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Motor bikes bombs past very close to me and very young son on the Bankeyfields Openspace - Video

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Last night at the Bankeyfields RA meeting, residents attending mentioned seeing some youths over the past week on the Bankeyfields open space paths riding dirt bikes across the paths. The information about the bikers was then passed over to PC Talbot who was attending the meeting.

I got the point over during the meeting that we're not to confront the lads doing this, and to phone 101 so that the police can get an idea of what's going on.

When one whipped past me and my 5 year old son tonight, my own advice went straight out of the window. When I confronted the idiot on the bike, who after nearly hitting us the first time, came back. He was driving on the path closest to John Rhodes Way coming from the direction of the Roundabout up towards Tom's (Tunstall) Tiles.

Seeing red, I stopped him to ask what he thought he was doing, to which the lad of about 17  replied "he'd just bought the bike and was testing it out" he then sped off. I gave him some very clear advice where he should go.

I was then joined by residents from the estate who came to find out what happened and when he came back again after quite clearly being told to "F*** Off" by myself, they then gave chase as the biker was coming up path again towards Tunstall Tiles/High Street..

I did phone 101 straight after, and after about 5 minutes did get through to the police, who sent the patrol car round about 20 minutes later.

I was really angry at this point because this lad  thought nothing of his own safety and nothing of the young kids or dog walkers  in the area using the park and pathways. So when a gobby lady from the park who'd come down the steps 10 minutes before started shouting what's he done wrong as though we were picking on the poor lad. 

What hope have we got of trying the keep the park clean and tidy when the are so many ignorant people about. It really does drive me up the wall. I'll tell you what he's done wrong duck. He's nearly gone over my boy, he's driving like a muppet where kids are playing, he's not insured, he's not meant to ride on these paths. That's whats wrong. I'll see if I can get Jezza Kyle to come over and explain the meaning of life for you.

Thanks to Steve  and his college for coming over, very much appreciated.

If you see the bikers, please just phone 101 and report them to the police. Don't give them one more chance. Just phone.



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While on Guard ! I only saw

While on Guard ! I only saw one yesterday...a new lad..bombed past ! never really got a good look..However our friends from the council grass cutting teams said....We dont cut when it`s wet, and if the grass is not cut right it`s because they are underpowered mowers. They are also dutybound to remove all grass cuttings for disposal.

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