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Wheelie Bin Raiding.

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This morning when the bin men had emptied my bin I went to collect it and found several articals belonging to myself/my husband lying around on the ground, I know for a fact that these things were in a tie handle bag inside a bin liner and tied up secure when placed in my bin so the obvious thing is that some low life looking for info or other things to gain by had been going through the bins last night.

A friend who had been out walking his dog also said that there was a lot of stuff all over the other entrys, so beware what is rubish to you may be a way for others to gain at your expence, I know most of us shred important stuff but there is a chance you may just forget, the one small lapse and they have the info they need.    



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Where is this going

Where is this going on..Approx.

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Sorry I was not very helpful

Sorry I was not very helpful by not mentioning the area, I am talking of Bank st and Parsonage st Tunstall and Summerbank rd area. I know we always get rubish left behind by the bin men due to the fact we still have people who leave out black bin liners full of junk and animals get into them overnight but the stuff I mentioned was secure in a bin. I am thinking if they have targetted this area last weekend who knows where they will be next week.

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