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Fire at the old -Twyfords Factory- Stoke on Trent -

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Well what a shame a famouse factory that gave work to many people in the area - and now gone forever - as a looked at the front page of the sentinal i just felt so sad - all the memories came back to me -

The times i was walking through that factory - with my mate Alan Shenton alas not with us now but never forgotten - He was the factory manager - I was the factory manager at the Firclay site near by - we would have a coffee and do a walk about - and go on the shop floor and have a word and chat with the - workers - great times and great memories-

Well i have some good news for anybody that maybe interested ? - One day a caster came to me and said - Just look at what i have found in the skip - being thrown away - I was at the Alsager site then - Well it was a box of photos of the people and the manufacturing processes - at the factory that now is no longer - yes the one just gone up in smoke-

I said - I will keep them and may be one day people would want to see them - well i think now is the time -If you worked there and like me are so sad - that it as gone - maybe you are on one of the many photos i have - all are showing people doing a part of the casting process and dipping etc - you like me may have aged but - to us the photos are priceless -

I WILL ASK MATT - to put them on the site if he as a good response - to this forum - well a sad day but i knew if i saved them all these years one day - they would be a part of history - if you would like to see them e mail me --ok - - thanks



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Alan,I for one would love to


I for one would love to see the photographs.  It is sad to see the potteries become a giant shopping centre, many young people have never seen how things used to be, and even though people had to work hard they did get a good wage at the end of the week.

We need to get through to the current council that industry is needed to make the six towns a viable concern and that creating one City from the 6 towns will destroy the small tourist industry we have currently.

Anyway enough ranting.


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Great set of shots Alan. So

Great set of shots Alan. So lucky they were spotted and you kept them. How could someone just toss them in a skip like that.

Makes you wonder what other photos are out there.

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Yes Matt - i have quite a few

Yes Matt - i have quite a few just hope like me it brings back some memories i am sure it will - for the guys who are in the shots - if there is any body out there ? - who would like more info just make your enquiry on the site -

Alan c 

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