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Tunstall Parking and Road change suggestions - Putting Tunstall back in business

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On a day when the Government has released a report about the state of the high street and towns. One of the main causes highlighted in the report of the decline of Towns High Streets is parking.

Parking in Tunstall some days when running a errand, wanting to visit a shop quickly, go to the Dr's or Chemist is always a mad fraught hunt to A] find a space and B] not get a ticket for parking in a space.

Making parking easier for shoppers will start to attract more trade back into towns, and free or reasonable charges for shorter stays will provide a much needed boost missing from many high streets,

Drawing up the same conclusions as the report, Cllr Lee Wanger and the Tunstall Chamber of Trade have been studying the map over the past few months and looking at ways in which more parking spaces can be found and some of the more harsher restrictions can be removed such as the issue highlighted (this week by Chamber of Trade chairman Bill McDonald around tower square where any car caught by the councils roving smart car parked on double yellow lines with a line on the pavement will receive a instant fine, no matter if the driver is still in the car!

The measures suggested aim isn't to make our roads safer but to remove some of the crazier restrictions that have been layered on the town over the past few decades.

Below are a list of proposals including reasonable low rate charges to legitimise some parking which is classed as illegal

See Map Below for more visual information. Please leave your comments below.


Proposed alterations/changes to road and parking issues in and around the Tunstall area.

These proposals have been made with the intentions of providing more parking space, legitimize some illegal parking areas, ease congestion and help keep traffic flowing.

  • Hose Street and Phoenix Street.  These streets currently have Residents Only parking areas.  We have noticed that the parking places within these areas are hardly used during the day. We would like to ask:-
      • Is there still a need for a Residents Only parking area here?
      • How many residents subscribe to this area?  Are more spaces provided than there are subscribers?
      • If there is still a need for this facility could the operating times be altered to say run from 15:00 hours in the afternoon to 10:00 hours in the morning.  This would allow residents to park overnight and during the times to go to and from work or take children to and from school, but allow shoppers to park in the area between 10:00 and 15:00 during the day.

This would provide more parking, very close to the town center, at the time when extra parking is needed.

  • Dunning Street.  Although the Primary Care Trust Medical Center has now closed we still have numerous motorists who risk parking on double yellow lines so that they can pay a short visit to the remaining doctors and chemist. We believe that removing some of the double yellow lines to allow parking; with the provision of a short stay, say ten minutes, parking meter would legitimize the illegal parking, would provide more parking spaces where they are needed.
  • Old Court Street.  There are many double yellow lines here and we can’t work out what they are supposed to do or why they are here.We would like to ask that the yellow lines be assessed to see if they could be decreased/removed to allow more parking.
  • Forster Street Social Services car parks. The Forster Street Social Services building (the old Forster St, school) has three car parks behind the building on Oldcourt Street. As the Social Services building is not fully used, the car parks remain relatively underused. While these car parks remain underused, could we look at possibly renting them, on a short lease, to one or more of the local businesses? There are a number of local businesses that would welcome the chance to have off street parking for their workers.This would not only provide some income for the council, but free up some on street parking.
  • Tower Square Unloading Restrictions.  The times when deliveries can be made was put in place about ten years ago.  While it may have been needed then; we believe that at this moment in time, with the numbers and types of trader in Tower Square we believe that restrictions are no longer needed.  In fact they are causing severe problems for some of business, especially when coupled with our overzealous and unbending traffic wardens.We ask that the restrictions on the times that deliveries can be made in Tower Square be removed.
  • Tower Square Double Yellow Lines.  Although there is pay and display off road parking around the island in the middle of Tower Square.  The perimeter around the Square, in front of the shops, is covered with double yellow lines.There is no time during the day when you will not find cars parked on these double yellow lines around the square. There are many times, especially on market day, when all of the pay and display places are taken, when you will find cars parked illegally all around the perimeter of the square. Many of them do this because they just want to use a cash point or visit one of the food shops; their visits are for short periods of time and unable to find anywhere nearby where it is legal to park, they take a chance.In the past ten years I have never known of an accident caused by this parking and even with cars parked illegally around the Square, there is never a problem with cars backing out of the parking bays in the middle of the square and the traffic still keeps on moving. We would therefore like consideration to be made for removing the double yellow lines and allow short stay metered parking around the square. This will regularize and legitimize the parking and increase council income.
  • High Street opposite Post Office.  As with Tower Square there are double yellow lines all along the High Street.  And for the same reasons, short visits to the Post Office or to the cash point’s, we always have cars parked illegally along the High Street. The High Street, especially in front of Superdrug is particularly wide and these parked cars do not cause many problems.We would like consideration be given to removing some of the double yellow lines and replacing them with short stay pay and display parking.This would regularize and legitimize the parking and increase council income.
  • Farndale Street parking.  We would like to suggest that the free parking in Farndale Street be changed to parking for disabled drivers.There is a shortage of disabled parking spaces near to the center of the town and this would be an inexpensive way to increase the numbers.
  • Wesley Street.  There is a large area of waste land opposite Simister Court that is used as a free unofficial car park.  We believe that this land is council owned and ask that consideration be given to making it into an official and regulated car park.
  • Reginald Mitchell Way by KFC Roundabout.  The Reginald Mitchell Way is a two lane duel carriageway. As it reaches the KFC roundabout the outside lane takes the traffic to Tunstall.  The inside lane splits into two, the inside of these two lanes takes the traffic to Goldenhill, while the outside lane (now effectively the middle lane) takes the traffic straight on towards Chell.The majority of the traffic using the Reginald Mitchell Way turn left at the KFC roundabout towards Goldenhill, at peak traffic times when this traffic is mixed in the same lane as traffic going forward towards Chell there can occur quite a tailback of traffic along the inside lane.To get around this drivers who want to go towards Chell often use the outside Tunstall lane and then try to ‘cut in’ at the roundabout. This does cause confrontation with those who have spent their time in a queue.To overcome this we would like to suggest altering the road layout on the roundabout junction.We would like to suggest that the outside lane be split into two, with one lane going to Tunstall and the other straight on towards Chell.  The inside lane would then take the majority of traffic that goes towards Goldenhill.
  • Saraband Place.  Saraband Place goes from Wesley Place, behind Mayfair Gardens and used to connect to Oldcourt Street.  We would assume that the road was blocked off to stop it from becoming a ‘rat run’ and to allow the easier use of a row of garages belonging to houses in Mayfair Gardens.  There are double yellow lines to both sides of Saraband Place.As Wesley Place is in parts a very narrow street that is a major entrance/exit from Tower Square it can become congested and an alternative route around the Square would be beneficial.We would like to ask therefore that removing the barrier between Saraband Place and Oldcourt Street be considered.We also see no reason to have double yellow lines along Saraband Place. We believe that they should be left in place outside of the block of garages so that parked cars do not block the entrances to the garages, but they should be removed from the rest of the road.The road outside of the garages is wide enough to accommodate cars parked opposite the garages and still leave enough room for cars entering or exiting the garages.Doing these would ease congestion in Wesley Place and speed up traffic flow and provide extra much needed parking space.
  • Newsagents to corner of Furlong Road and Greengates Street.  The newsagents has a store room in Greengate Street.  Because there is no restriction with parking in Greengates Street the newsagent often finds that he cannot accept deliveries which causes his business problems.We would like to request a ‘Loading Bay’ be installed on Greengates St. outside his storeroom.

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Jon Morgan's picture

its about time someone

its about time someone locally got a grip on this problem. having no quick parking spaces leads to problems seen in places like the moronic parking on tunstall roundabout. I even saw a wagon unloading yesterday on the exit slip stopping bues and cars coming past. to be perfectly honest a greedy council has not listened for a lot of years thinking only of money that can be made and not money bleeding out of the high street. my question mr wanger is can the old health centre be turned into a parking area for shop workers? it would then leave strategic parking for shoppers closer to the shops they need.

Web Monkey's picture

On Facebook - Samantha Evans

On Facebook - Samantha Evans said : "About time x"

yamahaman's picture

There are many problems with

There are many problems with Tunstall which once was a good shopping centre which without its market I feel would be dead on its feet. Now its blighted with take away after take away, few good quality shops and a parking system which does nothing to attract customers into the town, There are a few short term free parking places, which most of the time are full. In this respect Tunstall is not on its own, many town centres have become dowdy. I feel for the traders in those towns who continue and have for years put more than a little effort into the towns, and they seem to have little support from the council. Has there been any reduction for those traders in rates, fees to take away trade waste, or infact anything done to help them through the rough times. I think the answer is no. It would seem that the answer is to drive away what custom is left with stupid parking restrictions and enforcment. I am sure looking at the state of those lines in Tower square if anyone was to ask for the matter to be taken to adjudication they would win the case, those lines are not clear and surely do not conform to the regulations.

Guest1's picture

Reginald Mitchell Way by KFC

Reginald Mitchell Way by KFC Roundabout - 100% agree with this! I'd also suggest a box junction just after Reginald Mitchell Way on the roundabout, for those heading straight to chell or right to tunstall, as this is sometimes "hogged" by traffic trying to exit towards goldenhill (vehicles that have come from chell or tunstall)

Richard Howle's picture

I stopped 'nipping' to

I stopped 'nipping' to Tunstall when they put the double yellow lines in. Removing them will definately help to bring myself and hopefully others back into town.

Web Monkey's picture

It's a trade killer.

It's a trade killer.

Guest's picture

I think the proposal to

I think the proposal to change the lanes at the Reginald Mitchell Way would work so much better,I try to avoid this roundabout at certain times because its bad set up encourages dangerous and erratic driving. The town centre needs more free and short term parking-people dont spend hours shopping in the town,most people are running in the bank or post office and may nip in one shop....its silly that so many double yellow lines still remain.

Sue V's picture

The High street needs a good

The High street needs a good sort out, its bad enough when people park on the yellow lines to nip in to the odd shop but when they park in the bus lane just to go to the ATMs/bank thats just downright idleness, whats with people nowadays if they could take the car up stairs to bed to save walking I think they would.

Web Monkey's picture

I think it's a bit like

I think it's a bit like police kettling drivers sometimes have no where else to go, other than park half a mile away.

I think with the banks the last thing you want is to be walking around town with a big deposit in your back pocket.

Which makes the decision to target tower square for people parking outside Lloyds even more bizarr, because what the council are saying is they don't want people to have access to their money.

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