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Increasing amount of Drunks in Tunstall

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I don't know what anyone else thinks but I think its disgusting how all those drunks hang around Tunstall in the day.

Its very intermediating hanging around the market area drinking their strong larger.

Why are they all coming to Tunstall all of a sudden?

There shoud be something done about it.

Tunstall drunks


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Having asked a few people

Having asked a few people this same question my self the reply i got was that Hanley, Stoke and Newcastle town centres are no drinking zones and so they are starting to gather in Tunstall, they sit on the benches in the square or talk to the guy selling the sentinel by the market. If Tunstall did get a no drinking zone i do not know if it would be the council or the police who would have to enforce it??. Also how would they go about this as they allow drinking outside the Sneyd Arms Hotel dont they.

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Just how bad is this

Just how bad is this situation? As bad as it used to be outside ARGOS in hanley?

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I only go through town on two

I only go through town on two mornings a week at 9.30ish and they are gathering by then, it is by no ways as bad as Argos Hanley but I can imagine if somthing is not done it will get worse. My husband (a bus driver) says they get on the Biddulph bus from Newcastle some get on at Porthill and one or two at Longport. If they are already drunk or drinking he will not let them on and several times he has been verbaly abused because of this. I dont think they are substance abusers only drinkers by what I have seen.

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you say the drunks are bussed

you say the drunks are bussed in, just what is bringing them to the town in the first place. what is the attraction? is one of the off licences or pubs doing generous happy hours early in the morning or is the problem nothing to do with the pubs. do they come to get there giro payments? maybe they used to go to burslem but its become such a dump there even they dont want to be associated with it

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No they are not bussed in

No they are not bussed in they just happen to get on the buses from Newcastle or Hanley and meet up in Tunstall. Its as if Tunstall Square has become the meeting place. I have just come in from town and there are approx 9/10 of them sitting on the benches by the Hotel with the strong cans of larger and cider, the majority are men but somtimes like today you get one or two women as well. I dont know if it is worse when they get their benefit what day do they pay that out.???

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I walk through the town

I walk through the town centre early in the mornings to go to work and I am disgusted by the amount of rubbish littered around the streets. The other day I happened upon vomit in a doorway, makes me want to take the long way round just to avoid our town centre. As for the drinkers gathering in the town centre, I see them on the way home - what is happening to our once nice town???

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Action needs to be taken. Not

Action needs to be taken. Not tomorrow, not in 6 weeks times, not in half a years time. Emergency legislation needs pushing through the council to provide as much support as possible so the police can shift them on. Drinking in the street shouldn't be allowed anyway. I bet these are the wasters who get £500 a week benefit support.

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I am not as up to date with

I am not as up to date with benefits as I used to be when i worked for the C.A.B. but I do know that alcoholism is a recognised illnesses and as such they get diability / sickness benifits and all the other things that go with it, what this ammounts to now I have no idea. One thing I do know is that the majority of the ones in town come in on FREE bus passes issued by the council as they are registered as disabled and can travel thru Stoke on Trent on any bus without paying. (This is why small bus companys are being taken over, they have to accept the bus pass but can not get the money back from the council for months and are out of pocket all the time. But thats another story.)

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I contacted Tunstall

I contacted Tunstall Councillor Lee Wanger this week to see what the official stance to this problem was

I am well aware of the problem of drunks and people walking around with open cans of strong lager in the main areas of Tunstall.
These are some of the things that are being done to address this issue.

We have a problem with the convenience store just above the roundabout in Tunstall. This sells alcohol from quite early in the morning and many of our local alcoholics go there to get their 'breakfast'. If the weather is nice they can hang around and pester the shop owners and their customers from nearby shops.

The Chamber of Trade have written to the Council's Licensing Dept. asking for clarification of the times that they can sell alcohol and for them to visit the shop and point out their obligations with regards to selling alcohol to people who are already inebriated.

We have also written to our local police asking them if they have had instances where they have been contacted by local businesses to report problems with drunks around this shop. Members of the Chamber of Trade have had to dial 999 on a number of occasions to get police or paramedics to inebriated and abusive alcoholics who have deposited themselves in shop doorways.

The aim of doing this is to gather sufficient evidence to ask the Council's Licensing committee to vary the hours that the Convenience Store can sell alcohol. (i.e. from say 10:00am and not the current 8:00am).

With regards to the drug and alcohol centre on the corner of Forrester Street. Again I am well aware of the problem around this. We believe that it stems from friends of people who have appointments at the centre. They 'hang about' waiting for them and we have instances of them being drunk and abusive.

The centre does, when informed, move people away from the outside of their premises but that just migrates it to elsewhere in the town. In particular the entry behind the centre. The local Residents Association have had a number of meetings with the management of the centre and the police over this particular problem.

Residents living near by call the police and get an incident number when they see anything suspicious going on.

With regards to drinkers in the town. With the consent and support of the police, most of the large shops in the town have been given logs in which they can note incidents of drunkenness or people drinking and being abusive, etc. along with petitions for their customers to sign to say they would support turning Tunstall Town Centre into an Alcohol Free Area.

This would give the police the power to confiscate and pour away the contents of opened bottles and cans of alcohol. The petitions and logs will be collected in at the end of this month and I will present them to the appropriate authority to see if we can get them acted upon.

Lee Wanger

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From Lee's response the

From Lee's response the things we can do now is to go into town and sign the petition in support of turning Tunstall Town Centre into an Alcohol Free Area, there by giving the police the powers to confiscate any drink.

I'd like to see that in all areas to be honest, but let's start with the town centre.

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I dont think this would be

I dont think this would be possible as i have said before the Sneyd Arms has got a licence that enables them to have the tables outside and people can take drinks and snacks out doors, you can not stop one set of people drinking out side just because they drink out of cans, and say it is ok for the others because they purchased the drinks from the hotel. I think this would end up with a lot of agrevation. Also who is going to be on hand to implement this if they do.

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Well catthaithai you sure

Well catthaithai you sure have opened up a can of worms ( or a can of larger!! ).
One thing your question has done for me is to confirm that Lee Wanger is still alive and in residence in Tunstall. I have tried to contact him on another issue several times to no avail and in the end I gave up.

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There is no such thing as an

There is no such thing as an alcohol free zone, but the police and council can designate an area as an alcohol restriction zone (ARZ. This means that if a person does not surrender any open or closed containers of alcohol when asked to do so by a police officer, they can be fined up to £500.

There has been recent legislation to address the issue of cafe/smoking areas outside pubs in an ARZ, which means those areas are exempt from the ARZ legislation, until half an hour after the pubs have closed.

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I've spoken to some of the

I've spoken to some of the local shops this dinner time. The ones I spoke to didn't know about a petition but do work with police in monitoring crime in the town.

I didn't have much luck in the town centre tracking the group down, giving up and heading back home I then spotted them outside the convenience store which allegedly sells them the liquid lunches.

Tunstall Drinking in the Street

Tunstall Drinking in the Street

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its good to know that

its good to know that something is being done, but from the photo it doesnt look like very much harm is being done expect taking up most of the pavement. but saying that the look on the gents face coming towards the camera looks to have distace written all over it.

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Jon, with certain members of

Jon, with certain members of the group drinking for several hours anything could happen. To be honest, they could be salt of the earth people, but with people coming onto the site to raise the issue, something must be wrong.

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Rumor has it that they were

Rumor has it that they were being stalked by a strange bloke with a camera today.

Anyway we have got a big enough problem with some drunks up on Mustang but thats another story !!!!

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That photo is great. Even has

That photo is great. Even has the stereotypical bull terrier!

Once, on a Saturday afternoon I went loco, and visited the pub on the square near bargain booze - Oddfellows Arms (don't worry I had backup). I was surprised by the amount of Dads in there with their kids strapped into pushchairs, supping cola and eating crisps. They must be very proud.

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don't worry I had back up!

don't worry I had back up! what a pathetic excuse for a joke! So are you telling me you were never taken into the pub as a child!

as i understand where people are coming from i find it hard to sit here and read all the comments without putting my two pence worth in!

these people aren't looting smashing or raping! these people need help! and im pretty sure its illegal to post pictures without being given permission...

people need to get a grip and show a bit of compassion as this is Tunstall not Beverley hills!!!

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So you think it's a crime to

So you think it's a crime to take a photo, but perfectly normal to drink in the street killing off businesses?

Taking a photo in a public place is against no one's rights unless it's of an minor, they don't look like minors.

These people aren't looting or raping, but they are littering, congregating in large drunken mobs during the day, shouting, swearing and generally putting people off coming to the town effectively putting the knife into local businesses which then has a knock on the local area.

There are places for people to drink and that's in the home or in the pub and not on the street.

That's my opinion anyway.

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So taking photos of the

So taking photos of the violent underage yobs in Tunstall park would be a crime? and like the gentlemen who had his jaw broken we would be arrested. Sad somethings no right

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ive seen plenty of upstanding

ive seen plenty of upstanding citizens in my time dropping litter!! and who are you to really judge?

what do you want them to do?

go to the park where the kids are!!

you all talk about their homes, most off them are in the YCMA or homeless!!

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We judge by our own standards

We judge by our own standards and morals. Tunstall wasn't put their as someones doss house, it's there for people to shop in the day time, not to stand around town scaring customers off, making people feeling very uneasy around them.

Wouldn't a pub be the best place for them, somewhere designed for people drinking?

I don't want them in my town, they are only a recent addition so hopefully the council and police will grow some balls and shift them on.

Hmmm, I'm just wondering, although it's none of my business, are you part of the gang or just sympathise with them?

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don't be so stupid!!! do you

don't be so stupid!!!

do you think they have access to the internet! they're probably banned from the library lol!

i just don't understand why you don't want to get to the root of the problem and sort it out instead of moving the problem to a different place!

as i have already stated they aren't in parks where if pushed out they will end up... then you will all moan where your kids cant go in!

Web Monkey's picture

Let me be stupid, it's what I

Let me be stupid, it's what I do best Wink .

Seriously, right now Tunstall like most towns and shopping areas in Britain are under enormous pressure with the decline of funding to councils, money in peoples back pockets etc.

If Tunstall goes down hill and shops start shutting (it's happening now!), it will have a huge impact on the area in terms of jobs, standards of living and so on.

I care about Tunstall and the overall well being of people in it. I wish you could see that this group are damaging this area.

Not quite sure what the reference to the internet is?

Guest's picture

For all i care they can go of

For all i care they can go of the face of the earth they are know use to society, none of them will ever change.

Jon Morgan's picture

hum how do you expect the

hum how do you expect the rest of us to relate with theise people who have fallen of the rat run. they take up valuable resources trying to make them bettr but then end spending the cash given in a offy bying the strongest larger you can get. why should the taxs ive paid for the past 40 years go towards in my eyes at least scum like that who cant even see they are doing wrong. they dont deserve pitty as they dont even give it to themselves. theyv just leached onto tunstall and now want to suck it dry and dont give two hoots what there behaviour is doing to the town. problem is this town is waking up and realising theyve got to act before they take root. i fully back the tunstall chamber of trade with there actions in this

hmmmm's picture

So you hate single parents,

So you hate single parents, unemployed asylum seekers.

As i understand we all choice our paths in life some people are just unlucky, who's saying that woman wasn't abused as a child or raped or beat up and drinking her only way of coping!!!

Jon Morgan's picture

hummm im very sorry for the

hummm im very sorry for the way you have been treated in life but i didnt once state anything about single parents more to the point whats a single parent got to do with drinking on the streets of tunstall. if anything shouldnt a single parent either be looking after the kids or working not p[issing their childs benefits up the wall.

Guest's picture

show some compassion what

show some compassion what when the are peuking up every where and using the local telephone box as a toilet i dont think so i had a very starined up bringing as my mum was seriouly ill not knowing if she ws going to die yet i did not turn to drink or drugs.

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Saw a few of the same ones

Saw a few of the same ones today arguing outside the snyed arms. Does society tolerate this or sink a little bit further?

Web Monkey's picture

There is now a poll running

There is now a poll running to see what everyone things

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There was an application a

There was an application a few years back by a well known cut price pub chain to open an establishment in Tunsatll. An objection was raised by the Licencee of one of the hostelries in the town so the aplication was refused.

So now some of the charachters of the town drink el fresco just like they do on the continent as per Tony Blairs dream. Smile

buffybaskey's picture

I have also noticed an

I have also noticed an increase Sad on a sat around 11ish i think sitting rounds the trees just by the market, and the litter is getting terrible.Sorry if ive missed it but where is the petition? Smile

Web Monkey's picture

I think it goes without

I think it goes without saying that everyone who has voted apart from the odd one or two belive that this is a major issue and needs sorted. Thnaks for voting.

What do you think of Tunstall's new street drinking culture - Vote now

Street drinking needs to be banned from town
The group make me feel uncomfortable
Dragging the image of the town down
The group are causing no trouble
There is no law against it
Web Monkey's picture

The Tunstall Chamber of Trade

The Tunstall Chamber of Trade will be holding a Town Meeting shortly, no date confirmed yet, but businesses and the public will be invited along. Keep you posted.

Richard's picture

I have now setup a e-petition

I have now setup a e-petition on the government website with regard to this topic.

Can all those who want to stop this activity please goto and sign the petition. We need 100,000 names before it can be put up for discussion.

Please sign and let you friends know and their friends etc....

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If the people drinking

If the people drinking alcohol in Tunstall are being rowdy, abusive and violent towards shoppers and shop owners surely this amounts to antisocial behaviour and should be dealt with by the Police. If it is not illegal to drink in the high street I think the Police should encourage these people to congregate around the Police station in Tunstall to do their drinking at least there they can be easily monitored. If things get out of hand the Police response time would be in minutes rather than hours. I think this is just like the illegal parking by the roundabout out of sight out of mind I bet if this was happening outside the Police station on a regular basis some sort of action would be taken to get it stopped.I am not condoning this action but when you have got people standing outside the Sneyd Arms drinking and smoking and using language that is as colourful as the drunks this hardly sets a good example.

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i walk to the service station

i walk to the service station most dinnertimes from work and these animals stand around dominos/chesire cheese area also a house near the top of furlong road has its fair share of wasters outside ,people who say they are doing no harm need to stand and listen to the disgusting language and see the litter they openly drop.also the 2 dogs fouling everywhere.

Jon Morgan's picture

stiffler, i think its just

stiffler, i think its just the minority who think they are ok and justify what they are doing to tunstall

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seems to me that the majority

seems to me that the majority of money being spent in tunstall comes from the pockets of these "undesirables" .

now you have your "alcohol free zone" in will move any problem, not solve it, and the police will have powers to remove alcohol or arrest/fine ppl.... if they are there!... if they were there in the first place then this situation would not have arisen.

if abusive language is used in public,or dogs foul the area, or people cause an obstruction to a footpath the laws already exist to punish those wrong-doers...........why make more rules?     enforce the existing ones1

as for the comment about keep drinking confined to pubs....take that up with the breweries, they can supply, canned wrapped and delivered strong lager to the likes of bargain-booze at a fraction of the cost the same brewers charge pubs, who buy in bulk!

whilst greedy breweries and franchise chains bleed publicans dry, and charge more per unit the more a pub sells, (the only trade where bulk-buying costs more!) the situation will not change.

lower pub prices, jack up off-license prices, keep the alkies in monitored,observed and controlled pub premises, and the problem would be solved.

no landlord will serve a drunken person....they can lose their license, the same rules do not apply to off-licenses.

think about it!

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The alcohol free zone, as far

The alcohol free zone, as far as I can see is not working. Only today at 11.55 I saw a dosser walking past Hamzars in the High Street, with a can of Special Brew. The last three times I visited Tower Square I have seen on the fisrt occassion a bloke ranting at his Missus with a can in his hand and on the following two occasions the same homeless person with a can in his hands.

I am not personally bothered but I guess the police have better things to do like be worring about their over inflated pensions and nicking the easy targets like motorists.

To be honest I am sick of the way people are treated in this country and how we are slowly becoming a police state and being taxed to high heaven!

Banned's picture

The revolution is not far

The revolution is not far away....Be Warned!

Sue V's picture

The rules of the ARZ at the

The rules of the ARZ at the moment are that the police can remove cans/bottles etc from people if they are causing a problem BUT they can not be there all the time so it is still down to the people of Tunstall who originaly made the complaints about the drunks. If there is a problem and you feel the need to inform someone then RING 101 the more people who ring the obvious it will become to the police the need to implement the new rules.

bj-dj's picture

Just wish the people of

Just wish the people of Tunstall would get as passionate about getting all the dog poop of our streets and open spaces as they are about ridding the area of drunks and undesirables. The streets, grass verges and open spaces are a disgrace it’s about time something was done about this if your dog craps in public places it’s down to the owner of the animal to clean it up.

Sue V's picture

I couldnt agree with you more

I couldnt agree with you more bj-dj, last week and for the next two weeks I am dog sitting and consequently walking the area alot I am noticing how thoughtless people are by not cleaning up after the animals they have, It only takes a few seconds to wrap in kitchen/toilet paper and pop in a small plastic bag. But thats another story/complaint.

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