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Festive cheer and advice from Staffordshire Police

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Police are urging people to keep themselves and their property safe this festive period. Take simple crime

prevention measures to avoid presenting opportunist thieves with free gifts and other valuable items:

* if you can't keep your shopping with you, lock it in your boot

* keep both car and house windows and doors locked at all times

* at home keep presents away from windows 

* take cardboard/wrappings of large items to the tip to avoid advertising you have a new TV or bike

* keep keys away from view and out of easy reach through windows and letterboxes

Keep safe

* don't drink and drive - designate a non-drinking driver when going out

* plan how you're going to get home , if you're not driving book a taxi in advance

* keep wallets, purses and mobile phones safe and out of sight

* don't leave your handbag unattended


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