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Free cavity wall and lift insulation

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Hi, I live in swallows rise, and just had my house surveyed.

There is no cavity wall insulation, so I'm having it done. At the moment cavity wall and loft insulation is free for everyone.

If you're interested call Roger on 01952620275.

He will sort out the grant forms. He's a nice bloke. Sorry I can't remember the name of the company .

Mention you heard it from me if you like, Mark Shaw. It's freeeeee ! M.



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Nice one Mark.We had ours

Nice one Mark.

We had ours done a few years ago after finding out WilCon hadn't done it when they should. BUT NSBC said it's the sort of thing they only cover up to 3 years from your initial build. 

It's my guess there are a lot of houses on Swallows Rise (John Rhodes Way, William Coltman Way, Andrew Mulligan Close, Enerst Edgington Close and George Eardly) who would be effected.


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Does any one know if houses

Does any one know if houses on the Heritage Park side are having the same issue? All I know is that if |I drill trough the wall, I have pink insulation directly behind the paster board.


Any advice is helpful.



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I live in Spitfire Way a

I live in Spitfire Way a couple of years ago A fella Knocked on our door offering the same sort of thing he drilled a hole on the outside of the kitchen wall and used an endoscope to look in the cavity said It had already been done but I am not so sure as I have no paperwork to prove it.

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Thanks Mark Not very often

Thanks Mark


Not very often you get something for nothing!

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