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Bankeyfields - John Rhodes Way prowler checking car door handles in early hours of morning. Update House break in attempt

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I've had a report in from a neighbour about an incident of the early hours of this morning between 03:30 and 04:00.

A man was seen going between cars on John Rhodes Way checking car doors for the opportunity of a quick theft.

Police were called immediatly, with two police cars arriving on the scene.

The man, a tall thin male wearing a Grey hoodie was then seen making an escape through a back garden, leading into the middle of the estate (rather than the open space)

UPDATE: I've had a report to say that an (attempted) break-in happened this morning as well on Ernest Edgerton Close on the Bankeyfields Estate.

There have been a number of unusual occurrences lately with a white van driving slowly around the area making notes of properties. 

Also Saturday night, my wife and myself could have sworn we heard our front door handle being pressed. Luckily it was locked.

Update: The Google car just went up the road which will no doubt give thieves an excellent insight into house layouts.



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Just seen the Google car on

Just seen the Google car on this side of the estate too while I was getting the bins in just wish there was an option to opt out of having your property viewed on the site. Hope the police managed to catch the scum bag this morning far too much petty crime going on just lately .We all must be very vigilant and report anything suspicious no matter how trivial we think it is.

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I've just had another update

I've just had another update from a resident saying there was a attempted break in on Ernest Edgeton Close this morning at 4:00 this morning.

Like Bryn said, best for us all to be vigilant, makes me worried now about the door handle sound now on saturday night (near 12ish). In the end we put it down to one of the kids moving around upstairs, but weren't convinced.

Hope no one has lost anything.

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Know what you mean by Street

Know what you mean by Street View opt out, but whilst searching came across this article 

BBC News - German vandals target Street View opt-out homes


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I just want to say a big

I just want to say a big thank you to the  residents who have passed the info on. Without your input only a few people right now would be one the wiser.

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Streetview just makes "casing

Streetview just makes "casing a job" a lot easier. Provided that we're all more vigilant and extra security conscious I think we can deter the opportunist thief by removing the opportunity. The only problem is, they then move on to target another area.

I read this this morning


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Just hope we've got the

Just hope we've got the police resources to cope with this, what with the government cuts and all of the feuds going on up the road draining what ever police presence we have.

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Oh and whilst the open space

Oh and whilst the open space remains unkempt and ridiculously overgrown, thieves only have to lob their latest booty into the grass and come back for it later... Another good reason to have the grass cut?

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This is exactly why we should

This is exactly why we should all be sticking together and using the site properly to report threats, I like many others was appaled to see the advertisement of an empty house last week! Please be vigilant and report any concerns.

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Jane - I was away form much

Jane - I was away form much of last week, so I had great difficulty removing content as it went on, with limited bandwidth and moderating from a mobile. But moderate I did, or attempt to from afar. I missed the house number from the web address, which I couldn't see on the screen. It was a honest mistake on my part and I was truly shocked that I'd missed it when removing sentative data.

I'm working on adding a new system where users can report a comment. If I'm not around to vet every one of the comments that goes up onto the site, you will be able to suspend it yourself. I receive up to 50 comments a day on average. 3% are valid. If you are a logged in user, you will be able to click the report button.

However a lot of what goes onto this site is done on trust that we  all act as  responisble adults, but because of last week I don't know if we'll have this facility for much longer or if there are far wider implications. I'm going to wait to see what happens in the next week and go from there.


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Police Community Support

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Michael Frost is advising people to:

Double check their homes before leaving the house to ensure all windows are closed. At night before you go to bed double check all of your ground floor windows are closed and doors are secured.

Because of the hot weather, something we're not used to having, open windows do get left open a lot, and are on occasion forgotten about.

Please don't be caught out by the opportunist thief. 

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Jane the report was not

Jane the report was not because of an empty house it was because the  owners had left their dogs for two weeks barking all day until the person charged with their care decided to come and let them back in after letting them out early in the morning.




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About a month ago I was woken

About a month ago I was woken up at 4am with what I thought was my car alarm going off. Its parked at the side of the house where I can't see it without going outside. By the time I got outside the alarm had stopped, so I'm not sure if it was my car.

However  I've had my bedroom window open in the night due to the hot summer weather (!), and I do notice (maybe twice in one week) alarms going off in nearby streets between 3 - 4 am.   Tuesday night at 4am was the last one. I remember 'cos I dashed downstairs in my under crackers, only to find the alarm was going off some distance away.

From what you're saying , it's not my paranoia afterall. I dare say the prowler wasn't a one off attempt.

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