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The Garden Surgery on Bankeyfields , in pictures

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I am sure you are aware Bankyfields own Garden Surgery have been doing a garden project in spitfire way during the last two weeks.

I thought with all the disruption we have caused with parking it`s only fair i show you what we have been upto! 

I am sure one or two of you have assumed we are just gardeners, Wrong! We actually are one of Staffordshires leading landscaping companies. Yes it goes to show you don`t need expensive vans or a shiny office to show your sucessful.

WE pride ourselves on doing a good job, For a fair price and We are the only company in staffordshire to offer free  3D designs. THis is our 8th garden makeover on Bankeyfeilds and i came to stoke in 2007 and just to cut grass on this estate and a certain Webmonkey lived next door to a house i did...I remember saying back then one day ill live up here!! so like webmonkey im on my second house.

Here are a few pictures of our spitfire way Project and next week we are on john rhodes way doing another front garden ...So your not rid of us just yet, then we head to coventry



or we are on you tube search garden surgery


TO see the complete set of pictures from the spitfire way job..take a look here see how we planned it, and built it..

Veiw our facebook gallery


I have added a few before pictures, and a concept drawing in 3d



Click thumbnails for larger image


Web Monkey's picture

Decking looks nice at the

Decking looks nice at the back, and the back. Don't like the look of that cloud much though.

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WOW....You had your work cut

WOW....You had your work cut out on that one Steve. Excellent result well worth waking me up at the weekends for...LOL will have to keep it nice now for when we all come for that BBQ....!

thegardensurgery's picture

Matt - Free rain clouds with

Matt - Free rain clouds with every job!!!  

It was a right jungle before...i might put some before pictures up..might be handy lol !!

Yes sorry for waking you upccna99...its a noisy job cutting all them curves, and im quite noisy too !

Spitfire way had silence again, this week it was john rhodes way!! pictures to follow lol

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Hey Steve, I never knew you

Hey Steve, I never knew you were a big ABBA fan? :-)

thegardensurgery's picture

Yeh...I more a paula white

Yeh...I more a paula white fan :) Winner Takes it all favorite!!

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