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Morrisons Tunstall consultation details - what will the store look like, where will it go and what do you need to know

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Today Norcros Estates and Morrisons have displayed plans for their comprehensive redevelopment of the form Johnsons Tiles Highgate Works Factory, which was vacated at the turn of the century moving down the valley to it’s new high tech head quarters.

The proposals outlined today are a major investment in the town, and will redevelop a brown fields piece of land that has stood empty and barren bar the odd fun fair for far to long.

The plans include a new supermarket, petrol station plans for a restaurant and retail outlets.

Alterations to Brownhills road will add a roundabout to the enterance of the site and according to proposed plans a roundabout at the end of the high street making access from high street more accessible.

The plans proposed that all deliveries will be via Connaught Street, which then leads onto Harewood street, next to St Mary’s Primary School. Some objections being raised at the consultation were about this point. Worries raised about the increased heavy load traffic passing the school were raised.

It was also confirmed that the connection to the Tunstall bypass wasn’t part of these plans. The bypass would have offered heavy goods vehicles easier access to the bottom part of town, benefiting local industry centred around the town with access to the A500.

The Morrisons store, the heart of the new development will feature a 38,000 sq ft selling area devoted mostly to food retail, including Fresh Market, Family Butcher, Fishmonger, Delicatessen and Bakery. What Morrisons won’t be focusing on as other stores do, will be the white good, clothing and sundry items. Morrisons Tunstall aims to provide over 75% floor space to food.


If planning is approved by Stoke-on-Trent City Council, a self contained shopping environment including supermarket store and up to eight additional retailers this new area is hoped to generate up to 500 new full and part time jobs.

The construction is hoped to provide up to 180 jobs, and is hoping to pull heavily from the local workforce. It is hoped that staff in the supermarket will be made up of over 70% of locals, and Morrisons has already stated to staff who live in the area and working at their Festival store that they are happy to offer transfers to the new store closer to their.

Morrisons has also made commitments to recruit not just from the local community but also hope to help the long term unemployed to gain employment.


As part of the build, Morrisons will be making sure the new building has green credentials and as a company says since 2005 has saved over 240,000 tonnes of CO2 and will be benchmarked under the BREEAM (BRE Environment Assessment Method.

Sustainable features being considered are:

  • ventilation heat recovery
  • zero HFC refrigeration system
  • integrated ground/air source heating system (Geo Thermal heating)
  • heat harvesting from refrigeration
  • zoned under floor heating
  • sales are daylight
  • thermal wall
  • draft lobbies
  • improved insulation
  • roof mounted photovoltaic
  • C02 air change control
  • uilding monitoring system with energy sub-meters
  • lighting control system incorporating daylight sensing, dimming and movement detectors
  • high efficiency transformer/voltage reduction
  • LED light in freezer store.


After watching petrol prices in Stoke-on-Trent for the past three years, one company seemed to always be at the forefront of lower petrol prices, and that company has been Morrison's.

Morrisons will no doubt become the cheapest supplier in the north of Stoke-on-Trent, in an area where petrol prices are inflated. Car owners have to travel round trip journeys of up to 4 miles to get to the cheaper fueling stations.


Bill McDonald chairman of the Tunstall Chamber of Trade belives/hopes the impact on the existing shops in Tunstall will be low, and if anything because the complex is on the far outskirts of town could even have a positive effect on the lower and hopefully higher end of town.

I posed the question to the developers about parking, and their response to parking fees was to play it by ear. If the car park is abused then parking charges would be imposed, afterall the aim is to shop at the retail centre. But if much needed spaces can be found for the town which gives the people the freedom to enter town, then I’m sure these spaces will be welcomed.

Shops that will be effected will be certain parts of Tunstall Market, ASDA, ALDI and LIDL.

Jobs and investment are paramount for our town, however will those jobs just be transferred from failing businesses, or could this development could be a new dawn for the town.

What do you think? As always I'd love to hear your thoughts.

I've scanned in the consultation document and attached the imaegs, just click them for bigger versions.

UPDATE - Click here to view the orginal none scanned in document


Click thumbnails for larger image


Sam PEake's picture

I welcome the whole thing!

I welcome the whole thing! More shops for Tunstall = more jobs Smile

che1970's picture

Poor working conditions from

Poor working conditions from people I know who have worked for them. Maybe this has improved.

Web Monkey's picture

Another session of the

Another session of the consultation is set for today at tunstall library by the way. Check out the related links above.

Ian norris's picture

The layout leave no space for

The layout leave no space for link road to bypass in the future either, for the rest of the site to be developed access will have to be via Connaught Street.

Pre application talks must have taken place with highways and planning, were Morrisons advised it was OK to excluded a link road, the impact on Nash Peak Street area and Middleport will be just more congestion with just Morrisons but when the other two sites come on board the traffic will be crazy.

Why can't we just have good news, this application looked so good Sad

bj-dj's picture

At last a business adventure

At last a business adventure that will guarantee hundreds of jobs when the build has been completed not like that eyesore at Chatterley Valley. More competition for the bigger retailers in the area which can only be good for the happy shopper.

Tunstall Lass's picture

This site needs a bypass

This site needs a bypass linked to the A500! Otherwise Brownhills Road/Davenport Street will be too congested and the residents on that stretch will suffer badly as well as the shoppers stuck in traffic.If Morrisons has already forked out over £8M so far.Im sure they can afford do this properly. The site could easily be linked in with the A500....they have the money ....

Web Monkey's picture

Dereth - you'd be interested

Dereth - you'd be interested in this answer from one of the representatives. I asked him why Tunstall as opposed to say why not Burslem. It was a question worth asking as you raised the point with the Netto/Asda store.

Basically the reason it's coming here is because there is so much brown field space compared to say Burslem.

Do you agree or disagree with this?

Dereth's picture

thanks for asking the

thanks for asking the question,
i think theres probadly about the same amount of brown fields in Burslem if you look at the old Doulton site its a few acres in size.
im hoping that Burslem would have different stores a Booths or a Waitrose,

yes, having a morrison will give the tunstall people more choice of shopping other than the asda , but these big stores take away choice too,

i would like to see most of the brown fields around the city to have either houses/shops or be turned in to inner-city green fields ,
theres so much doom and gloom in this area -

Ian norris's picture

I've had a reply from

I've had a reply from planning that they have advised Morrisons that the line of the bypass need protecting, and are in discussion about a solution that may also improve the design.

Not sure they will force morrison or norcros to provide the Bypass as part of this application though, which I think would be preferred way forward

Web Monkey's picture

This is where a Regeneration

This is where a Regeneration person who devotes some of their time to the North of the city would be useful. Keep pushing for it Ian.

Basically to some up, Stoke-on-Trent City Council joined Staffordshire and Newcastle Borough Council to create the sucessor to REGEN NORTH STAFFS. Currently the Stoke part of that team only focuses on certain areas, Tunstall NOT being one of them, but as Morrisons pointed out it is ripe for investment.

The Bypass, which would hook up the industrial back of Tunstall to Tunstall Bypass (meaning lorries and cars get instant access to tunstall, rather than going through streets such as roundwell, nash peak and so on that aren't designed for them.)

To me this is a Tunstall project and shouldn't just be burdened onto Morriosons, many companies would benefit massively. The council's regen team need to look north and focus in on this problem.

Morrisons and the retail units is big for Tunstall and could see more brownfields land being redeveloped if our Council step up and handle it right.

Ian norris's picture

Yes there needs to be one

Yes there needs to be one point contact to focus the design and regeneration of Tunstall. With the brownfields sites now being split up for seperate development there is the risk it won't al gel.

This is clearly indicated as the Morrisons Plans are built over the Tunstall southwest link road or bypass which has always been part of Stoke onms Trent City plan and Local Transport plan.

Maybe this was over looked as been forgotten about with all the different agencies and regen teams coming and going.

Sadly planning officers will no discuss the issue until morrisons submit a planning application, our local councillors need informing how we feel in hope they will persude the Officers we want the best for Tunstall not just a slash dash development for sack of development because its a derelict site

Tunstall Lass's picture

Morrisons-Bypass to A500 is

Morrisons-Bypass to A500 is so very important to this scheme. I do not want to envisage the future if increased traffic flow from the A500 to Middleport on to Davenport Street/Brownhills Road gets too much that eventually on the right hand side of that stretch coming from the A500 we have to have compulsory purchase orders to widen the road.

I hope that whatever or whoever says that the site cant be linked can give 100% guarantees to all of the residents of Brownhiils Road/Davenport Street that it will not be widened. We have to think long term. The traffic flow WILL be too much. The residents of Brownhills Road and Davenport Street are very proud of their homes, and happy to be where they live, for many reasons one of which is that they have the fields behind leading to Westport Lake. An area which has been a great success in rejuvenation- lets not spoil the good work now.

Please lets not forget about the people, families and homes that may be wrecked by this proposal. I welcome the development but I think with a few tweeks it could work for the benefit of everyone. Also the proposed roundabout needs to be pushed up further away from the residential part of Brownhills Road and obviously the school Brownhills Academy.
The Bypass to this site is as important as the rejuvenation of it.

Sue V's picture

I am having alot of feedback

I am having alot of feedback chat at work regarding the Trafic issue on Davenport/Brownhills Rd, also the instalation of a mini roundabout at the bottom of the High St.

1. There seems to be some concern about the width of the road for the trafic concered on the main road and the posability of 3 lane trafic on the large roundabout. On talking to people over the last few days I think alot of the Morrisons customers will be coming from the North of the Town, they are the Kidsgove/Talk area that get onto the A500 to Festval park, they already shop at Morrisons but pop into Tunstall for bits and pieces, the main comment I get from them is that Tunstall high street is a shambles and they dont like dicing with death on what has now become a free for all car park that is the Hight Street, if we want to encourage people to use our Town we need to look at it through a strangers eyes.

2. My husband who is a bus driver in the city says the junction at the bottom of the High st is bad enough as it is without adding to the problem with a roundabout. The Busses coming up Williamson St will have to swing left to enable a right turn to negotiate the roundabout, this is also the mini roundabout the large delivery lorries will have to cope with.

I think the overall view is that a By pass is needed to keep the trafic flow to a safe minimum, Also not alot of people I have spoken to are opposed to the idea of the supermarket in the whole. But most of them have disagreed with the comment on the fact that Morrisons are saying Tunstall has not got a choice.

Ian norris's picture

I've posted a link to this

I've posted a link to this thread for Morrisons to read and tkae on board the comments being made here, and to ask that they perhaps join in the debate here too, but you may wish to also email them your comments at

Web Monkey's picture

What are people's thoughts on

What are people's thoughts on the route for a possible new road. Looking at the map there are a number of obstacles in the way.

There is a very obvious route, route 3 (orange) on this map that wouldn't need a massive amount of infrastructure rebuild and would benefit a number of companies by making access easier.

See what you think anyway. I don't think the people of Nash Peake Street would be happy with some of these routes though.

View Tunstall East - West Bypass in a larger map

Ian norris's picture

pretty sure the route in City

pretty sure the route in City Plan is the yellow route but it then connect to blue

Ian norris's picture

pretty sure the route in City

pretty sure the route in City Plan is the yellow route but it then connect to blue

Ian norris's picture

How the Tunstall South

How the Tunstall South Western Looked on the City Plan, this still forms part of planning guidelines, can't see it winning many fans in this form I preffer Matt yellow and Blue.

Web Monkey's picture

I'm trying to get my head

I'm trying to get my head around that map and Google Maps. Looking at that, it goes through a number of businesses, homes and the other side of the school.

if the road comes of lower goldendale by the duck bridge, the land on Golden dale would become ripe for building on to.

Ian norris's picture

It does appear a bit harsh,

It does appear a bit harsh, hopefully its just the concept that the planners need to protect

Web Monkey's picture

The most disruptive way is to

The most disruptive way is to get a flow of traffic through the bottom of Goldendale, and would have less impact on surrounding housing such as Nash Peak Street.

Ian norris's picture

Anyone living in Goldenhill

Anyone living in Goldenhill and Sandyford ward should contact Cllr Garner directly with your views at or by phone on 01782 768846

Guest's picture

fantastic news as really is

fantastic news as really is what the north of the city need really hoping we get a cinema too instead of having to go to fes park or hanley tunstall is really beginning to get the life back into it hip hip hooray

adam's picture

hi when is  morrisons come to

hi when is  morrisons come to tunstall 

Web Monkey's picture

I think Adam, we're looking

I think Adam, we're looking at 2014

adam's picture

what new shops are come 

what new shops are come 

adam's picture

hi what shops are come

hi what shops are come

Web Monkey's picture

Hi Adamat the time of the

Hi Adama

t the time of the consultation it wasn't known. Also the units would be part of phase two. As Sue points out today Drainsfields are putting their units on hold until we hear about these units

hobofish's picture

Any word yet on when

Any word yet on when construction will properly start?

Web Monkey's picture

The decsion on this planning

The decsion on this planning application is due th 12th June 2012 latest.

But if you've seen the Sentinel today, Newcastle Borough Council are telling Morrisions they shouldn't be coming to Tunstall which will bring in 600 local jobs but to other places in the neighbouring borough instead.

Tunstall traders are very very nervous about it all, as they already feel greatly from the impact of ASDA over the past decade, the lack of free car parking space, the sheer number of yellow lines, problem with the drug centre attracting drunks to town and so on, and lack of marketing of the town in any shape or form.

Here's the Sentinel's report on it all




Alison's picture

i would like this to happen

i would like this to happen for no other reason than cheaper diesel. the closest pumps to me are tesco in kidsgrove and the take away one down the road in tunstall. Both are really ove priced

Sue b's picture

Why is every one so concerned

Why is every one so concerned about roads and traffic congestion I don't think that everybody is going to go to morrisons at the same time I can't see there being much difference in the week maybe a little more at weekends people panic they did over asda in this day and age with all the traffic that is about we should all try and walk bait more any way if u don't want much and are able to carry bait of shopping walk good for all of us really.

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