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Goldenhill Primary School, Broadfield Lane, Goldenhill - Where in 72

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This is just for fun, and to test your local general knowledge. The latest photo can be found in the north part of the old Tunstall district.

Do you know where this Where in photo is? Comment below, tweet me, facebook or email

250 points up for grabs with this latest Where in Tunstall for signed up users. 

The made up Rules can be found here and past entries can be located on a map here, which may or may not give away some of patterns for photo gathering, and give you some clues.


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Steve's picture

Scools out , Well it was

Scools out , Well it was today !!!

Web Monkey's picture

It certainly was Steve.

It certainly was Steve. Scools is spelt School.

You might be on the right lines.

RedGirl's picture

First time at this so I'm

First time at this so I'm going for - the weathervane on top of the club house at Sandyford Cricket Club.


Web Monkey's picture

RedGirl, you are in the right

RedGirl, you are in the right area, but maybe consider reading Steve's post. That should narrow it down to about 5 places around here.

scarletlancer_uk's picture

Its the school on Broadfield

Its the school on Broadfield rd, have just driven past it lol

Web Monkey's picture

Correct it's the roof of

Correct Smile it's the roof of Goldenhill Primary School, taken yesterday at the Sports Day, where hopefully we've got video footage of the mums race showing two mums falling over. I can't wait to see it.

200 Kudos points are going to Parkhouse and Scarlet Lancer for their correct answers. (thanks John for txting the answer and letting it play out)

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