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Can I ask you not to post personal details or security relevant information of your neighbours

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Over the past week I've had to edit a number of articles and comments on the Website  removing a house number and the fact that the occupants were away on holiday for a number of weeks.

Can I remind users that when posting tentative personal information such as house numbers and the fact that a person is away could lead to said property to be targeted for criminal activities. 

Although I've edited a lot of the posted information relating to sensitive information, removed the automatic posts from Facebook and Twitter, having had limited Internet connectivity on my phone, I've missed the fact that the address of the house was left in the web address, and for this error I apologise for. In making efforts to moderate the title and comment text  I've missed a key part of the post.

Complaints are valid, and if done properly can help to solve a problem, however confrontation is always a sensitive issue and needs to be handled with consideration.




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ccna99, I agree that issues

ccna99, I agree that issues such as this should be raised on the forum.  All we are asking is that specific details, such as the exact address and the fact the owner is on holiday, should not be put onto a public space such as mytunstall.

This web-site is used by the neighbourhood watch to highlight problems people are having around the local area, we do not want to allow unscrupulous people to read the website to establish were to burgle next.

We are a neighbourhood watch and want to prevent crime and not help those involved in crime.  I am sure that all those who publicised this information did so in order to try and get this real problem resolved.  Perhaps in the future you could email and we will endevour to assist you in resolving the issue.


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