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Thursday night we go to the polls to vote for a new Staffordshire Police Commissioner - do you feel informed enough to vote?

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I've not had any material through the door from any of the candidates about the up and coming Staffordhsire Police Commision vote this week, and know so very little about the who process of swapping a police proffesional with a public (and in our case political figure), I thought I'd bundle these links together.

I was wondering what potential voters  thought of this whole process. Do you understand it? Do you understand what each hopeful is standing for?


Candiate Statements:

Matthew Ellis

Election statement:

 The role of Police & Crime Commissioner is about new ideas, fresh thinking and bringing the public’s view to make policing in Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent more visible, responsive and accountable to local people.

It’s about freeing police officers from burdensome bureaucracy to do what they were trained for – catching criminals, cutting crime and making Staffordshire safer. In these difficult times it’s about achieving more policing with fewer resources so that crime keeps falling. Is that possible? Yes, it absolutely is!

My background building a business from scratch, strong public service ethos and recent responsibility for a £300 million budget at Staffordshire County Council has given me the experience and insight needed to be an effective PCC. With so many organisations involved in community safety, supporting victims and the wider criminal justice system, my experience building complex coalitions across sensitive public services would be important to developing a more joined up, effective system.       

There are those who simply want to use this election to oppose shrinking budgets but I’m focused on Staffordshire’s future and making the most of the money available by tackling issues that matter to you.

My priorities include:

  • Using technology to let police officers be police officers, not stuck behind desks
  • Moving resources from detecting crime to preventing it
  • Treating victims of crime as people, not just a crime number
  • Tougher policing of prolific offenders if they can’t or won’t reform
  • Cracking down on irresponsible Licensees, anti-social drinking and behaviour
  • Fast and transparent justice with greater use of restorative measures 

I will be a PCC for all of Staffordshire with the experience and determination to make sure we have effective and accountable policing across our diverse county. Read more at 

Prepared by election agent Abi Brown, Unit 32 Blythe Park, Cresswell, Staffordshire ST11 9RD.



Joy Garner

Election statement:

The public in Staffordshire want a Police Service that is based firmly in the community and is directly accountable to them.  I am firmly committed to those principles.  I am proud of our Police. I will not interfere with the operational independence of the Chief Constable. 

If I become Staffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner my priorities will include:

·        Fighting the 20% cut to Staffordshire’s Police budget

·        Taking a hard line against anti-social behaviour by establishing a taskforce to ensure that victims get a rapid response

·        Putting victims before criminals and ensuring that victims get the support they need

·        Taking Domestic Violence seriously

·        Working with local councils and voluntary groups to steer young people away from crime and anti-social behaviour

·        Tackling alcohol misuse and the effect it has on communities

·        Making sure that Staffordshire residents get value for money in their Police Service 

As a local councillor and Staffordshire Police Authority member I know the importance of community safety. Neighbourhood policing and Police Community Support Officers have been a huge success. The Conservative-led government are putting all this at risk. We have already lost 213 officers in Staffordshire, by 2015 this will be as high as 395 fewer officers. 

I am born and bred in Staffordshire.  I know the area and I know what people want in their Police Service.  That is why I am committed to keeping as many bobbies on the beat as possible and why I am taking a strong stance against anti-social behaviour.

 Prepared and promoted by George Sinnott, 4 Eastgate Court, North Walls, Stafford, ST16 3AB, on behalf of Joy Garner, 57 Greenbank Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST6 7EX.

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Joy Garner2
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terry turbo's picture

Right from the get go Joy

Right from the get go Joy Garner states that she will fight the cuts in the Police budget?

Is this the same woman that voted for the closure of care homes (as seen on TV) cuts in services to the deaf blind and disabled,

Closure of swimming pools, and Librarys ?

How can we trust a Labour candidate when Labour values are abandoned so easily?

Much to my disgust I will vote Tory rather than let Labour have a damn thing, and hope everybody else will do the same.

terry turbo's picture

As Labour have been ruling

As Labour have been ruling Stoke for a very long time why has she not done anything before now on these issues?


marks's picture

Thanks for this Matt. There

Thanks for this Matt. There is little information out there and no info has come through my door. I do postal vote, so if that had not have arrived I wouldn't even be aware of it. I did catch a few minutes of their inteview on Radio Stoke last week.

Joy is addressing Gov't cuts by saying she'd ask for more money from Gov't. Matthew said he'd be more efficient and business like with the money.

The Gov are cutting everybody's budgets for a reason. I feel asking for more money is a bit daft. If it was that easy all police commissioners would be doing it!  Joy didn't seem to have a 'plan B' for how to fund her ideas, if the Gov don't give her the extra cash.

This also seems to be reflected in the Sentinels article.

Web Monkey's picture

I was a little bit amazed by

I was a little bit amazed by the Staffordshire Police website. You'd think the week it is, it would have something explaining the role, the election, even if it had to stay nutral in all other things.

They're expecting a 8% turn out on this one.

I'd like to know what Joy's plan B will be when Teresa May says "no," were spending it on Rich Bankers bonuses, there is no more money. - see mp3 above at  11:40

LVSH3's picture

Where did this idea of having

Where did this idea of having a Police Commissioner come from in the first place? 

All I see is more money spent that we cannot afford.  The funding for these new posts should have gone straight back into supporting the police force we already have.  If we have any complaints about the police there are already proceedures that we can follow. 

With the economic climite funding cuts are unavoidable and we need to adjust to meet the needs.  It is easy for candidates

 to promise whatever  they think the public are wanting, only  time will tell if they will be true to their statements.


terry turbo's picture

LVSH3, the idea came

LVSH3, the idea came originally from the Tory's, which Labour argued that it was not needed, would cost too much, and taking valuable finances away from the Police?


How can the Police fight political corruption when the person pulling their strings is a member of that party?

Wellcome to The Police State of Britain.

George Orwells 1984 nightmare come true.


Mr T's picture

VoteLabourtoss the party



toss the party thats crippling the poor & letting the rich cream off the top 

terry turbo's picture

Come on either of you (Garner

Come on either of you (Garner or Ellis) speak out instead of hiding away.

You can bet the two of them have had a peek on here.

Those on the Sentinel website (those that have not been banned) are very vocal about Garner, while Ellis is taking very little flack.

To have no choice other than Political party's is wrong, but the entrance fee of £5,000 (paid for by political party's) is beyond most decent people.

This post will cost in excess of £100,000 (PCC, and Assistant) which is a total waste of tax-payers money.



Web Monkey's picture

Terry, to be honest as Joy

Terry, to be honest as Joy and yourself have had many run ins before and it's the end of a election campaign that's covered all of the county not just stoke, I don't think I'd want to get into a internet slanging match.

If I'd have done this ealier, I'd have asked for questions from everyone to be presented to all so we can delve deeper into what they'd do, but do it on an even keel, and keep it impartial. But thats the nature of these elections isn't it. Not on many peoples radars.

The one question I would like answering and this is not to the candidates, but to the police officers of Staffordshire Police, is what do you want, with in budget, what would you do, and then compare these to the candidates plans.

terry turbo's picture

Matt, fair comment mate, hold

Matt, fair comment mate, hold my hands up.

Also like your question you would ask, as it seems those that would be more affected have not even been consulted.

This Election will turn out to be a farce whoever gets elected as they will not have the support of the majority.

Web Monkey's picture

I had this posted through by

I had this posted through by a reader of the site, which I think sums up a lot of what people are thinking

I was very interested in your spot about the police commissioner vote.
I had no info about it don't understand how the two candidates were chosen or elected to stand for  the job?
 Why  political candidates?
 Did they fit the job specification and did they meet the skills and experience required for such an important position and to be paid the salary that goes with the post
Can't understand how a lay person can effectively do the job or get paid so much?
Why did the current police commission need to be changed?
How possibly can an ordinary person vote on this?

terry turbo's picture

Matt the ordinary people have

Matt the ordinary people have been deliberately kept out of this by the political party's.

They both intend tocontrol the police for their own ends.

I find a political Police force very scary, and can see no reason for political interferance.

99% of the people I have talked to have not got a clue what this is all about, which itself is frightening.

People either are voting for political party, or too apathetic to bother.

It will be interesting to see who votes.

Web Monkey's picture

With so much uncertainty,

With so much uncertainty, some one could make a killing selling Staffordshire PCC Election dice!

Staffordshire Police and Crime Commisioner Election Dice

terry turbo's picture

You would not sell many lol.

You would not sell many lol.

Web Monkey's picture

Another email from a

Another email from a reader....

Question is; Why should I give a toss? - Just good jobs for the boys as far as I'm concerned plus a day's lost education for my daughter as her school is closed.


terry turbo's picture

Spot on matt.

Spot on matt.

marks's picture

 I understand the jobs is to


I understand the jobs is to manage budgets and priorities. Not sure why candidates have political ties. But yes some form of qualifications and previous experience would be good! That's how things operate in the real world. Not just pay your £5k and you've got 50/50 chance of £100k a year. Sounds like good odds.

Just to clear something up - the Police apply the law, and the law is written by the house of lords, not government or political parties. For that very reason you say; political parties come and go, any flyboy can be voted in, and there's  corruption. The house of lords is seperate from that, these are the big boys, they have to have worked their socks off for 60 years before having a shot at being appointed by their peers.

ParkHouse's picture


Joy & Matthew on BBC Radio Stoke.


May the best man win.

Web Monkey's picture

You've decided then?

You've decided then?

Web Monkey's picture

For those who are interest, I

For those who are interest, I bumped into Joy Garner driving around summer bank road with tanoy system (I want one) asking people to vote Labour. I asked her if she was confident of a win today to which Joy replied it was close.

Because not many were turning out to the polls, it's anyones game.

Something echoed on the Potteye political website.

Mike Barnes has been doing the rounds of polling stations talking to officers, and some are describing todays election as a joke. 

I don't know how other counties, or even other parts of out county  have fared but this really is turning into a nightmare for the government. Just Imagine the expense of shutting schools for a day to only get a handful of people to come along to vote. Just goes to show that people don't see this as a priority.

Imagine the number of cadets that could have been sent through boot camp? Tablets for officers, back office workers with the money wasted on this whole procedure.

It will be interesting how much this exercise in democracy has cost Staffordshire Police.



terry turbo's picture

Matt, it is not costing

Matt, it is not costing Staffordshire Police, its costing us the tax-payer and will continue to for a long time.

This idea is a waste of money, and as someone has already said jobs for the boys.

Whichever of these two that get elected will have their snouts firmly in the trough, and will screw the tax-payer for all they are worth.

This is what they do.

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