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Port Vale Possible going into Administration

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Rumours are going round that Port Vale could be going into administration today after the players and staff werent paid their wages today.

This could be a very sad day for Port Vale 



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Awful news for the Vale. I

Awful news for the Vale. I was hoping the rumour machine was wrong, then this popped up  on the BBC site Mark: 

Port Vale unable to pay players


Vale boss Micky Adams said: "I'm massively disappointed with what's going on. I think it's going to get worse before it's going to get better.

"If the rumours are true then tomorrow morning instead of pushing for the play-offs, we need to win games to stay in the League."

He also goes on to say he won't quit, but if they do go into administration it might be out of his hands. Vale need a minor miracle. 


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Its a winding up order that

Its a winding up order that is being drawn up by HMRC because we don't have a quorum board Vale cannot go into administration voluntarily so now the club are asking the council to either bail us out or put us into administration. I actually hope that we can be saved..

Its a massive part of so many peoples  lives we cannot let the vale go out of business,


Next tuesday we play Burton Albion at Home we need as many people to #packthepark and show we are a great club so collectivley we can #savethevale 



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Aparently Port Vale will be

Aparently Port Vale will be placed into administration today by Stoke City Council in the hope a new buyer can be sought and the club moves forward with new owners and less debt. 



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What about Mo Chaundry's bid,

What about Mo Chaundry's bid, is that still alive? Could he be the saviour of the Vale?

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No idea I personally hope

No idea I personally hope Robbie takes over control 

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Do you think he will though.

Do you think he will though. He hasn't expressed a wish to become chairman has he?

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Chaudry and Pervez connected

Chaudry and Pervez connected to anything makes me very suspicious, especialy after the Dimensions behind closed doors deal.


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