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Did you know parking in Tunstall's tower square on double yellow is being targeted and you'll get an instant fine

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Did you know that any car found parked NOT in a parking bay in tower square will be liable to pay a illegal parking fine?

Because of the yellow strips on the pavements around Tower Square which are to prevent any sort of parking even deliveries at any time of day. This means that any traffic warden that comes along either on foot or in the Stoke-on-Trent City Council Traffic car can issue an instant fine, which will be sent to you through the post.

That's instant folks, no 5 minute leeway, just an instant fine.

So all motorist just popping to the bank, chippy, pie shops, bargin booze etc, myself included here's a word of caution passed via a very reliable town source.

The Traffic car is targeting this area during the day.

Crazy I know but there you go.

For those unsure of what the car looks like, please see a copy of a photo taken by Dereth last year parked on Double Yellow Lines.



Web Monkey's picture

I'm amazed no one has

I'm amazed no one has commented on this. I thought people would be peed off.

Ian norris's picture

Dont think you can be peed of

Dont think you can be peed of everyone knows there breaking law by stopping and simply take the gamble, but with the new car, improvements to CCTV the risk of ticket is getting greater.

I must admitted didn't realise Tower Square was no loading/unloading, would thought that would have been better applied to the High Street

Craig Bourne's picture

No comment's because people

No comment's because people can not believe it !!!!!
I and many use the square every day and night, ie banking, food shop's, bargain booze etc for only a few minuets. it would kill the square if they started to fine all the car's that parked to pop in a shop, bank etc

Can not believe it Sad

Craig Bourne's picture

Sorry word's fail me over

Sorry word's fail me over this, Kill off the square more like. where can you park for a few min's !!!

Web Monkey's picture

I know what you mean Craig

I know what you mean Craig its penalising both shops and shoppers.

I did worry about posting this as like you say it could kill the square, but after being informed I couldn't let people continue to be unaware of the situation.

Craig did you see the car parking changes posted yesterday? The Tunstall chamber of trade Would appreciate your comments about this.

Ian norris's picture

Instant fines only able to

Instant fines only able to loading restriction on road. If you find space you got 5 minutes grace

Web Monkey's picture

Loading times are only at

Loading times are only at certain times of the day. Outside of that time, according to Bill McDonald from the chamber of trade, you've got no grace. The councils parking smart car will clock you, and has been doing.

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