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Visit the Dougie Mac's Midnight to Sunrise Walk blog!

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As many of our supporters know, the Midnight to Sunrise Walk is just a couple of months away; so we thought it would be the ideal time to introduce the blog.

It will feature videos from previous years, and photos for which you can guess the year.

Last year's event was attended over 1000 local ladies, and we are hoping for another great response from our supporters this year as we look to raise valuable funds for patient care at the Dougie Mac.

Visit the blog here -



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Over 200 ladies have now

Over 200 ladies have now signed up for the event -

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 Guess the year


Guess the year -
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Congrats to Patricia Gorringe

Congrats to Patricia Gorringe from Erith, who was the 250th person to sign up for the Midnight to Sunrise Walk.


Just 3 weeks left to sign up -

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For all the ladies who are

For all the ladies who are considering signing up for the Dougie Mac's Midnight to Sunrise Walk on June 22nd; we have found a video from the event in 2010 to give you an idea of what to expect.

You can donate for the event via Just Giving on the link below -


Registrations are still open, with all entries online via the link below:

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