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Can you help to trace the 1775 Family Bible from Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent

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I've had an email through the contact us form, from a lady who lives out of the area. Hilda came into possession of a family Bible, with the names:

  • Stanway
  • Morris
  • Hadfield
  • Buckley
  • Bottomly
  • Morris

The address for M Hadfield is listed as being in Victoria Street, Tunstall. The inscription in the bible suggests that the Morris family move to Hanley.

The only Victoria Street in Tunstall was renamed to Harewood Street back in the 1950's according to records, and barely exists at all.

The current owner of the Bible Hilda Scott, came by the Bible via her Brother-in-Law Herbert Bentley from Stalybridge.

Do we have any local families with those names, could this Bible be your ancestors Family Bible?

Hilda Scott would like to know if anyone can shed any light on this.

More info added below



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isnt there a stanway street

isnt there a stanway street around here somewhere?

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It should be fairly easy to

It should be fairly easy to trace the families via the census returns and thus build up a picture of the familes and hopefully discover how it came to be in Hilda's family

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guest where would you start

guest where would you start to get the census returns from? would the local churches hold copies?

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Update from Hilda about some

Update from Hilda about some of the contents of the Bible.

The Bible is the British & Foreign Bible sold under cost price at 10p.

(Cover)One page at the back is a register of Robert Hadfields family i.e. Friezland? Mary born 26 Sept 1775, James Oct 14 1776. James (again) Nov 3rd 1778,John 14 April 1781 Robert4 July 1783, John 27Sept 1786, Thomas 11 April 1789.

Register of Buckley Bottonleys family.Esther Bottomly Oct 9 1775,Buckley Jan 23 1778, James Jan 17 Feb 1786, John Nov 19 1791, Joseph Nov 25 1793 Ann Oct 1771.
Register of Stanway family (no dates)Harriet, Joshua, John, Clara.

There is another page of Stanways, but written in pencil & illegible.
Will Morrey Feb 10 1825, Martha, June 10 1823, Thomas Jan 25 1847, Eliza Aug 271848, Ann July 18 1851, Mary Niov 23 1853, Charles May 8 1856. 2nd page
Moss(Moses) Hadfield Victoria St., Tunstall.

BUT inside front coveris Written "Awarded to Ann (Amy) Morris for punctual attendance at the Bryan St General Ragged School. Hanley Nov 1863.

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I'd never heard of a ragged

I'd never heard of a ragged school, but there is an account detailing what they were. Basically schools for very poor kids, and when you consider the date that must have been very poor.

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