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Ferrets are wonderful animals that have a very misplaced reputation,anyone who has kept ferrets will know how wrong this image is, they make fantastic pets and ,is kept correctly, do not smell and can be extremely loving.

from a promise 4 years ago- "if you do well in your gcse exams you can have a ferret"- my daughter purchased one polecat Jill ferret nearly ayear ago,
we started off reading how to look after ferrets,we talked to people at gamefairs and at resuce centers .

because we were going to keep the ferret indoors - the rescue center allowed us to have one ferret - so we werent over faced with the thought of having to much to look after- having not had ferrets before .
but it is clear that ferrets are social creatures- after going to Eccleshall show acouple of weeks ago, and again talking to the lady at the ferret rescue stand,
she introduced us to an albino hob- he was a foundling, she had had him in her care for 7months,
she said that he was a relaxed ferret ,was litter trained and got on well with other ferrets.

so last weekend we travelled to Burton-upon-Trent ferret rescue,
introduced our polecat ferret to the albino ferret and they got on really well-no fighting,

from that meeting we now have 2 pet ferrets.

through this blog i hope to spread the word that ferrets make good pets.



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Hiya Dereth. Good to have you

Hiya Dereth. Good to have you back. You know what? My perceptions of Ferrets has changed a little? I still wouldn't go near one, but hopefully as the weeks go on and we all learn more from your blog that will change. I'll say one thing for them, they always seem to have character.

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ferrets come in many

ferrets come in many colours-the polecat markings ,sandy, silver mitts and chocolate, also white or albino.

the ferrets latin name is Mustela putorius.the name ferret comes from the medieval Latin word FURO meaning "thief like".

it is believed that ferrets came to Britain with the Romans,they were traditionally kept for catching rabbits to eat and for controlling pests such as rats and mice, a practice termed "ferreting".

Ferrets used in this practice are working ferrets, generally kept in hutches outdoors and are very "mean and keen"

there are also show ferrets, race ferrets and of course pet ferrets,
once you start looking into how to keep a ferret you will be surprized to see how many people own these loveable creatures , and how many some people have.

there are a number of clubs and forums that are a good source for information

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if you were at trentham this

if you were at trentham this morning you would have seen our ferrets having a walk about,
the amount of people that stopped us to have a talk asking about both ferrets, asking if they could hold, stroke and generally say it was strange to see ferrets.
people even came out of the shops to have a look too, as we passed .

one silly question was " why are they on a lead?"
one shop assisant said -when i went into a shop and the ferrets were held by the doorway " you can bring your dogs into the shop".
when i said they were ferrets - he said "he wasnt sure if ferrets were allowed".
over all people were very happy to understand the way of the ferret....

both ferrets enjoyed the fuss they were given.

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ferrets are carnivores, and

ferrets are carnivores, and need a diet that is very similar to their wild polecat relatives.
when keeping any animal as a pet, we owe it to them to provide the best possible diet,
there are alot of commercial ferret foods which will provide your ferret with its full nutritional requiremnets, these are usually found in the form of dry nuggets, but ferrets enjoy fresh meat too, ours enjoy mince meat twice aweek, and on the odd occasion have a chicken wing.

ferrets do not eat more than they need. we give access to food all day but excess food will get hidden.
you will need to find their hidding place so the food doesnt go stale and smell.
fresh drinking water should always be avaible too,ours drink out of a small bowl which does get knocked over now and again while they play.

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When I was young and living

When I was young and living at home with my parents I had a mental list of the animals I would love to have and Ferrets were on the list, over the years I have had had all of my animal wish list at some time or other appart from a Ferret.
I think dad was put off because one bit him so he wouldnt let me have one but I still like them they have such lovely faces and squidly bodies.
I took my partner to a show once (I think that was at Trentham) and he couldnt beleave it all of the brushing and preening and Ferrets all over the place in cages and on leads, I would have loved to have seen yours walking around. Great.
It just goes to show you can put lots of animals on leads and take them for walks. My husband came in from work the other day and said you will never guess what I have seen today in Biddulph he had seen a lady with a Lop eared Rabbit on a lead walking up the street.

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Hi, Does anybody have a


Does anybody have a ferrett in or near Stoke on trent?. I have spotted a couple of rats under my hen house, and I want to flush the blighters out.
Happy to pay any fees.

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i dont know anyone to help

i dont know anyone to help you with the rat problem sorry but if you phone the British ferret club
they might be able to give you a local person with working ferrets to help out.
Carole Fleming -information officer.
0113 2633027

or -if you phoned your vets - they might be able to help,

or -theres also the chase ferret rescue .
they may be able to help you to contact a working ferret person too,

have been told today by a few ferret owners that its perhaps better if you contact some terrier dog owners,they will do a better job-for what you need.
or contact the council who will be able to visit your property .

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Guest- this is the response

Guest- this is the response from a ferret web site about you inquiring about using ferrets to catch rats-

Hello, I'm the friend that Dave has referred to and he has already posted some advice that I passed on the other night.

Right, firstly if they live in a domestic dwelling in the glorious City of Stoke then they will be eligible for a free pest control service courtesy of the local authority (you don't get much for free so make the most of it) and I cannot recommend this service enough. Generally the operative/technician will use rodenticide, don't worry about the poison in relation to other animals as I have had very few occasions where bait could not be placed safely or securely. The rodenticide will act over several days, usually between 4 & 10 days depending on the age/ health and weight of Roland and this again is designed so that should another animal decide to scoff the bait then the chances of it curling its toes are slim (the exception being pigs)

I would advise against the use of ferrets as it just isn't practical and your ferret could come off worse if Roland decides to stand its ground. Terriers are an option and I have used this method in the past for a Wildlife Control company I worked for but again it has its draw backs as one of the terriers contracted leptospirosis and became rather ill. With a safe and effective poisoning campaign where access to other competing food sources is restricted then you can bring the Roland population under control very quickly.

I will leave it at that for know but should your friend need anymore advice give me a shout. I will just point out that I still work for the authority all be it in a different capacity now but i may not be able to visit your friend if I feel there may be a conflict of interest.

Hope this helps.

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