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happy memories of school trips

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recently i was asked about some  school trip photos   that were taken  in the hot summer of 1976, i was able to find the photos that my sister had took while  she was on a weeks holiday  with  Moorland Road High school .

the week was full of walking and climbing the hills and dales in the beautiful Lake District .

im told by one of the students that went who had fantastic  experiences and memories of the trip- 

"Striding Edge is notorious for serious casualties amongst experienced climbers and we were hopping down it without a care.".

the trip was open to  year 3, 4 and 5 .

looking at the Lake District  photos   im not sure if schools today would be able to  organise  such trips, due to the health and safety  procedure, but  i know my sister  has  wonderful  memories of  this  school trip- 

My memories of school trips are - i went  Stanley Head  activity centre in 1977 for a 5days with Sneyd Green school - the first time i was away from home, at the time i thought this place  was 100s miles away from home. the group  activities were  hillwalking,  orienteering, etc.  all good  countryside activities.

i was also  very fortunate to  be able to go to France  with sneyd green  school and with Moorland Road school  to vist  the 1st & 2nd war grave cemeteries of Belgium and Northern France- , the sound of the Last Post at the Ypres (Menin gate)  Memorial  is a very moving memory .

when my daughter had the chance to  go Stanley Head with her  junior school  i knew that she would also have great memories of  her time there.

These  school trips  encouraged new experiences  that  at the time  we wouldnt have  been able to take part in.





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I too went to Moorland Rd

I too went to Moorland Rd School and went on several holidays with them to France,Germany,Swizerland and Austria but the best by far was my first holliday with the school a trip to Holland, on our return we were given names and addresses of Dutch pen pals we could write to if we wanted, I chose a girl by the name of Betty and for years letters came and went across the sea to each others home, I have many happy memories of time spent with Betty and her family in Ermelo, I never forget the first time she came to Stoke on Trent, we went all over the place but the best was her visit to Mow Cop she was convinced she was on a mountain as the place she lived in was the lowlands and below sea level it was very flat. Thank you Dereth for giving me a chance to relive some happy memories of a much loved and lost friend.  

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Dereth,  there can't be many

Dereth,  there can't be many Dereth's about..are you the same Dereth who used to go to Tunstall Youth Group?

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Karen  no sorry not me..Sue V

Karen  no sorry not me..

Sue V -pen friends  were quite  popular - i had an Italian  pen friend  while at school.   


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