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Crap, poo and dog dumps. Bankeyfields play area surrounded by crap

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I've had a call today from bj-dj today after he walked his dog around the park. Bryn wanted to raise the issue of the increasing amount of dog crap around the Bankeyfields play area. 

Bryn estimated aprox 17 dog poo's left around the grass verge of surrounding park. This count doesn't include the outer verge crap, just the immediate grass by the park fence.

Further inspections around the sports court revealed a high number of dog crap in there. A number of which have been trood and sporting kids foot prints.

Bryn will now be sending a email out to the council to ask for help. 

This isn't what the park is about, plenty of poo bins are provided around the park, and as the video shows some of the dog poo is actually by a park bin. Our kids play here, the sports court is well used for the right reasons.

Hopefully this might be the kick start to reboot the Bankeyfields Residents Assocaition. If you're interested in becoming part of the RA please contact 

Time to act now 

Video of grass around the park.

Photo evidence of dog dirt

Hard to see, but a women with a child ignoring the rules on the park gates and bringing her dog into the park




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 Copy of the E-mail I have

 Copy of the E-mail I have sent to the council.

With regard to the Bankeyfields Open Space and kiddies play area?

Having just walked around the open space I am absolutely disgusted with the amount of dog poo that is littered around the place, my main area of concern is the kiddies play area and sports court. The grass verge that encircles the kiddies play area is becoming more of a health issue rather than an environmental one due to the amount of dog poo, at the last count there were eighteen piles of poo in this area. The sports court which is used on a regular basis by the kids has three piles of poo in it and you can actually see were some unfortunate victim has actually skidded or slipped in the poo. My concern here is that if the ball comes into contact with the poo and one of the kids gets hit in the face with the ball the consequence could be tragic as we all know the dangers of dog poo and blindness.

Is there anything that the council can do to try and combat this problem and get people to clean up after their pets? I feel that there are not enough signs up in this area detailing the consequences of not cleaning up after your pet and the possibility of prosecution. Would it be possible for this area to be a no go area for dogs. I and the Bankeyfields Residents Association would welcome any advice or help regarding this matter as the health and safety of our kids is paramount.

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The problem is that people

The problem is that people clearly don't give a flying watsit. I don't need a sign telling me to pick up my dogs crap as I pick it up where ever I walk them. I don't let them loose in the kids playground as it's a playground for kids but some folk seem to the think the ball court is a exercise yard for dogs and the whole open space designed for dog crapping.


It's not the councils fault but the dog owners who just let their dog crap anywhere and cannot be arsed to pick it up. The matters not only the park, but on Spitfire Way there is clearly a few dog walkers letting their dog crap outside folks house on the pavement. There's a lovely present at the top by Shackleton thats appeared from last night.


If they do it outside my house it'll be through your letterbox I assure you.



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As mucky and disgusting a job

As mucky and disgusting a job that sounds trying to squish a poop parcel through someones letter box, I think it's the only way for some people. They've got no concept of anything other than "self"

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 I know it’s not the councils


I know it’s not the councils fault for irresponsible dog owners that do not clean up after their pets but who else can we turn to for help. The council has the facilities for cleaning up this mess and they also have the authority to prosecute persistent offenders.

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