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Where in Tunstall 86? Across from the Furlong on the old Potteries Loop Line cycle path - Little Chell Lane

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Do you know the street this photo was taken?

It's some where in Tunstall (Tunstall based on old ward boundries)

The first person to get it right (and is a member of the site) wins the coveted 250 My Tunstall Kudos points and will bathe in the glory over all of their peers.

Or something to that effect.

Good luck, and don't be scared to have a go, it's all a bit of fun.

What is where in tunstall? Where in Tunstall aims to get people looking at things in the area of Tunstall that they might not have considered before. You may have walked past a building a 100 times before and never really noticed something, BUT deep down, your brain is screaming at you it knows where that is. Where in Tunstall encourages people to look around and enjoy their area, to go out and explore. Have a look at the reveal map for past Where in's.



  • It's not Timmy Mallots, mallot. 
  • 1964 is the year it was closed


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Ian norris's picture

No Ball Game sign on the

No Ball Game sign on the green at end Dunning Street

Web Monkey's picture

NOpe not a no ball sign and

NOpe not a no ball sign and nope not dunning street.

Clue tomorrow morning.

Web Monkey's picture

New clue added

New clue added

Ian norris's picture

Dog Fowling sign on the grass

Dog Fowling sign on the grass just after the Talisman

Sue V's picture

I dont know exactly where

I dont know exactly where this is located but I think it has somthing to do with the old Loop Line railway If my memory serves me right this closed mid 60s. In the school summer holls one of our adventures was to walk over to Chatterly Whitfield toteing a bottle of water and a jam butty just in case we starved and hitch a ride back to Tunstall (Stanfields) on the coal trucks.

ParkHouse's picture

It is at the bottom of the

It is at the bottom of the Greenway where it joins Furlong Rd just by the Furlong pub.

Web Monkey's picture

Correct-a-mundo.Nice one


Nice one John, you "Scooped" Ian and Sue to it.

I'm not to sure about the image filter used on this one, a little bit difficult to tell do you think?



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