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Message from the new Goldenhill & Sandyford Councillor Martin Garner

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May I take this opportunity to thank the people of Goldenhill & Sandyford for electing me as your councillor. I'm very grateful to the people who voted for me, and hope that over time I can win the trust of those who did not.

I'd also like to thank the two candidates who ran positive campaigns and whose genuine commitment to the area is beyond doubt. It was very clear from the votes that the people of Goldenhill & Sandyford have overwhelmingly rejected the message of hate and division from the England First Party.

As many will know I was not able to campaign as I wanted due to my recent illness so did not get to meet as many people as I would have liked. Hopefully I can now put this right. My doctor has asked me to take it easy for another couple of weeks, but after this I should be able to hit the ground running.

I don't formally become a councillor until Monday when I sign the acceptance of office and go through an induction to the council. In the meantime, I'll be looking to arrange an advice surgery and set up a blog as I promised.

After being away from the council for so long (I was previously a councillor from 1994-1998 when I was just a lad!) it's bound to be a learning curve for me. Although we're bound to disagree on issues from time to time I can assure you that I'm committed to doing everything within my ability to get justice and fairness from the council for the people of Goldenhill & Sandyford.

Thank you again for all your support.

Martin Garner



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i cant begin to tell you how

i cant begin to tell you how relived i feel not having to call craig pond - councilor pond. but who are the 100 morons that voted for him surely there arent 100 people around here who would want him in anywhere. hed cause more damage on his own around here than the whole of a labour lead council could.

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