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You Said - We Did - Tunstall North, Goldenhill and Sandyford Police

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In the latest local Police newsletter we've responded to problems you've told us about:

You said: There was a problem with anti-social behaviour around the Ridge Road area
We did: With the help of local residents, key offenders were identified. Police and partners at The Safer City Partnership are now in a position to issue repeat offenders with anti-social behaviour orders & will be going to court very soon.

You said: There are problems with parking and speeding around local primary schools.
We did: High visibility patrols were undertaken to reduce cases of inconsiderate parking around the schools. Parking Enforcement Officers have visted the area along with partners from the Safer Roads Partnership to enforce speeding restrictions. We will continue to work with the local schools to educate and enforce.

You said: There are problems with anti-social behaviour and concerns for safety around empty properties in the area.
We did:
Targeted patrols were undertaken around these buildings to reduce anti-social behaviour. Partners from Stoke-on0Trent City Council Environmental Crime unit have issued a warning letter under Section 215 of the town and country planning act 1990 request the proprietors to contact them to discuss remedial improvements to the buildings. Empty buildings can be extremely dangerous and further education about this is planned for local school children by local officers before the school summer holidays in July and August.
You said:
We did:

Anti-social behaviour
Our neighbourhood officers work tirelessly with our partners from the local authority, housing associations and voluntary groups to maintain the successes we have had in tackling anti-social behaviour.

We continue to encourage local residents to work with us to reduce anti-social behaviour and encourage local schools children to enjoy the summer holidays in a responsible manner

PC 4733 - Glyn Talbot

PCSO 8953 - Michael Frost

PCSO 8986 - Andy Wootton



Web Monkey's picture

Our local area police unit

Our local area police unit has also arrange for Speed Watch training bringing the Bankeyfields and Tunstall North Residents Associations into partnership to combat local speeding issues. Smile

They've also put added patrol's on to monitor local flash points such as the Bankeyfields Openspace area.

But they can't be everywhere at once, so if you see something that concerns you, just give 0300 123 4455 a quick ring. It's not the emergency number so you won't be in trouble for ringing with concerns like you would with the emergency only 999 number.

Steve's picture

Have we had any reports of

Have we had any reports of issues from the alley way at the top of Hurricane .From the last Bankeyfields meeting one man was quiet vocal about it but I have not heard anything since then.

marks's picture

Is the Speed Watch training

Is the Speed Watch training for clocking motor bikes on Reginald Mitchell Way on Sunday's?

Rach's picture

Not sure whether any of you

Not sure whether any of you ventured out on Saturday but there were about 7 police bikes (and police men / women) at the Motorbike shop at the end of Broadfield Road, so whether they were preaching to the riders that go there don't know, but it's a start, will be interesting to see if it has made a difference this weekend on RMW.

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