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Dimension swimmers, when using the cubicle please please lock your doors

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Due to recent upgrades over at cash strapped Stoke-on-Trent City Council's north based swimming pool, there now appears to be less not more family changing cubicles.

For your regular user I've noticed this means more hunting around for a cubicle to come free, so any sign of white splash of colour on a cubicle lock is fair game, and means it's free to use.

Not today, it turns out. After looking around for a spare cubicle to get dried in, I spied a white lock. Not wanting to lose out from someone coming down the concealed corner, I tried the door.

The cubicle was not free.

It wasn't even close to being free.

I was confronted with a large lady with towl raised without clothes on.

Using the slogan from a 80's cider advert, I made a sharpe exit and quickly bundled myself and my boy into the nearest FREE cubicle where I recovered from my fright.

The moral of this story? Please please lock your door! 



Banned's picture

HA HA U will be drilling

HA HA U will be drilling holes in the cubicle wall next....LOL

Web Monkey's picture

Just once I'd like to go some

Just once I'd like to go some where and not walk into mischief

Banned's picture

You know the score Matt...LOL

You know the score Matt...LOL

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