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You will have heard on the news that the UK has now plunged back into recession.  This is devastating news for families and businesses all across the country.

So many of our politicians still do not understand that the record price of petrol & diesel is a major factor in putting us back in recession.  Worse still, the Government remains committed to its plan to add a further 3p a litre in fuel tax this summer.  To go ahead with that increase in these circumstances is economic madness.

Since the Budget, we have been working with a number of MPs who do share our view that the 3p rise must be scrapped and that fuel duty should be CUT, not increased.  With their help, we are launching a major campaign in Parliament in the next few weeks to have the Budget changed and the rise scrapped.

Over the coming weeks we will be letting you know how things are going.


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There will be certain 'key dates' when we will need your help by emailing or writing to your MP.  We will be putting up a list on the website so that people can see which MPs are backing us and which are not.

Next week, we will be letting you know about what you can do locally to help the campaign and asking you to tell us more about how the fuel price crisis is hitting you - we need this information to force MPs to stop talking just about pastie taxes, conservatory taxes, personal taxes, charity taxes etc.

We know that these are all important issues, but the 82 pence per litre of fuel taxesis 'head and shoulders' above all of these for most people.  Then, from the 8th May we will be starting the fight in Parliament.



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