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Bankeyfields Residents - don't suffer Reginald Mitchell Way being turned into a race way when it suns phone 101

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For as long as I've lived on our estate, a sunny day means Reginald Mitchell Way turns into a race way, with bikes and suped up cars turning the road into a race way.

Doing nothing has done nothing to improve the situation

Writing and asking the council to help has done nothing to improve this situation

Asking to start a speed watch program then to be told we can't actually patrol Reg Mitch, has done nothing

What else can we do?

  • Phone 101  the police line and just report the instance. If you don't know all of the details, you don't know, but if you witness a bike or car travelling a speed report it. The police with their vastly cut budget can't respond to all calls. Helping build a case for them with wise them up so that they increase patrols on hot days or are ready for it.
  • Members of the community have also talked of driving a van guard of cars up and down Reginald Mitchell Way for as long as it takes side by side, doing the speed limit, obeying the law and controlling the speed ourselves.

it's dangerous, it's damn well noisy for residents on the estate, more so if you live on the side right next to the road.

Do your bit, just ring 101.



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We need to take it in turns

We need to take it in turns on that roundabout and film the cars coming down and set up a website called we like to speed on reg mitch and upload the videos!! name and shame them!!

I was cut up by a driver last week that lived on the john rhodes way estate....

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I wasn't me was it Steve ;) ?

I wasn't me was it Steve ;) ? We've got to do something. The current group have been asking since 2008, and the situation has changed very little.

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This has been ongoing for far

This has been ongoing for far too long now the Council, Police and Highways Agency seem to be oblivious to this situation they all know that it is a problem road but none of them are prepared to tackle the problem in a responsible way. Unfortunately until someone is killed on this stretch of road none of the above will do anything to prevent it from happening. I think the only way forward is for the residents off both estates to form some kind of protest demonstrating at the road side with banners and get it well publicized in the press and local news.

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I was thinking of a sign on

I was thinking of a sign on every lampost as you come down the road, with pictures of people from the estate, each with the message slow down, kill your speed, not me


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Good idea but if they ignore

Good idea but if they ignore the speed limit signs they will not take any notice the only way forward would be to demonstrate. You would need a great deal of support for this which I do not think we would get as you only have to take a look at the turn out we get at the R/A meetings.

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I think the one thing that

I think the one thing that unites us all is the speed on that road. 

If you've got ideas and opinions on this please let us know.

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