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application form for a would be boyfriend

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 the application form   is a perfect  ice-breaker  for any would be boyfriend  to fill in ,

anyone with a  teenaged daughter will know  & understand  the importance  of some of the questions the  application  asks.

please fill free to  print off the  would-be boyfriend questionaire-


today  we  interviewed /interrogated  one such  person. he  did  well,



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How did the poor fellow get

How did the poor fellow get on?

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 what do you mean "poor


what do you mean "poor fellow"?

it was fun teasing him with the questionnaire and some other personal/lifestyle questions - he did say he was nervous and that his mates were teasing him too about what questions we were going to ask him at  the  interviewed " and rightly so.

there’s nothing wrong with parents wanting to know more about an intended boyfriend before it gets to serious and if the boy didn’t want to take part in , well he’s not worth bothering about in the first place.  People need to have standards .and keep to them.

The interview/interrogation  

he shook hands - on first meeting us.  (he was advised to do this  beforehand)

He brought me a bar of chocolate

he spoke clearly

 he filled the application , there were some nice answers.

told us his ambitions for the future .

the 4 dogs were relaxed around him and he with them .

when they went out for their “ date” he again shook our hands and said it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be.

he brought B home at a reasonable time , and walked to the door with her.


 so all in all  we think hes ok,  we would not object  to him taking B out again. 



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