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Port Vale Administrators choose Keith Ryder as preferred bidder to take over PVFC

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During a press conference at the Vale this morning Port Vale Adminsitrators ( Begbies Traynor) announced their preferred bidder (five potential bids), Keith Ryder, a Lancashire business man, who runs a property firm in the south.

Mr Ryder wasn't able to attend the press conference, but had asked for the following to be read out.


"We at Port Vale FC are happy to be named as the preferred bidder for Port Vale Football Club.

"We are excited about the future of the Football Club and believe the Club currently has the basis infrastructure to become a Championship Club.

"There are many things that need to be done at the Club after what has been a difficult time on and off the pitch. We want to get things right, and that will take time.

"We need to ensure that the Club has a sound base for future growth and development.

"We will invest in the Club on the playing and non-playing side to ensure the Club has the right ingredients to achieve what it is capable of.

"We look forward to working with the Manager and staff at Port Vale, together with the supporters, all of whom have been through a torrid time of late, but continue to support the Vale.

"We will look to meet with supporters and other stakeholders in the coming weeks. We hope that fans will continue to support the Vale and together we will bring back the glory days to Burslem."

Fans now will be able to speak to Keith and question him on the 18th April.

Port Vale were placed into administration last month after outstanding loan payments and unpaid tax bill's forced HM Revenue and Customs to step in.

Mo Chaudry, another potential bidder spoke out against the bidding process this week as he believed that the bidders could remain anonymous., wanting the fans to be able to have their say.

"If they were really interested in the club then why didn't they show their hand 18 months ago, or 12 months ago, when they had an opportunity to try to make a change?"

No doubt fans will be curious to learn more about Keith Ryder and the compesition of his bid. 

Glory days back at the Vale?




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Great News for the Vale 

Great News for the Vale 

Alison's picture

I agree Mark, this is the

I agree Mark, this is the best news we'e had at the vale all year. I know there will be all of the negative fans who cant help themselves but I wont complain until at least ive heard what he has to say.

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It's a relief that for the

It's a relief that for the now the Vale can survive. I just hope the fans hear this guy out before they go ranting. Twitter's already alight with he's part of the old guard.

I have to ask why would the old guard want to cling onto power at the Vale when they've run the club almost into liquidation?

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I cannot for the life of me

I cannot for the life of me see why this is the old guard at all I feel this is nothing short of another consiracy from those who wanted no one but Mo. Lets hope we can all get behind this new owner and give the Vale a fighting chance. 


Matt we should have a Vale news feed on here I will try and add updates when I can. 


For anyone interested Vale are away at Aldershot tomorrow and at Home to Macclesfield on monday. Be good to see some new faces down vale park. 

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Hi Mark, if you're up to two

Hi Mark, if you're up to two or three reports a week, I'll set up a vale section, same if we have a Stoke fan who wants to do a bit of club and fan reporting.

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