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Scalextric/Slot Car Racing Meet up's in Tunstall

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Not the first, but one of my first thoughts one the birth of my first child was "Yes! We can have a Scalextric".

I don't know if it's a man thing or not, my wife never wants to have a go on our track but me and the boys are fond of the odd race, and the satisifying impulse to keep the car on the track for as long as possible.

I recently learnt of a weekly event that would interest all people with a urge to race on a minutre scale or are keen to have some parent and child time.

Richard Tomkinson, who runs the T & M Toys and Hobbies business in Tunstall Market, also runs the Stock-Car Racing Group.

Richard said

The Group meets every week, and is fun and can be competitive. We have a number of tracks from your standard race track to uphill and mountanous tracks. Tracks that you wouldn't necassaryily have at home. During our weekly sessions we see all sorts of races from Father/Sons to regualrs trying out their various cars.

Our tracks are fully computerised so each race has it's own details summary of the race, from winning times, lap times, winner in case a photo finish type secanrio arises.

I asked Richard if  new commers are welcome to the meets.

We welcome everyone to our group. For first timers we waver the attendance fee which goes towards the rent on the room (in the alley way next to Davis Phillp Jewllers in the Town Centre), and have cars avaliable that they can use if they don't have cars of their own. It's always good to get new faces. The only thing we ask is you let us know in advance that you want to attend, just drop in to T & M Toys in the Market or get in touch.

If you don't ahave a car, where's the best place to get them from? Rich takes me to the front of the shop in the market and runs through the variety of cars on display.

The term for the cars is Slot Cars, most people know them as Scalectric, but like Hoover it's just a brand. There are other manfucatuers of the cars, and as you can see they come in all shapes and categories. We've got Forumal One, Ralley, Le Mons, Touring Cars, 4x4 and more.


We stock them at T & M Toys, so if you are interested it's worth paying the stall a visit.

Do you have tornements?

Actually we do, we've got one coming up on the 26th in Wolstanton. People from our group are coming but we've also got people coming from all over the country, places like the Isle of White, we've even got one  racer coming from spain.

If it's your thing, head to Tunstall Market and speak to Rich in the toy shop.



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thanks w/m appreciate the

thanks w/m appreciate the heads up. how do you find out about all of this stuff?

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