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Plymouth v Vale

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Vale travel to Plymouth Argyle tomorrow for their League 2 fixture. Plymouth are rooted at the bottom of the league and have many off field problems including the players not being payed all their wages. Apart from that a tricky fixture for the Valiants. 

Marc Richards vale's skipper is set to return fom injury after coming throught the reserve game at Notts Forest even scoring in the 2-1 win. Doug Loft is also expected to play through the barrier. So lets hope we can get 3 points. 


Any predictions?


Up The Vale.


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Web Monkey's picture

With Plymouth being bottom

With Plymouth being bottom and looking likely to stay there, I'm hoping the Vale open that can of wup-ass, and bring home 3 points.

Enceladus's picture

My worry is that we have a

My worry is that we have a tendency to break peoples ducks!

markymark's picture

I feel the same but I think

I feel the same but I think we could do ok in this game. Lets hope so fingers crossed.

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