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Stoke-on-Trent Council decisions

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Stoke-on-Trent City Council appear to have been hitting all front line services in order to make the saving imposed on it by central Government, many other councils appear to have been able to cut costs without such deep cuts in the main front line services side of their budgets.

At the same time as making these deep cuts they have declared that the 20 million pound Civic centre opened only a decade ago is to be scrapped and a new 40 million pound Civic centre built to replace it, To the best of my knowledge the public has had no say in any of these decisions, WHY...

I visited Hanley today and noticed the very, very expensive granite paving being laid around the town, yet another expense that is not needed in times when you have no money available for the most basic front line services.

I believe that it is about time that this council be looked at by an independant person from central government.



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You may want to add your

You may want to add your support to this petition


The removal of Stoke on Trent City Councill

Responsible department: Department for Communities and Local Government

The people of Stoke on Trent would like the current City council removed and run by government due to poor commercial stategy and mismanagment of funds which overall, has left the City in a poor and run down state.

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I don't wany my city to be

I don't wany my city to be tun by this government. I simply want this council to be investigated and if found wanting, have elections forced upon them. I can guarantee they won't be in charge then!


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I am at a loss to explain

I am at a loss to explain this "its all the governments fault" excuse that our so called leaders trot out to excuse their incompetancy, and greed.

I refer to the £708 million they invested in the Debt Management Office throughout 2008/2009 and the £93million that they had "invested" prior to the election (when Perverse was running round saying "we are skint") in the same DMO?

We can afford a helper for Van der Earnalot at £138,000, +expenses, a green projects officer at £128,000+expenses, and a helper for Perverse at £28,000 , plus expenses, ending up with a nice bill for the tax payer of around (with expenses ) £350,000/£400,000.

Perverse and his Labour puppets answer sack 200 staff, and get new shining offices whichs befits their station over peasants (tax-payers)that will pay for it.

Yet the voters keep voting them in, don't they?



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We all know that the people

We all know that the people we vote in have no say in how this council is run, it is the non-voted officers that run the council and this is what needs to be reviewed by an independant person.

I always thought it was the elected people running the council, that was until you look deeper....

I am sure that the elected members would say no to a new 40 million pound Civic centre but others with nothing to lose will always say yes...

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Richard I agree that officers

Richard I agree that officers of the council have been allowed too much power by previous councilors until they now believe they are untouchable, but does that not say a lot about our spineless elected councilors who are afraid to redress the balance?

We the tax-payer Elect the councillors to serve our needs, not to serve the needs of overpaid pen pushers.

If they cannot control the officers whats the point in voting?

Do we just leave it to the "common purpose" monkeys to do their worst? 

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Terry,Whilst I am in total


Whilst I am in total agreement with you on this one, we all know that the concillors are terrified on the council officers and will not question them.  However, we also know the resons why the councillors are unwilling to question the officers.

Without a full review starting with the cheif executive and moving down through the ranks I cannot see how this issue will ever get resolved.

I would ask the question "Where was the referendum to allow the council to spen over £50,000 of OUR MONEY".  Perhaps we should all refuse to pay our council tax until this council atarts to act properly.

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Alan, while I dont relish the

Alan, while I dont relish the idea of government being brought in, I support anything that attempts show our councillors they have no mandate to continue ignoring the people.

We could try asking District Auditor to investigate, but as has been seen in the past he acheives very little.

We could hope backbench councillors start to listen, and stand up, very unlikely.

But one thing councillors fear is the government coming in, witness any budget meeting "we have to set legal budget or the Gov will come" is often thrown around

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Pervez and his Labour puppets

Pervez and his Labour puppets are controlled by Hackney and Birmingham.

They have never had the welfare of the tax-payers in their minds.

Their bank accounts come first followed by the fear of being thrown off the gravy train by upsetting Pervez.

They have raped the tax-payers and the city, and  will continue to do so until the government are brought in.

Their distortions (lies) about the cuts can only be believed by fools, when they go throwing "tax-payers" contributions on their fantasies, leisure, and pleasure.

At the next hustings in Goldenhill Community Centre (if they have not bulldozed it by then) just watch how they monopolise it with all the usual suspects.



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