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Goldenhill & Sandyford sees Labour's Martin Garner take the seat

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Martin Garner (Labour), has taken the new ward of Goldenhill and Sandyford by a 99 vote lead over runner up Megan Ryan with 436 votes (41.25%) of the votes. Martin, who has been unable to campaign for the past few weeks will now be looking to talk to locals and Residents Associations. 

As a member of Martin's Ward, I'd like to congratulate him on his win and look forward to working with him. It won't be an easy ride, as we expect a heck of a lot from our councillors, over the next 4 years from him.

Like all areas, there are a lot of things on the ground to carry on with around here that many of the RA's were working on with now ex-Councillor Megan Ryan, that we'd like to be able to smoothly continue with you as soon as possible.

Unconfirmed reports have been leaked onto twitter about election fraud in the Goldenhill & Sandyford result. 


Election CandidatePartyVotes% 
 Martin Garner Labour 436 41.25% Elected
 Councillor Megan Ryan Independent 337 31.88% Not elected
 Craig Arthur Pond England First Party 101 9.56% Not elected
 Councillor David Sutton unaffiliated 97 9.18% Not elected
 Matthew Douglas Wyman Liberal Democrat 86 8.14% Not elected

I'd also like to take this oppurtunity to thank Megan for all of her support and wish her well in all of her endeavours.



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Congratulations Martin, as

Congratulations Martin, as per the email I sent you, you are officially invited to the Bankeyfields Residents Association Meeting on the 17th May, 7pm at Sandyford Fire Station. It won't be too taxing as I know you are in recovery, but we really need you to be there.



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