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Nice story about the park

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Had a nice surprise when came back in today, a kids party taking place in the park.   Bring your own picnics, doesn't look too much litter at the moment so assuming they are taking it home with them, shame about the weather but that hasn't spoiled the day for them - they continued to play in the rain and are having a picnic under a gazebo and they look as if they are having a good time.


As a parent of a August birthday child as well - I do wish we could have some decent dry weather in August as we to have had 2 outdoor parties in August but have since given these up due to the weather.


If the parent is from the estate and reads these postings well done for using a local place you look as if you had a good time even given the weather.



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I saw all the cars arrive and

I saw all the cars arrive and it was so nice to see family gathering taking place in the park,it is such a shame that the weather is so bad as it is a perfect place for a children's party,but they all seem to be enjoying themselves and are making use of the playground,so nice to see the park being used as it was meant to be for children to enjoy themselves.

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