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Don't be fooled by callers telling you your Windows PC ha a virus, it's just a scam to get access to your PC - SCAM ALERT

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This one is still knocking about as I've had 3 phone calls now from different companies.

Today's called from a very foreign sounding chap called Michael who started the call telling me that my computer haf Viruses on it.

Wanting to play along, the caller told me that my computer had alerted the company phoning that I had viruses and was asked to switch on my Windows PC.

As I work on a Apple Mac, a completely different operating system to Windows it was obvious it was a scam.

First the caller made me press [WINDOWS KEY] and R to bring up the little command line tool. From here I was asked to type SERVICES.MSC. This brings up a list of services that may or may not be running. All computers are different and not all services are running. However the caller tried to tell me that these were switched off because of viruses.

Feigning shock and surprise that I had Viruses I told the caller that I'd gotten a virus checker installed, but he told me these were invisible to virus checkers.

Rather than keep looking through my computer for other signs of infection I wanted to cut to the chase, so pretending to be really really worried I asked nicely how do I get rid of them.

Only too happy to help I was informed to go online and visit the following website Once you get onto AMMYY the caller tries to tell you to install a file onto your PC. At the moment the name of this file is AA_v3.exe but it's so easy for these companies to change this name, assume if could be anything from .exe to .msi


Still pretending I said I downloaded it and asked if I should press "RUN". Yes press run I was told, but wanting a bit of fun, I told the caller that my Virus checker had blocked the file and sent it to my Virus Vault.

He suggested we look at another website, it appears that these sites are ten-a-penny so don't just assume these web addresses are the only sites out there. A link on this website asked me to download RemoteDesktop.exe. Again I told the caller my virus checker the file went into the virus vault.

At this point the caller just ended the call. He must have gotten wise, or knew that it was no good carrying on with the call.

To anyone who gets one of these calls, don't be fooled. The things these callers make you look at are every day items from your computers operating system. They aren't viruses.

The other thing to stress is the aims of these callers is to ransack you're PC for any credit info, or to plant programs such as viruses, malware & backdoors that will grant access to hackers who want to watch your every move, ever password you enter, every credit card number you enter.

If you are worried your PC has a Virus please consider

TECC on Forster Street TUNSTALL,
NEO on Brownhills Road TUNSTALL
PCWORLD - Festival Park

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