knew how I felt when your company was targetted by gypsies that were trying to steal the aluminium you had!

Every time these people showed up, my house got burgled, but if you think I'm being racist, take these tinkers into your community of Meir Hay, let's see how happy your neighbours are with you then!

You are nothing but a far left joke, a propagandist for the communists who have wrecked our city and stuffed it full of immigrants, who have taken away services and amenities they had no right or need to take away, who make daily decisions that are in their own best interests, not the interests of the people.

Most people would agree with me on the gypsy problem, not with you, and I dare you to show proof of the contrary. You are a sad and pathetic little man who keeps telling me he will have nothing else to do with me, to which I reply thank God, but then you come back, phoning me, pestering me, writing lies and smears about me.

I think you need to get a life Mr Walley, instead of trying to live mine.

Web Monkey's picture

I don't see the problem here,

I don't see the problem here, close votes have to be attested and scrutinized in court. Same thing happened when Bush jnr got into power.

Craig Pond's picture

Matt, what's needed

what's needed as far as I can see, is a set of traffic lights on, or in place of, that stupid roundabout. It would help matters enormously if the council hadn't planted out on that roundabout, all that does is reduce visibility further.

popeye's picture

Well as far as i can see and

Well as far as i can see and judge by my own thoughts and personal experiences, I can only think the rather uninviting standout candidate is ........ Liberal?????

Who is Matthew Wyman Liberal then???

popeye's picture

Well as far as i can see and

Well as far as i can see and judge by my own thoughts and personal experiences, I can only think the rather uninviting standout candidate is ........ Liberal?????

Who is Matthew Wyman Liberal then???

Web Monkey's picture

Hopefully we'll find out

Hopefully we'll find out more, I've not got Matthew email's address so I've sent the email's to an email address on the Stoke Lib Dems website, who have come back saying they forward them onto the different candidates, which I'm grateful for.

What I'd hate to see is for a main party to swan in, not take any effort finding out about the people, and letting the people find out about them. I'll give Craig this, he has got the balls to get his answers in first.

Craig Pond's picture

Don't know, never heard of

Don't know, never heard of him, though I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing. Smile

terry turbo's picture

Whats happened to the other

Whats happened to the other candidates answering the questions?
As I have said before, ask Craig a question and he won't shy away, whether you like the answer or not.

Megan Ryan's picture

I will be answering the

I will be answering the questions in due course, as a working Councillor the choice today was to sit at the computer or to try and save Tunstall Baths, I am sure you would rather I was working the ward.


John Sergeant's picture

Well how very good of the

Well how very good of the councillor to try to save the pool

I ask if she is doing it now rather than before as she may have realised how important this issue is to local people...............

we will never know the truth i guess

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Whats happened today over

Whats happened today over tunstall baths? who's met who?

I've heard pumps are to be kept on, will this require some to maintain and clean them, will heating be required what are the ongoing costs of this?

sorry to hijack Q & A

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Megan, How does it work - if


How does it work - if you don't get voted in again this time, then do you still have a job as a Councillor?

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John I have been working on

John I have been working on Tunstall Pool for quite some time now. Last year I tried to get Urban Heratige interested, unfortunatly to no avail. And I have been working with the Save Tunstall Pool group since they set up.

Ian the meeting was between myself and Tony Oakman to chase things up for the afore mentioned group. The pumps are working for now to keep the water safe, I dont know about the heating but I can find out. Any other information is for the group to disclose when they are ready to.

To answer your question Marks, its no, if I dont get elected I will no longer be a Councillor. The person who gets the most votes will be.

I believe there has been some confusion as to what party I am.
I am an Independent. When I got elected I was with a group of Independents that were aligned with The Conservatives, when the other members lost their seats last year I decided to stay with the group. These were people I had worked well with for the previous two years and I felt I had still got a lot to learn and I valued their support.
I have made no promises to the group and they are aware that I am an Independent and if re-elected will stay Independent

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megan please follow up on

megan please follow up on heating and what the ongoing costs of keeping pool closed are.

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Am I missing something

Am I missing something here.
4 days and only one candidate has answered the questions.
Both Dave Sutton and Meg Ryan have commented but are unable to put the answers to these questions?
What are they waiting for?
Mr Walley, you can say what you like about Craig Pond but what he is not is a liar.
He speaks his mind and does not hide behind the usual garbage we have heard for years spouted by council wannabees.

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Cough cough.. 2

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Can we all keep the noise

Can we all keep the noise down, it seems we woke Megan Ryan up.

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Sorry Ian, was not paying

Sorry Ian, was not paying attention mate.
Has anyody else noticed the manic frenzy of litter bins being emptied, grass cutting, and streets cleaned?
Are our prospective councillors going to take the credit for this, or are we to take it that this usual frenzy is followed by an election, and the spending of money held back till the end of the year?
Still waiting for the other candidates answers.
Come on don't be shy,

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All these parties and groups

All these parties and groups that pay lip service to the public, but provide nothing, are all terrified about losing their places, and in Labours case, losing control of Stoke-on-Trent, so all these little efforts are being made.

The problem is Terry, it's like putting a sticking plaster on a broken leg!

The city doesn't need lip service, or the superficial fixings of a crooked and uncaring city council, it needs meaningful change so we can attract in better jobs than the minimum wage rubbish Labour have managed, we need to proscribe groups like freemasons and in particular, Common Purpose, who undermine the bureaucracy that the city runs on at every opportunity. We need local people to fill places on the city council, not outsiders who come in to take huge salaries which they then take home, so even the money we pay them doesn't get used in the city!

It's always the same when approaching an election, these so called councillors all come out with their pathetic lists of achievements to wave at the electorate, when what the electorate need are strong changes that will bring economic prosperity. This is the real way to change our communities for the better!

A little openess and transparency when it comes to financial dealings wouldn't go amiss either. Smile

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Matt, would be

would be grateful if you could let me know what is going on. Once again my posts are not being put. Is this you deciding what I can and cannot talk about?

I'm the one standing as candidate for councillor, I need to be able to ask questions, not just answer them.

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Hiya Craig As I wrote in my

Hiya Craig

As I wrote in my email to you yesterday/friday night even, I've been busy with the kids over the weekend and not clued to the website.

Also some of the comments, have references to people who you are standing against, other not, and as I stated, I'm not legal expert, so I'm not even falling into any libel traps. It's not just you who'd be on the loosing end, my house would be up for grabs too.

Also, and this is the most important bit here. This isn't about you wannabe councillors besmirching each other. This is about the public. It's about our right to know who it is we are have on the ballot papers, what they are like, can they be worked with, are they interested in the ward they stand for, are they capable, are they able to work with groups like residents associations and every day people in the ward. Like I asked in the email, your standing as a councillor, I just want you to act that way.

Like I said, if you want to make allegations then put them on your site. I've listed the web address on this page and on the ward election page.

I'm being fair by all the candidates by letting the people hear the answers to the set questions, you've had some really good coverage on here of your views.

I hoped you would have appreciate what I'm trying to do here, by allowing people to see what they'd be getting in any of the people standing. We the people the voters, don't want to hear the dirt on other people, we want to judge the person standing for ourselves. This isn't news, it's community engagement.

Allegations - your site, Sandyford & Goldenhill (don't forget people that this includes Tunstall North, and Bankeyfields) this site.

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After reading a post by Jeff

After reading a post by Jeff on Pitsnpots it appears Northwood, will be glad to get rid of Dave Sutton?
He is really angry that Mr Sutton as been working in Sandyford and Goldenhill while taking wages to look after their issues.
It really is worth a read, and gives an insight into one of the candidates.
In other words dumping them for what he believes a better chance of being elected.
Will he do the same to Sandyford and Goldenhill when he decides to move to another area.
This is a tactic being used by a few candidates when they know they will not win in their areas.
How disgusting.

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Sorry did not mean for it to

Sorry did not mean for it to come out three times my computer playing up..
Need a defrag, and clean up.

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That's a gross

That's a gross misrepresentation of what I'm trying to get at Matt, and all the figures used are in the public domain. The whole point of this is to get at the truth, something we cannot do if you are going to manipulate the questions by editing out what you don't like!

All you have to do is post a disclaimer that states commentors are responsible for what they post, your house is perfectly safe.

And I object to your accusation that I'm casting dirt. Asking questions as to the finances of this city is not casting dirt, it is an absolute must! The £13,500 referred to can be found in the Sentinel, the £36,000 Common Purpose expenditure can be found on the Stoke Patriot site of Cllr Mike Coleman, who got the figures through a Freedom of Information request.

We have to ask these difficult questions Matt, or we will never be able to get this city back on the right path.

If I didn't know better, I would swear that this situation stinks of Walley and those Talkabout Local morons.

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1. This site is not Pits n

1. This site is not Pits n Pots or Talk about local (a site that helps local communities to get online - EDIT they're the ones who gave out the awards the other week for the tunstall pool campaign), it's MyTunstall, I've worked bloody hard on this site.
2. I wasn't talking about the money, I'm talking about all of the other posts where you are putting thoughts into peoples heads about the candidate. Let them have the opportunity to have their say, like I've let you on here to some set questions. If you've got theories and evidence, post it on your site please.
I keep saying this, I don't want this site getting hit by legal issues, please use your own site. If you have evidence, just post a link saying this is what I think, and pop the url in.
3. I've gone out of my way, and you know I have to let you post your replies.

To sum up
You know who I'm in league with? The people of this area wanting the best candidates we can get for our wards. I want to know especially from a RA point of view, and from a group point of view, and from a single person of my ward who I can work with, and who will get things done in this area that need doing, and who can SUPPORT me. That's it.

I don't want to know from another candiate about other people, I want to know about the candidate, you. That's what this exercise is.

So when people like Jon, Lawrence, Richard, Terry, Ian, Myself, Andy, and the questions I pinched from Pits N Pots poster Mick WIlliams in a comment on the site some months ago, we were entering into a big hyperlocal conspiracy?

Terry, was this the case, or was it out of frustration?

Craig, I'm doing my best here, I've shown you a lot of courtesy, please do me the same.

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Matt, Welcome to the

Welcome to the nightmare that is Craig Pond.
What you are experiencing is the exact reason that he is banned from pits n pots and the Sentinel too.
He has to lie and slander people. He insults those in our society who hold more tolerant views.
I will carry on calling him racist because anyone who reads what he posts are left in no doubt that he is exactly that.
PnP get more visitors in two days than the total visitors to his hate riddled propaganda pushing websites.
He tried to compare the council leader Pervez with Hitler the other day. He had to publish 'brown adolf'!
How the man claims to want to represent whole communities is beyond me. Only if you are English, white, not Muslim, not gay, not a traveller, don't eat halal meat and as long as you pay taxes so that he can claim benefits, only then will he represent you.
I stand by my plea to all voters, a vote for Pond is a retrograde vote for a society that has no place in our wonderful, diverse city of Stoke-on-Trent.

In a personal capacity.

Tony Walley.
Founder of Pits n Pots & Director of 6 towns radio.
Local Employer.

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It's a pity other Candidates

It's a pity other Candidates are not answering as we could do with their viewpoints and their party's viewpoints. It's also a pity that the Wards electorate will not have the same interest in the issues which effect them so much, what will be the turnout - 30% if we are lucky. I hear loads of moaning about the area, but how can people moan if they don't vote? This will also mean that the even more important vote on the electoral system will hardly get anyone taking part. You know that if the changes go through it will mean that we will never have a single party in power again. I just hope we don't get a parliament like that in Israel where just two or three extremists can have huge power just because the larger parties need their votes!
I just wish there was a real socialist party standing!

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I hope they do it quick, if

I hope they do it quick, if it takes over a week to answer them, and I've tried to answer them in my head and I didn't take a week, we've got a real problem in this area with councillors who either can't think, or don't care less what the public think or want.

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How come you are unfit to

How come you are unfit to work but fit enough to become a councillor? Surely standing for public office constitutes work which would then logically make you fit to find a real job instead of poncing off the people you expect to vote for you?

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I think to be honest with you

I think to be honest with you wm you have been overly fair to him, hes answered his questions, that what was asked. sounds to me like there is a conspiracy theory behind every nook and cranny. the rest of us know your a straight up guy, we know why youve done this, don't get to flussered by him.
if these figures are so daming why are you quoting the figures in there? is the money is there why arent they running these storys? I dont even know who mike coleman is, and what makes him such a reliable source.
if there was millions of pounds of corruption in the council, youd have the police in there, the goverment back banging on the door.
yep i agree the piggy bank isn't full, but that's chiefly to do with the bankers landing us in this big hole, and then running away, all the way to the, well, bank! with there big rewards.

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Got a bit carried

Got a bit carried away!!!
hope this makes more sense, should have been, --- if these figures are so daming why aren't you quoting these figures in the sentinel, radio stoke, midlands today, central news?
Ive just looked up mike coleman, figures

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My problem Jon lies with the

My problem Jon lies with the hypocrisy of the mainstream parties, and their support for some of the atrocious decisions made in the name of cuts, alongside some atrocious decisions fullstop.

I am not attacking Matt, I simply want the freedom to be able to confront those that would ask for your vote to explain tgheir position concerning certain situations.

The figures I mentioned were £13,500, that's how much the city council saved when it withdrew library services for the blind, the £36,000 mentioned is how much the city council spent on training for public employees and councillors, in the ways of a secret political society.

Now that £36,000 is public money, I've every right to ask about the spending of your taxes, and I fail to see why I've been forced to jump through hoops to get it posted! These people that spend your money should be accountable for every last penny they spend, that is only right and proper, and the spending of public money on a Labour created secret society like Common Purpose, how does this help our communities?

Why are they spending money on undermining the processes local government run on when our swimming pools, mobile libraries, and pensioners bowling greens are been targetted for cuts?

Not facing up to difficult or uncomfortable questions will only plunge this city deeper into the mire it's already sinking in, and I for one am more than happy to make a public proclamation that I am duly responsible for every word I post on this site, and Matt can have that any way he likes.

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Craig I'm not chickening out

Craig I'm not chickening out of anything, the questions have been asked, why not do a blog about the rights and wrongs of common purpose (+ an education for the rest of us, I thought it was a training company.) You've got your campaign site, campaign from it.

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I'll tell you why these

I'll tell you why these figures will not be available for you to read about and question Jon.

The secret Labour society I was talking about, Common Purpose, has many graduates now in this city, including the editor-in-chief of the Sentinel, Mike Sassi.

Mike Wolfe is also Common Purpose, as are half of the senior officers of Staffs police, the city council is riddled with Common Purpose. Joan Bell, Tom Reynolds, Ian van Arkadie, Chris Harman was CP, John van der Laarschot refused to answer as to whether or not he is, and there are dozens more in our council.

The BBC is riddled with it also, and every quango set up by Labour is loaded with the graduates of this sinister and destructive training programme.

There are private contractors that work for the city council that are also home to CP graduates, I will re-post my blog about this on the PCF site. If you're curious to know more, look up Brian Gerrish on the web, an ex-naval officer who is credited with first discovering CP, you can also search the PCF site for CP, I have a partial membership list that runs from the late '80's to 2005 that is 626 pages long!

This is why you struggle to get the information you should have, it is being edited by the media, they decide what you get to hear about, or see, surely you've seen this in the Sentinel where certain subjects don't have the facility to comment, or comments that run against the papers politics are removed or blocked?

Time to wake up and see what's really going on in your city.

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Right, then, I think that's

Right, then, I think that's it here then.

Craig Pond, Standing for election in Goldenhill and Sandyford, please visit craigs election site (address at in the q/a at the top) for Craigs thoughts and policies and views for the forth coming elections.

People in the area can hear the councillor candidates speaking at SAGE RA's community meeting on Thursday, and Sandyford Fire Station tomorrow at Tunstall North's RA meeting.

I'd like to thank Craig for answering the questions.

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