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Accident on Reginald Mitchell Way/John Rhodes Way roundabout leaves Rider of Motor Trike dead

Very sad scenes on Reginald Mitchell Way (Tunstall Bypass) this evening during the rush hour traffic as members of the public and paramedics battled in vain to give CPR and resuscitate the rider of Motor Trike.

No actual facts are known, but it is believed the Trike was heading up Reginald MItchell Way when the accident occured.

During the 20 minute battle to save the riders life the Air Ambulance arrived but sadly left empty as the Ambulance with the rider in left without it's blues flashing.

It was reported some time later that sadly the rider of the trike, Frank Handley, hadn't made it.

Reginald Mitchell Way opened after 21:00 and soon resumed the normal speeding as cars again drove recklessly over the roundabout that hours earlier was the scene of such tradgey.

Residents of the Bankeyfields Estate have reacted with anger that this had to happen, and with sadness for the rider and his family.

If this one death is to have any meaning, then hopefully the High Ways Department, who after one morning at the roundabout gave the roundabout the thumbs up will take the residents of the Bankeyfields estate and local police officers seriously.

West Midlands Ambulance Service have issued the following update.

West Midlands Ambulance Sertvice was called to a road traffic collision on Marlborough Way in Sandyford in Stoke on Trent shortly after 6.05pm this evening.

An ambulance, a rapid response vehicle, a paramedic area support officer and a BASICS Doctor were dispatched to the scene.

A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokeswoman said:

“On arrival at the since crews found a trike that had overturned. The rider, a man, was found lying in the road.

“Crews immediately assessed the man, who was found to be in cardiac arrest. Full resuscitation attempts were carried out at the scene. The casualty was conveyed to University Hospital of North Staffordshire, where medics had been alerted to the arrival of the man. The doctor travelled on board the ambulance continuing to provide emergency medical treatment whilst on route to hospital.

“Unfortunately despite best efforts of ambulance personnel and hospital medics nothing could be done to save the man and he was confirmed deceased at hospital.”



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looks like a motor trike ( 3

looks like a motor trike ( 3 wheel motor bike ) come down RMW has swerved to miss somebody turning onto our estate and flipped it, landed upside down. I don't think they need to wear helmets on motor trikes, so that'll not be a good outcome. Air ambulance came, landed in paddock, but left without the casualty.

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OMG how many times has

OMG how many times has Bankeyfield R/A said that this was going to happen and how many times have we been ignored this is a sad sad day I feel so angry .

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OG That reminds me my car is

OG That reminds me my car is parked on SUmmer bank, could not get on estate !!

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What will it take to make

What will it take to make exiting and entering the estate safer? Each time we leave or come home around the roundabout we risk our lives. Will this accident change anything?

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Sorry to report but the motor

Sorry to report but the motor cyclist died at the site of the accident. I spoke to one of the oficers.


They said the tricycle was travelling up the hill, so I am a bit confussed.



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My mrs was told by the police

My mrs was told by the police at 7pm the road was cloased as there was a body still at the scene. Yet all the ambulances left at 6:30. So that's puzzling.

I was speculating about the direction of travel based on the position of the motor trike, and under normal circumstances it would be difficult to be speeding going up hill at 6pm.


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I've got to agree Mark, the

I've got to agree Mark, the way the bike was positioned and the rider, it could only have taken place on the far side of the roundabout.

It didn't have to happen, that's what keeps bounding around my head.

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My deepest sympathies to the

My deepest sympathies to the family of rider of  the Trike. RIP

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Strangely today, when I was

Strangely today, when I was coming down RMW at 5.15 I noticed how unusually quiet it was going up bank. There was traffic but nothing like the usual bumper to bumper crawl. Sad news about the rider's death.
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Thats awful news. My

Thats awful news. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family.


As a motorcyclist who lives on the estate, its always scary returning home (from the A500) onto the estate. Usually have to creep slowly around the roundabout to ensure those coming down the hill have seen me / can stop in time. Some drivers just love to 'straight line' the roundabout, whilst overtaking a slower vehicle.


I don't know the facts behind the accident. I do know the road design of that roundabout is absolutely ludicrous.





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Prayers with the family of

Prayers with the family of this man. I came home and saw one dr's vehicle at the scene. A member of the public was frantically giving chest pumps at this time. It is tragic. 


I agree that this roundabout is not safe. Not really due to the design in my opinion but reckless drivers. It is often used as an area of dangerous fun for these teens with silly little cars as a raceway. As a mother with young children in my car all the time it's scary. 

I hope lessons are learned but sadly know that all this will be forgotten by next week. All accept by the family of the victim involved in this tragic accident today. Once again sincere condolences. 

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Sadly Mrs Johnson it was

Sadly Mrs Johnson it was forgotten not long after the road was reopened. Cars and bikes were bombing up and down the road again, treating the roundabout as a minor footnote. It's just crazy.

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I saw this happen. There were

I saw this happen. There were no other vehicles involved. The trike flipped. It was nothing to do with the roundabout design or traffic. He suffered a severe head injury. Those who tried to save his life worked so hard. Such a shame.

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Statement from Staffordshire

Statement from Staffordshire Police


Police are appealing for witnesses following a road traffic collision in Sandyford, Stoke-on-Trent.

The collision occurred just before 6.10pm last night, Wednesday, on Reginald Mitchell Way (on the traffic island at the junction of Marlborough Way) and involved a red ‘Boom’ motor tricycle.

The rider, a man from the Longton area of the city, was seriously injured. He was taken to the University Hospital of North Staffordshire where he was sadly pronounced deceased.

The Air Ambulance and doctors attended the man at the scene.

The road was closed for approximately two hours whilst specialist collision investigators examined the scene.

Anyone who witnessed the collision is asked to contact Sgt Ian Tanner at Staffordshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 598 of August 8.

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 Sincere condolences go out

 Sincere condolences go out to the family and friends of the rider of the trike. Regardless of who or what is to blame for the accident this stretch of road is notoriously dangerous and has been brought to the attention of both the City Council and Highways Agency by the Bankeyfields R/A. In 2009 we managed to get minor changes (decided by the council) done to the road layout but this has been none affective, the road is still too fast. Common sense must prevail here this is one stretch of road that warrants speed camera's love them or loathe them they will have a massive affect on road safety. Road users seem oblivious to people trying to enter or leave the Bankeyfields estate.

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I feel quite depressed about

I feel quite depressed about the death of this poor person. As many that know me, I have felt very strongly about how dangerous this road and roundabout, for a few years now.

I feel sickened to know, that had a few quid been spent on speed camera's instead of wasting money on realigning the roundabout, this guy would probably of been at home with his family last night.

Whether speed was to blame and taking the roundabout too fast and over turning is to be debated. I guess the full story will come out in the end.

This road should be re-classified to 30 MPH and 2 speed cameras placed before each entrance to the roundabout on the RMW.

When this road was first built, there were no residential areas to be considered, but the story is a very different one now.

Any ideas on how we can heighten the problems about this road, perhaps a contact in the council, an e-mail address?

How about a demonstration one Saturday morning, which would involve as many car drivers taking part by continually going around the two roundabouts. The main one and the mini roundabout at John Rhodes/ Spitfire Way?

We could do this for half an hour, to make our point. Would this be illegal? .....I cannot think of any law to stop this? I for one would be happy to take part. This action could bring attention to this cause.

The council were prepared to install pedestrian lights at the Chatterley Valley roundabout.  Which makes me laugh really, because no one is going to use them!

One death is too many, and how there has not been any other deaths occur is more luck than anything.

I think that over the years there has been several accidents on this roundabout due to speed and the roundabout.

People have failed to be educated about this road, so now some action needs to happen to force people to slow down, for their sakes and ours.




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I've been disappointed to see

I've been disappointed to see there has been no mention of this tragic incident on the Sentinel's thisisstaffordshire website, until you search for it.


I agree with ccna99 that we must raise awareness about the road but who else can we raise it with? The Highways Agency and Stoke City Council know about the residents concerns but do nothing because there's nothing wrong with the road. I don't know what else to suggest. If we try bringing this matter to the attention of the local press, do we shoot ourselves in the foot by putting off prospective future residents who had been considering moving on to the estate, but won't now amid safety concerns?

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Hi Red Girl, I do appreciate

Hi Red Girl, I do appreciate your concerns about selling houses, but having victims die on the road just outside the estate is neither very favourable either.

For the long term, a solution needs to found. This would surely improve any matters regarding house prices on the estate.

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It happened a little late for

It happened a little late for the sentinel and all the media people who you'd contact for the emergency services are usual (not all) office hour workers. They have in the past done sterling work printing the roundabout story over the past 4 years. Give them a ring on 01782 602525 .
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Here is a copy of the e-mail

Here is a copy of the e-mail I have sent Lee Wagner:


Dear Mr Wagner,


I am writing to you regarding my concerns for the the above road and in particular the roundabout at the junction of Reginald Mitchell Way and John Rhodes Way and Marlborough Way?


As you are surely aware that on 08/08/2012 there was a fatal accident which involved a lone rider of a motor tricycle. The rider died at the scene.


The cause of the accident is still unknown to some extent, but having known this road for many years, would suggest it was down to speed and the roundabout.


I have made my concerns about this road in the past with the Bankeyfields Residents Association, and was instrumental in organising training for a local speed watch.


However, after the training, it was found that the equipment that would be supplied was not up to the job of monitoring a duel carriageway.


I have campaigned to have speed cameras fitted near to the down hill section of the roundabout, but it also seems that they are needed on the opposite side of the carriageway, near to the entrance of the uphill section of the roundabout as well.


When this road was built, there was no residential or commercial entry or exits to this road. The situation is very different today. With 2 sizeable estates, a fire station, major, manufacturing, and major retail outlet.


I would like your support for changes to this road in the form of 2 speed cameras and the speed limit being reduced for the whole stretch of Reginald Mitchell Way form High Street Chemical Lane.


I myself have been a victim of this road and involved in a RTA with a speeding lorry hitting me in the rear, which has resulted in the last 18 months of pain in my back and shoulder.


At certain times of the day, exiting the Bankeyfields estates is like running the gauntlet in Wacky Race’s. Drivers have very little respect for the speed limit of 40 MPH on the main carriageway and zero respect for the 30 MPH zones around and near to the either of the roundabouts on Reginald Mitchell Way.


I am very surprised that there has not been any more fatal accidents on this road. There is a history of accidents on this roundabout over the years, so it is not just an unfortunate incident that occurred on the 08/08/2012. This road is technically flawed and some thing needs to be done.


I appreciate that the roundabout and lanes were modified some time ago, and even as this work was taking place, I voiced my concerns that it was not enough and a waste of money, and a cheaper option of speed cameras should of been implemented instead.


The Staffordshire Safe Roads mobile safety camera is positioned on Reginald Mitchell Way at least once a week if not twice a week. Does this not prove that we have a problem? It is not rocket science.


I have put out the feelers on the My Tunstall website, to gauge interest in a active and physical campaign to get changes to this road. Should this idea take fruition, it would involve serious disruption to the flow of traffic on Reginald Mitchell Way, and will certainly highlight the serious problems with this road. This would be a last resort, but as we can not rely on drivers using this road responsibly, it would seem to be the only way of bringing this to the attention of the council and the media.


Mr Wagner, on behalf of myself, residents and other users of this road who feel it is dangerous, I would like your support in implementing changes to the ‘road of hell’ and the ‘roundabout of death’?


I look forward to receiving your speedy reply.


Your Sincerely,


Ian Wilkinson


Spitfire Way

Stoke on Trent

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IanLee is Tunstall's


Lee is Tunstall's Councillor. His roundabout is the one below us. This roundabout is under Cllr Martain Garner (Bankeyfields, Goldenhill and Sandyford Ward Councillor).

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I have re-sent this to Martin

I have re-sent this to Martin Garner....and obviously changed the name....At least in a way, as I have asked for a blanket 30 MPH for the whole length of Reginal Mitchell Way, it does concern both councilors.

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I would like to comment on

I would like to comment on the accident as the rider of the trike is my dad and we have spoken to eye witnesses my dad was NOT speeding trikes are for cruising there was no skid marks on the road no other vehicles involved and for a tonne weight trike to flip back over front is unreal I've rode on the back with my dad countless times and I know 100% my dad was extremely safe

we have no reason for this to have happened and we are struggling to cope without people speculating that my dad was speeding he was not and if your not going to write memorials then please don't publish your own speculations when infact none of you even know what happened or even what killed him

he was a brilliant rider on all counts and I would thank you all not to speculate about the cause of the accident speed would not have done this but whatever has will be found out in the end. The road you live on may not be safe and drivers may speed however a trike is not a bike it's a cruising machine not a speeding one!!!!!

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Oh so complex... I have

Oh so complex... I have re-sent to Martin Garner now.......Cheers Matt.

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I have also sent an e-mail to

I have also sent an e-mail to Joan Walley MP.

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Hi I am just getting ready to

Hi I am just getting ready to go to the Tunstall North RA meeting and Martin will no doubt be there I will mention what the feelings are about this road to him, It does sound to me as though the driver perhapse had a heart attack or somthing (if there was no other car etc involved) and lost controll of the Trike???, if that is so the road layout can not be blamed but the idiots who drive down there ignoring the speed restrictions are asking for the same accident to happen.

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Its too early to say what the

Its too early to say what the cause is, natural, mechanical, speed, design or aggression. Martins well aware of the situation and feeling. I imagine he had similar feelings as all the other members of the Bankeyfields RA/Nhw past and present who have tried in vain to prevent accidents like this. If we're looking for scapegoats then you could put some on the highways department, but at the end of the day if people just slowed the hell down, the road wouldn't be half as dangerous and aggressive as It is. Police statistics show that the majority of dangerous driving/speeding on this stretch is by local people who are well aware of the speed limits and danger zones.

if your after them there are a number if examples of accidents on the roundabout where just one vehicle is involved 

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Myself and my husband would

Myself and my husband would be willing to join the ''slow go'' on RMW ( so that's two cars) and I know my neighbours either side would join too! So many times I've been tempted to get in the way of those who ''play" on RMW, especially as RMW is practically in our back garden.

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As I have said many times

As I have said many times before, roads are NOT dangerous, they do Not cause accidents.  A road cannot hit a pedestrian, a road cannot smash into another vehicle and a road certainly cannot cause death. 

Only a human being can cause harm or death when they are inside a killing machine at speed!  Think about it.....

These incidents happen day in and day out on our roads, people never listen and will certainly never learn, mobile phones whilst driving is a joke, speeding is all 2 common.  Nobody gives anyone a chance 2 even get onto a roundabout nowadays, driving up each other arse ends, Big car status syndrome etc. Generation after generation, we blame one another.  Lets take some responsibilty for our actions and these incidents should have 2 happen 2 our loved ones.


My thoughts go out 2 the family that have lost there loved one.....

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Until an investigation has

Until an investigation has taken place we wont know the cause of the accident on Reg Mitchell Way eg was the driver going too fast, did he lose control or could he has suffered a heart attack at the wheel so we will have to wait. I think that guest above has hit the nail on the head. Whatever is done you cant design anything to be 100% idiot proof. As a driver you are in charge of a machine which can kill so the duty is on you and nobody else to behave responsibly. As a regular visitor to Bankey Fields, we have relatives there I have seen some ridiculous driving by people who live on the estate so before protesting on Reg Mitchell Way I think residents should try to put there own house in order first. Nuff said.

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Hi Ian, indeed it is not the

Hi Ian, indeed it is not the road but the users. This road is like millions in our country. The laws of this road are abused. So my proposals are to limit the road to 30 Mph and to have it enforced by speed cameras. That way, the risks of speeding are put into the hands of the speeder and the road is made a lot safer. SHIMPLES....

After all, who speeds up Dividy Road with the abundance of speed cameras up there?

It works! A fine and points, although not invited by most of us, will and would in due course, sort this road out.

To have one person killed on this road is terrible, whatever the cause, but my point is there are plenty of opportunities for others to be killed, and it's a blessing that this has not occurred before hand.

Try living on the Bankeyfields estate and navigating that road every day, and you will have some appreciation of how bad that road is.

I am not making this up, and any resident will back me up!

Yes there are some idiots on this estate who do abuse this road, but hey, a fine and points on their license would hopefully slow them down and give them some thought as to how they drive in other areas as well.

It is I and my family’s safety I am concerned about primarily and others secondary.

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Copy of the e-mail I recieved

Copy of the e-mail I recieved for Joan Walley MP for Stoke on Trent.


Dear Ian,

Thank you for your concern about this. I share all your concerns about road safety on this stretch of road, have supported improvements in the past, and agree that the residential access needs to be taken into account in respect of road engineering planning.

Stoke on Trent Council is the highways authority and in the first instance I would suggest an early meeting with residents, your local councillor Martin Garner, police and road engineers - and Staffs Fire Service too- to consider what options there are. I would imagine you already have this in hand.

I would be very pleased to give my support to whatever proposals emerge and agree with you that road safety for motorists and residents has to be the priority.

I will copy Councillor Garner into this reply and ask that you keep me updated of your progress so that I can support you in this.


Your sincerely,


Joan Walley MP Stoke on Trent North


  • As you can see Joan Walley has concerns about this road so I am sure that Joan will put her weight behind this campaign.

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Agree with you there CNA99,

Agree with you there CNA99, the battles we have to get  on and off the estate on a daily basis, yes agreed some drivers do treat our estates like race tracks but the majority of us treat the roads like they should be treated, we to would also be up for the drive between two roundaboouts so that's another 2 cars signed up

Banned's picture

Cheers Rach.... It is

Cheers Rach.... It is appreciated for your support. I would like to hear a lot more offers like your over the next few days. :-)

I have just replied  to Joan Walley thanking her for support. I hope this will really come out with a positive result.

Fingers crossed X

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I noticed Birchenwood road in

I noticed Birchenwood road in Sandyford has a Residential Speed Chack area.  I'm not sure how effective these are other than a deterant, or whether convictions/fines can come of it.  Obviously it takes a lot of effort, but may help reduce the sunday speedway if its done on random Sunday afternoons.  Of course it wouldn't have helped in the case of this accident.


Banned's picture

Hi Marks.Matt and I and

Hi Marks.

Matt and I and several others have attended the Community Speed Watch training at Tunstall Police Station, where we were shown and had a go on the equipment. However, the equipment that is used is not really that up to date, and is not the laser type now used by the Police.

Although good for normal single lane roads, it is no good to be used on duel carriageways.

So we came to a bit of halt on that one.

The community speed project is a great project. Once a offender has been clocked by the unit, the registration is written down and the vehicle owner gets a letter. Get caught twice and another letter, more strongly worded is sent out. Get caught a third time and a visit by a Police Officer occurs.

Thanks for your input though and time to write on the forum.



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Hi alljust has a flick

Hi all

just has a flick through as trying to find out what happened as I drive this road most days on my commut , the police sign isn't in the best location when trying to approach the roundabout. Saddened by the news that someone has lost their life and I'm reading this after another bad day on the M6!


This may be a long shot but RoSPA may be aable to help or give more guidance on your safety concerns?


RIP and thoughts with the riders family. 


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The accident involving the

The accident involving the trike was infact my dad and we have eye witnesses that confirm he was NOT speeding he was a careful cautious rider and would not endanger his or anyone else's life by speeding a trike is for cruising not speeding I have been on the trike with my dad countless times and loved riding with him and a must point out again he did not speed he just loved to ride and cruise and the feeling of freedom you get when your on a trike......... the trike has not turned over it had flipped back over front as he was coming up the hill and would not be able to speed in any case so all you who want to say he must have been and speculating over what happened speed was not involved so please speculate else where in addition to speeding there would be skid makes on the road at least but there is not, losing a member of family is bad enough without people accusing them of riding stupidly and also then using my dads death to get yourselves speed cameras there and as for people saying it is not a road that causes an accident it's the driver/rider that is not always the case so think on before posting comments about a man that has been killed as his family we do read these comments and some are just unfair and upsetting to our family.

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Sorry Laura to hear of the

Sorry Laura to hear of the facts.

I withdraw all my comments about the the accident, and there-for will not make any futher campaign about this road.

I have been depressed about your fathers death and have felt very strongly about the dangers of this road for a very long time.

The impact of your fathers death ripples far and wide, and I am sorry if you feel the incident has been used to highlight the dangers of this road.

My condolances to you and your family.

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Hi Laura and anyone else I am

Hi Laura and anyone else


I am sorry to hear of the loss of your dad and family member, and I would not make any comment regarding the incident as I never witnessed it and any accident and especially loss of life is a horrible thing to deal with. But anyone who is not from the area and does not use this road on a regular occassion needs to come and take a look at this road especially on a weekend during nice weather or even in the morning rush hour the way every type of motorist from car drivers, commercial vehicle drivers and motorcyclists and see the speeds these people get up to and the way they take the roundabout, S-o-T planning department are a F***ing Joke the way they design things.


When we first moved to this estate in 2005 there was not even a crossing on Reginald Mitchell Way and children and adults were expected to cross this road with no help whatsoever, I campaigned for a long time and met many obstacles from this so called council including there was not enough people in the area as the reason for no crossing but once I started asking these councillors to come out and cross this road in a group of people and try and dodge the cars surprise surprise we got the crossing in the end, we even had councillors trying to win voted by jumping on the band wagon saying they had helped which was total rubbish only person who helped with letters also was the Head Teacher at Hollywall Primary by providing figures and getting opinions from parents and also letters from MP Joan Walley and none of the local councillors, so sorry to say ccna99 I for one will not change my mind on this road and will campaign for safety measures on this road until my last breath.


So the invitation is open for anyone to come along and witness this dangerous road on the times I stated and tell me this road does not have a problem, also why not buy one of these off Ebay and record the speeds of these reckless and careless drivers and be shocked to think this road has a speed limit of 40mph reducing to 30mph at the roundabouts.

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Quite often on these  two

Quite often on these  two particular roundabouts on RMW you get cars in the left  lane drifting across to the right lane. From both directions.

Many a time I've come from the A500 up the bank to the first RB gone cross the RB in the right lane, (to either turn right or go straight on into the dual carriage way right lane), only to have somebody on the inside drift across in front of me. I've seen it happen regularly to people.

I don't know why but on there particular roundabouts some drivers just don't stick to their lane.

Add to that,  some dirvers don't use their mirrors enough, 'cos they drive like they are the only car on the road. 

Not to mentioan how difficult it is to pull off and on the estate with drivers zooming down the bank. Compounds how dangerouse these particlar roundabouts are.

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 Hi LauraMy condolences go

 Hi Laura

My condolences go out to you and your family at this very difficult time.

On behalf of the residents on the Bankeyfields estate I would like to express our sincere apologies regarding any comments you and your family may have read on this web site that may have caused you any upset. As facts have emerged from this very tragic accident we all know what a great person you dad was, a kind loving family man with a passion for the open road.

 I feel sorry that you think that people are using the events of what happened on that tragic day to highlight the dangers of driving conditions on that stretch of road. I can assure you that the residents and members of the Residents Association have been campaigning for years to get changes to this road. We all know that any changes that we are campaigning for would not have stopped this tragic accident from occurring as speed and road layout had no bearing on the accident what so ever. However this notoriously dangerous road and changes have to be made.

Banned's picture

I have started a new thread

I have started a new thread for all new comments regarding the campaign about RMW.



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