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Triumphant opening day as Triumph Motor Bike is sold as gift for the Queen - Staffordshire Triumph

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For many people in the UK, when they’re asked where Tunstall, Stoke-on-Trent is, some might come back and ask “isn’t that where Robbie was born?” Well now people in the UK and Europe will have another reason to know the location as BS Bikes have undergone a identity transformation and location change to become the biggest Triumph motorbike showroom in Europe.

BS Bikes formerly of Sandyford, on the junction of the High Street and Broadfield Road  had their open day yesterday which saw 100’s of bikers and guests attend their grand opening.

BS Bikes. now Staffordshire Triumph have for a long time been unable to grow their business due to the restrictions of the old showroom.

By moving ½ a mile down the road, Staffordshire Triumph have moved to larger showroom, with more showroom, repair and workshop  and space for customer parking. Over a year in the making, Bob Sheldon and co have worked really hard to turn a shell of a building into the impressive building it is today.

Some of the time has been making the  work shop “neighbourhood friendly” ensuring noise pollution from within the business is heavily reduced. Proprietor Bob Sheldon has also tried to ensure for the majority of the build that local workers and materials have been used and is keen that Staffordshire triumph is a business with the local community at heart, as is keen to increase his workforce from the local area.

Triumph Motorcycles currently sells the most motor bikes in the UK, with over 225 market share. Rescued from receivership back in 1983 the years have been kind to the Leicester based company with massive home and international growth. All of which paints a pretty picture for Staffordshire Triumph, especially considering they sell 33% of all Triumphs sold in the UK, more than any other dealer.

Staffordshire Triumph offer advice to all walks of Biker, from active bikers, new bikers and bikers who have hung up their helmets but would like to get back into it. Not only is there a huge range of bikes on offer the store has a bigger range of clothing, helmets, spares, a bigger repair and MOT shop, expert and approachable sales staff.

The store also houses a range of biking memorabilia such as a Speed Triple from Mission: Impossible 2 and TT Winner Bruce Ansteys Daytona 600 practice bike.

The Queen's Jubilee bike
Not only was it a special day for Staffordshire Triumph as it was their opening day, Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham, not Mr Bonneville, Chairman of Triumph Motorcycles bought a specially made they also sold a very special bike, the Bonneville T100 Diamond Jubilee number 1 of just 60 and will be presented during the Queens  Jubille by Mr Bonneville.


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Sue V's picture

WOW!!. What a supper looking

WOW!!. What a supper looking place, I am not a bike person myself but I can appreciate a good looking machine when I see one both of my nephews had/have bikes and I have been pillion on several occasions its a different feeling of transport on a bike. I am still laughing at the thought of the Queen and Prince Phillip zooming around the grounds of Balmoral when they are on "ones hollies" I hope they give her a crash helmet with a crown painted on it.   

Web Monkey's picture

I asked about a crown crash

I asked about a crown crash helment and I think they're on it smiley

It's good to see investment in the area, but more importantly a established business expand but also stay local, so hats off to them.

One interesting fact I've left is that the old show room has been a bike shop since 1974, and Bob Sheldon took over in 2000.

Guest's picture

Just want to make an

Just want to make an ammendment to the Jubillee bike comment, it is Lord Digby Jones of Birmingham, not Mr Bonneville, He is Chairman of Triumph Motorcycles and also JCB and aqdvisor to HRH,

Great piece thanks,

Julie Wheeler.



Web Monkey's picture

Sorry about that Julie. Fixed

Sorry about that Julie. Fixed it now.

Your welcome.

Banned's picture

Great to see the old petrol

Great to see the old petrol sation back in use after so long. A great asset for the area.

Web Monkey's picture

Speaking to Guy in the

Speaking to Guy in the afternoon before the main event, and reading their facebook page, the launch was a massive massive sucess. They'd anticipated it would be business and made accomidation for that with the car park across the road.

Turns out that wasn't enough. Why? Because of the serivce that BS Bikes has given over the past 12 years in terms of sales and after sales care has been first class. They know their bikes and they know their customers both new and old.

It's really good to see investment and the area picking up in recent months. Long may it last.

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