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Where in Tunstall 85 - Ridge Road, Sandyford

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Do you know the street this photo was taken? - Ian Norris did, Ridge Road, Sandyford.

It's some where in Tunstall (Tunstall based on old ward boundries)

The first person to get it right (and is a member of the site) wins the coveted 250 My Tunstall Kudos points and will bathe in the glory over all of their peers.

Or something to that effect.

Good luck.

Don't be scared to have a go, it's all a bit of fun.


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Web Monkey's picture

Bare with me I'm trying out a

Bare with me I'm trying out a new way of showing pictures.

Look for the power to give you the vicinity  

Ian norris's picture

End of Ridge Road ?

End of Ridge Road ?
Web Monkey's picture

You got me.What do you think

You got me.

What do you think of the image? Good way of disguising the scene? 

LVSH3's picture

Seems to me your very clever

Seems to me your very clever at this.


I can't even manage to upload a basic photo!


So glad you created

Web Monkey's picture

That's worrying, you should

That's worrying, you should be able to add a pic. Can you email me the park pic and I'll put it up

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