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Horse back along James Brindley Way - Charlie 2

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I see another horse has turned up in the spot vacated by Charlie on James Brindley Way last year.

It's definiatley a different horse from last time.

Last time around the new owner Jenny Wootton bought the horse from the owner so she could move the horse to a better home.



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Oh no, not again I suppose we

Oh no, not again I suppose we will have poeple feeding him and then the sentinel will get involved, I wonder if it is owned by the same person as Charlie one, is this their way of getting rid of unwanted horses shove it in a field untill someone feels sorry for it and then they get the cash when a kind hearted person comes along to purchase it and give it a better home.   

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As with Charlie 1 people need

As with Charlie 1 people need to check first on the Internet about the foods they feed him. Last time their reports of all sorts being left for him, some of it isn't the sort of food that a horse digests too well.

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