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Local St Margaret Ward Sixth Form student, Shelby Poole raising funds to help in poor areas of Africa & Asia

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Local St Margaret Ward Sixth Form student in year 13 , 17 year old Shelby Poole is trying to raise funds  for Lasallian Developing World Projects, which is a charity that sends volunteers to various countries to help build educational facilities in developing nations.

During the five weeks Shelby will be in various third world countries, she   will be involved in the building work of schools, which is very much needed, and other engaging and worth while projects. Most projects are small-scale, sustainable projects, usually in rural areas where the opportunities for education are extremely limited. One aim is to slow down the migration of people to urban slums by helping them to improve their conditions in the country.





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Shelby needs to raise funds so that she can take part.






Any help would be extremely appreciated and it would mean a lot to me but will also mean d great deal to the community involved.


Speaking to MyTunstall Shelby said:

There are now 5 students going to take part in the Lasallian Project and am hoping to raise awareness in Tunstall. The 

Shelby learnt about the Lasallian project through school.

Brother John, who is a leader of the charity came to visit our school to raise awareness and ask if anyone would be interested in helping. We then sent an application form in, and were given an interview which
allowed a certain amount of people from across the UK to be a part off.

During his presentation, he showed us various slides of people in poverty, in which we were saddened by the images displayed. 

The charity is also  religion based, so local parishes and churches encouraged ideas of helping others in third worlds. Also, previous students had been apart of the same charity and traveled to places like Ghana, and were very happy with their outcomes and said it was a life changing experience.

The members of the project are all hoping to travel and do good works in various parts of the world, Shelby in particular wants to visit India, with other countries such as  Kenya, Thailand, Ghana, Uganda being possible destinations.

Shelby explains:

We will be traveling in a group of 12, of people between the ages of 17-22 year olds. During the 5 weeks, I will be mostly building houses, for families who could never afford a house of their own.

I will also  be given the chance to help to educate the children of Tamil Nadu whilst also learning teaching skills ourselves. Also, we will be able to takes things over such as Frisbee to play with the children and leave them there for the future.

We believe it will give others a chance in life, as many people in the places we will be visiting have very little safety, homes or money.
We hope to leave the place with more equal opportunities then before. However, we do understand that our work will not dissolve their situation, however, it will at least make a massive difference in some lives.
I told Shelby that I thought what she planned to do was  great, what would you say to others to encourage them to help.

Everyone can help by donating money to the cause, by donating directly to me at which will then help me to raise my £1300, which will go towards flights, materials and other various things, then there is additional costs of visas and injections.

(Please be aware this will only go towards my cost and if I raise over it will go to help the rest of the charity in the future.

Shelby Pool is some way of her target with £1150 to, and is planning a number of fund raising events locally including a sponsored walk at the end of the month (30th) so if you'd like to sponsor her please visit her Just Giving page.
This isn't just a opportunity to help those far more disadvantaged than ourselves, it's also opportunity for a local girl to become an inspiration to others. A journey which in Shelby words
The trip will give me a a sense of culture and diversity. Also, to show how you can help others to have a chance in life. You wouldn't have to go there and spend five weeks building, you could help by raising money which is as important.



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