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Land testing for what?

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Having the Grange fields (between Fetival park and Burslem) close by  to where I live, other neighbours  and myself are  interested in knowing  what will happen to them. Over the years there have been many council ideas/plans   to  build houses  and  roads  across the green  pastures .

Renew (the failed regeneration scheme for Stoke-on-Trent)  also   wanted  to build houses onto the  fields .

At a  recent residents meeting  the  newest   council idea  was "aired" that there was going to be  a relief road  built for the festival park site. There were  3 routes  but  the  cheapest option iwas to build a road across the fields,and across to Enoch St  pass St John Church then up to Moorland road.

The other options   a road over the cannal and railway  to join the A500  (a much better option) and 3rd  option that the road would come out by  F M Guinness'.

The road would cost 1.2 million and would be in place  12-18months .

At the  residents meeting this week- the road was on the agender because  if the road did go across the fields  and up to moorland road  it would also  be very close to council owned bungalows  for the elderly . who   as you might think  are not happy to have a busy road by them.

Councilor Allan Dutton  reassured the   concered residents  at  the meeting,  that the road was not  going along the  Grange fields.

When asked  why were  there man  and equipment  land testing on the fields - he said

"its something that the council have to do now and again"

Today the men came back to the Grange with drilling equipment for the purpose of  


As a resident  the question is- WHAT FOR? 

But Stoke-on-Trent  people are  famillar with this council saying one thing and  doing something else.


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why on earth do we need

why on earth do we need another road on and off Festival park? are the 3 entrance/exits already there no longer suitable?

tell em to bog off Dereth. we shouldn't allow the council to keep taking our greenspace. plus where on earth will they find the money to build another road. they struggle to maintain the ones they have.

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Always thought the new access

Always thought the new access was going be newport lane, but as for funding they still finish the northwest link the upgrade to federation road and scotia road.
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 today two more

 today two more workmen holding  paperwork/ land maps  in hands have been looking at the spots where the  ground testing  was  done .

redgirl  wish  the residents could  tell them to Bog off and that would work.

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IT is very unlikely that it

IT is very unlikely that it is any serious like a road, as the testing equipment is only shallow depths.

It looks like goephysics to me, which is sometimes used to test for minor land movements caused by mining.

I know there is a program of minewater flood prevention plans as seen in ford green.

there are certainly now plans or applications for that area been submitted in the last 2 years.

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