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Cigarettes & Love Bites - comparisons with the 80's

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Cigarettes & Lovebites

I bet your wondering cigarettes & lovebites eh? Well of course  it’s a line from the 1983 Wham song Bad Boys. Why? I hear you ask well let’s just say the similarities form 1983 to now are a lot closer than people think. For a start I was 14 I remember going to The Place for Teenscene all the adults called it the Teenyboppers night. The biggest selling song of the year was Michael Jacksons Billie Jean it came from what was then and still is the biggest selling album of all time Thriller. In films Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi & Flashdance were released.

The compact disc goes on sale in the UK for the first time, Margaret Thatcher wins the general election by a landslide 144 seats with only 42% of the popular vote, I guess your wondering what is the similarities of the 2 eras apart from a Tory government, well pretty simply this.

  • 7th July Chancellor Nigel Lawson announces cuts of £500 million
  • 8 September – The National Health Service privatises cleaning, catering and laundering services in a move which Social Services Secretary Norman Fowler predicts will save between £90million and £180million a year.
  • 3 February - Unemployment stands at a record high of 3,224,715
  • We were to find out in 1984 that we had youths rioting and looting from shops in Wolverhampton.
  • The biggest event of all the Miners strike.

Well quite simply I see no difference to then now we have no jobs, no money health services being cut and yet the government not helps any one of us only helping those with money.

I actually feel that like then it took 14 years until Labour came to power to get people back in jobs the same will happen now unless the government get lucky but I cannot see it.

I have been looking for a job for a while the jobs now that are advertised are being inundated with applications so what chance have any of us got?

None the government needs to get back in the real world Mr Cameron you said about the Big Society well I think you need to act before you ruin society.

Mr Cameron or Mrs Thatcher what’s the difference same boss different name.



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@Juila_B's picture

Did you not go to SPACE

Did you not go to SPACE scheme? Loved that when I was Stokie youth! :-)


Web Monkey's picture

I was in the Space scheme

I was in the Space scheme with your big brother Julia, they were good times. We were all gutted when we found out space wasn't going to be on the next year after the funding was pulled.

I'm pretty sure that if Space had have carried on, Alex wouldn't have built his spud rockets and singed Al Cope's eyebrows off . Like I say good times.

markymark's picture

I did do the space scheme i

I did do the space scheme i actually won tickets to Tigers of Pang tang on it :) I can rememeber in 84 being vilolently ill on the pirate ship at Alton Towers surprise

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Two things have been

Two things have been consistent since 1983.


First, people have been less and less enthusiastic about making things - manufacturing.


Secondly, the government have consistently spent more more each year than it can afford.

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Thanks for all the replies i

Thanks for all the replies i shall blog about the Space scheme soon :)

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