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Questions for Council Candidates from the MyTunstall Community

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Are you a council candidate, standing in one of the following wards?

Please answer the questions below, as the people in yor wards have compliled them and would really like to know.

Email your answers back to and they will be posted onto the site. Any other information you can send such as a campaign statement, twitter address, facebook page, webaddress would also be appreciated.

Questions from the MyTunstall Community


  1. What are the biggest problems facing this area?
  2. What issues would you tackle first?
  3. Without very much budget how will you implement your ideas?
  4. How would you generate income for the local area?
  5. What are your thoughts on Anti Social Behaviour?
  6. Will you be working full time or part time as a ward councillor?

 Questions by Jon Morgan, Bankeyfields


  1. Who should be running of the council the Council Officers or the Councilors.
  2. How do you envisage keeping local facilities such as Tunstall Pool Open.
  3. How would you deal with Anti-Social Behavior.
  4. How are the council / you going to get Business to move to the area.
  5. How will you get money spent in our area in preference to other areas.
 Questions by Richard Hawthorn, Bankeyfields
  1. Will you fight the officers of the council and return the power back to its rightful place (in the hands of the councillor)?
  2. Will you take steps to have the 106 money (with acrued interest) returned to its rightfull owners. The area that it was designated for?
  3. Who will be your priority your party, your voters, or the council?
  4. Will you serve the voters irrespective of political beliefs?
 Questions by Terry Cope, Tunstall, Greenfields
  1. What past experience do you have that makes you think you are prepared for the responsibly of being a Councillor?
  2. What are your major strengths?
  3. What are your major weaknesses?
  4. What is more important, to fix a street light or to install a park bench, and why?
  5. What experience do you have in securing funding?
  6. What are your thoughts on keeping a weekly/bi weekly blog on MyTunstall  if elected of
    • work you are carrying out?
    • ongoing ward budget?
    • key local news?
  7. What green initiatives do you think can benefit all in the ward?
  8. Which members of the community are your priority?
 Questions by Matt Burke, Bankeyfields
  1. What power have you got ?
  2. Where did it come from ?
  3. In whose interest do you use it ?
  4. To whom are you accountable ?
  5. How do we get rid of you ?
 Questions by Mick Williams, The Internet
  1. How will you communicate what you plan to do / have done with us?
  2. How will you engage the electorate?
  3. Where do you see the line being drawn between the community solving their problems and the local government doing it?
  4. What are your views on a Big Society?
Questions by Lawrence, Bankeyfields
  1. In your view, what are the major challenges facing this ward and what do you think a councillor's role is to address them?
  2. General question that would probe local knowledge and their interpretation of what they can do/achieve
Questions by Clare White, Burslem
  1. What are your connection to this ward, why have you chosen to represent this ward?
Question by Ian Norris, Tunstall
  1. Can you explain -in detail- your strategy to bring big business into the area, particularly in sectors such as finance which is a well paid sector and is entirely under represented in Stoke on Trent? (Remember the business rates on office premises is much lower here than in other areas.)
  2. If you do manage to attract businesses into the area, what will you do to ensure that a high proportion of managerial and supervisory jobs go to local people rather than allowing companies to import their top paid employees from outside the area? (As is the case now)
  3. What will you do to bring local salary levels up to the National average, or at least the average in the West Midlands?
Questions by Andy, Bankeyfields


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